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  1. Pakistani hotspots Birmingham and Bradford. Most are Mirpuris. I saw a Pakistani from Lahore and he spoke Punjabi like us. And he was proud of being Punjabi. Mirpuris are selling out to Urdu and are trouble makers.
  2. But the US is a big country compared to UK. And the population is well spread out. There are big cities like New York. I meant converts in general.
  3. Reading a book is much better than watching TV or movies. I watched Stephen King IT but the book was much better. Dharmik movie Ucha Dar Baba Nanak Da.
  4. He flipped after the attack. Now he has turned Bhai Sahib but still has a Dera near Sangrur. However he isn’t anti Dasam Granth.
  5. Mostly Hindus converted to Sikhi. Guru Nanak was born into a Hindu (Kshatriyas) family near Lahore. A few Muslims have also become Sikhs.
  6. However there were only 5 million Sikhs in 1947.
  7. Sikhi is slowly turning global. The problem in the past were Indian Gurdwaras and westerners didn’t feel very welcome. But now this attitude is changing.
  8. What’s happening to Bhai Ranjeet Singh Dhadrianwale by American Sikh Sangat? A couple of his Deewans were put off because of protesters. He is under tight security.
  9. Sikhi is on the outside and inside. If Sikhi is on the inside then you say Waheguru. On the outside is Kes.
  10. This British scholar in the 19th century studied Sikhism in India. He translated the whole of Guru Granth Sahib into English and was the first to do so. Later on he converted to Sikhism.
  11. Hindus strangled Buddhism in India. However it spread to other places like Tibet. Buddha was born in India in a town called Gaya. They made Buddha into a incarnation of Vishnu and burnt Buddhist temples. The same thing is happening to Indian Sikhs.
  12. The Sikh Gurus practised rosary. Sikh Mahapurakhs practised rosary. In Nanaksar Maryada 80 Malas of Waheguru or 6 Malas of Mool Mantar. 1 Mala is 108 beads. All Sikhs should do rosary.
  13. The golden Indian age was under Ashoka and Chandra Gupta. I read about these 2 great kings. Ashoka converted to Buddhism.
  14. A Hindu in the British government banned ISYF and Babbar Khalsa. Hindus invited the British into India and are happy being their servers.
  15. Dsinghdp


    Do WAHEGURU Simran for 5 minutes everyday (preferably in the morning). Before Simran take a shower.
  16. Don’t bow to the idols just say Waheguru. Nothing wrong with going to a Dharam Asthaan. I went to a church (school trip).
  17. Dhan Guru Granth Sahib Jap, So dar, Sohila beutiful 31 ragas Sanskrit saloks Farid jee Kabir jee saloks swayaes salok mahallah 9 mundavni raag mala
  18. Pictures are for kids who can’t walk yet. Grown ups say Waheguru.
  19. A time will come when all races will turn to Guru Granth Sahib since it’s message is universal.
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