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  1. kahe re man chitvae udam ja ahaar har jeo paria? focus on your own khoj, let this fill you so much that you shine this bani from inner to outer, there is no other way. you cannot force it but if this baby smells your fragrance they will aapi be enticed to naam and true way Babies are born with more clarity, which we slowly lose as we age. If you immerse yourself in bani, gurmat sangeet, love then this baby will aapi come towards you. From experience most young babies are so so intrigued by our taanti saaj's, by what our purpose on earth is, where is god, why we pray... they love it. They love having deep convo's haha... More you develop your buddhi and clearly you can see truth and speak truth (aap japo aavra naam jaapavu) the more the baby will love to hear you... because your words will become like ambrosial nectar, like bani itself, the more we connect Babies can sense love from heart too... more you practise true love.. eik love, the baby will aapi sense you. Always be patient and kind, careful in how you explain things to the baby as this babys repesentation of sikhi will be largely based off whatever you do- so even when explaining why someone can't be a 'mix' etc always speak in positive light (dont say her mum is bad) - stick to gurbani- no one is bad or good... all as per hukam
  2. where i live observation: for every 2 non-trimming, dastar wearing young sikh man, there are 5 young sikh dastar wearing women (aged 16-25)
  3. It's cos people are too busy trying to make it somewhere and not taking the time to take the right steps first, small steps, listening, understanding, changing, blossoming. What I say below I say from what Guru ji has made me understand thus far.... not what I have only heard yet not experienced ... because that would be a false sermon (sunn vadaa akhe sabh koe, keevad vadha deeta hoe) Every day we read salok of Japji sahib- "pavan guroo... changiaya buriaya vache dharam hadoor, karmi aapo aapni kei nerrde kei door, jini naam dhaeieaa gai maskat ghaal, nanak te mukh ...." Translation: According to our 'own' actions we are either close to God or far from God- read the salok again, contemplate it... what is Guru ji saying to us here? The salok from Japji sahib may be talking about the actions in the past (idk about past)... What I can say for certain however (from 'experience') is it's deffs talking about our current actions. Every day, every moment think- are you in remembrance of Naam? (= Hukam, Eik etc. Naam is NOT chanting Vaheguru whilst still holding your separate ego). What action is it that bring us closer or further? the merging back from 2 to 1. The 'dying' in the shabad, how willing are we to lose our intellect, be called crazy just to follow the Truth? People say truth is sweet... but that is afterwards haha. First it is very bitter, we have to listen (sunnie) and understand (jap) what gurbani is saying... once we hear home calling (from inside) only then gurbani is sweet. (bcos yay we remembered why we are here) Following on, "aapan hathi aapna aape he kaaj savaare' But what is this aapa?- if we act from our haumai- self then we will only lead to falseness. Truth can only be found through truth, not falseness (i,e. thought, wordly intellect, mind etc.) Let your mool realise it is that Jot, that Jot is Vaheguru--> listen and act from this Self, then Truth will follow. A lot of people will fall into the "but I do paath and I wake up and i do so much"- yet the "I" is still there...that is the filth Naam washes (...bharie mat paapa ke sang...) A lot of the times whenever something isn't working out we (especially punjabi-sikhs) like to pull the 'pichle karam' card as a way to justify our own evil doings + fulfil ego to say we are doing enough. Trust me, I been there. But let it go, at the end of the day you're only hurting yourself with this victim card (in a twisted way its us victimising ourselves- "picchle karam karke don't feel gurbani etc." Rather, time and time again Guru ji says regardless, if your a thief like sajjan thug, prostitute like ganaka etc you can still be saved... so why focus on pichle karam when we can really make some changes here and now! The biggest factor in why some experience Gurbani and why some don't is because of the amount they LET it CHANGE them Eis mann ko basant ki lagae na soe. Being fearless and courageous isn't about braving society and growing your hair/ wearing a dastar to work despite what people thing/ being prideful about sikhi It's about facing our biggest fear- death. embrace it. embrace it while alive. let go of that part of you that causes that separation. This is something that happens on the inside, it alienates you from everyone around you because few are those that walk that path, it makes you stop liking the things you used to like because you can see right through the illusion of it.. you can't lie to yourself any more. Are you ready for that type of change? to sacrifice it all? be honest... if you aren't at this stage then need to contemplate further on 'why is this important' first. Contemplate and practise daily Guru ji's sayings of 'we came here with nothing, leave with nothing'- think about this, let it sink deep... (this is where fear comes in- let that fear go) Summary: Trying to skip steps Not enough Naam Simran Not honest with self- caring too much about worldly society (even if it is religious) Not correct process (learning through false self not True Self) Kirpa .... obvi.... without God's Grace I wouldn't even be breathing right now.... akhan jor chupae na jor, jor na mangan den na jor The experience is always waiting, it's right there with you at this very moment.
  4. this last paragraph is so much fire... 110% on point
  5. Everyone's responses are so full of love and stuff... so selfless... I am not anywhere near that... I wish I had that much love that my heart was so full I could forever just keep sharing with others e.g. bibi. She is pretty amazing for what she does. I always do things for selfish reasons lol... even sikhi wise... bcos katha, naam simran etc helps me end of day. Whenever around family am never myself, always on edge abt how much to let them in. Seems like cycles of hibernation, come out and act and then hibernate again. I will appreciate her more tho... posts of regret and stuff got to me... thanks for everyone's advice. Really appreciate. Hopefully i can learn with a pinch rather than slap in the face
  6. Gurfateh ji, I am in my early 20's and don't get along with my grandma. she really knows how to get under my skin. She's not even like an evil grandma or anything. Just a normal everyday bibi. She is always lingering, nagging to do housework. She's super negative towards my dad and muttering under her breathe. On top of that she is amritdhari without any understanding of gurmat which really annoys me. Wears kakkar but will never teach me punjabi or sit down have gurmat vichaar or want to change mentality. Yet she will end every conversation with "Challo, Vaheguru de hatha vich ee aa" reluctantly after 1 hr of being unsatisfied about her life. I feel guilty for wanting to do things my own way; hermit zone, listen to kirtan and katha and do chores separate (I concentrate better + chores done quicker). I don't want to talk to bibi as I find most content unnecessary. Her whole life is about housework and revolves around that so I be formal and respectful but that's it. I have to force myself to talk for her mental wellbeing so she doesn't feel alone. Then I feel drained personally, feeling spiritually empty/ disconnected cos havn't had enough katha/ kirtan/ vichaar/ sangat to remind of real purpose. Even if we don't talk, it's like she is always sending negativity towards me. (?Idk if going crazy). If someone is an elder I don't automatically respect them. If they have gian, gurmat, positivity then I do truely love and respect them, regardless if blood relationship or not. But if all that has been collected in negativity, hypocrisy then I have no need/ desire to respect bcos i seek more than that. I also lowkey resent that she never passed on knowledge e.g. about punjabi, meanings of gurbani cos she doesn't know. It's just about mundane things like making sabji... which sorry bibi, I know it's your life purpose but for me I know and can make it and that's it. I don't need to talk about daal sabji, housework etc to fill out my day. And then this contaminates my own sikhi cos look at me now... I am unsatisfied and complaining about another human being. It's taking away from my life, where this energy should be focused on Vaheguru. I don't want to end up like my family and put housework etc before sikhi. It's like a mix of hormones, generational differences in thinking, spiritual ego of mine, cultural guiltyness for not respecting elders, and no1 lack of experience in grist jeevan skills. Please help. Some insight to how to establish some sort of common ground? Anyone have similar experiences or am I the only rotten'' child?
  7. so you want someone who is religious and will bring you up, but u urself won't be. therefore you can't help him up.... that sounds selfish. if i was an amrithdari man i would want an amritdhari women so that she would also bring me up and keep rehit. be honest with yourself why u want a religious man; being lazy in own spiritual path?
  8. On a personal level you will gain whole new depth with continued harvesting of Naam. On a societal level you will feel more confused than ever before. I have too been so let down by quality of 'amritdhari' people. Go to have discussions about Gurmat, gurbani etc but majority people I have met still talk about wordly things just with a sikh-twist to it. E.g. new clothes to new chola. nice haircut to nice dumalla. Nice songs to nice kirtan. So superificial it's draining. hold on to Guruji, only they can give us gian and buddi to navigate in this world and find true sangat. That is no1 reason for people not being able to stick to commitments- lack of real sangat. Enough of being debbie downer, have also met amazing Gursikhs that have just encouraged me and shown me whole new depths of Sikhi. They are so priceless that it really is worth sifting through all the junk to find them (I am part of the junk too) I probs felt more in touch with Sikhi prior to meeting all these so called guru valle, they have confused me but am slowly getting back to path of dharam, maharajs kirpa
  9. Don't be disheartened veere, this world and the people are blinded by outward appearances and don't spend enough time meditating to see each other as jots; equal , one. You keep focusing on bani and when Guru ji wants, then they will aap put you to their seva. Meanwhile keep khojing bani everyday and try to create small focus groups with people around you so can have gurmat vichaar on weekly basis. Doing katha at a Gurdwara will always have restrictions.
  10. You can't expect to be in a perfect marriage until you are connected and in strong relationship with your Creator first. Otherwise anand karaj will be another ritual. Keep focusing on bani, watch katha, learn kirtan. The more you immerse yourself in Sikhi the more likely you will find an amritdhari partner. But don't go to Guruji asking for a partner. Should ask for Naam. Then your energy will be more likely to attract other beautiful energy also connected to the One. We have youtube now so can learn heaps (probably learn more than can at Gurudwara these days unfortunately) Rather than feeling in between two different worlds, question yourself whats holding you back from committing to Guruji/ vice versa?
  11. It'll take time to get used to it but so many benefits, keep it up. No more pain, in growns or scabs. As above mentioned, menstrual cups are the new go to... don't even need to wear other underwear underneath. Tampons are good too (unless you have strong feelings against these) Then stick with pads and keep baby wipes with you (much cheaper and sensitive on skin in comparison to makeup wipes etc). You will feel superr refreshed. Also you can always just wipe with toilet paper and water.
  12. I work in the health field. Used to believe am lucky because in my job can make people happy, make the most of their lives etc. But as per Gurbani without Naam, all other types of happiness are transitory. Once we die you could even say it was pointless. So really... whether I make people happy or not, as per workplace, world we live in yes making people happy is greatest thing as per Gurbani- does it really matter? (any shabads re this?) P.S. obvi just can't drop Sikhi into every patient interaction you know, can only focus on myself always being in state of remembrance and praise. Really am just a puppet playing my role X_X
  13. My brain hurts reading this. I will try be more alert next time hahaha
  14. You won't be able to have an Anand Karaj as that requires two people who are commited only to Guru Granth Sahib Ji. I feel sorry for you that you think marrying someone you like is the highest point of this life. You were born in a sikh family, that too amritdhari. Your children could have been sikh too, you could have led them to the house of Nanak. That same home, that gave you, a woman, the same status as man, a weapon in your hand. The house where the caste system was abolished and you were thought of as a young prince (kaur). You are throwing away this royal lineage of your children (Singh & Kaur) so that you and they can worship idols and complete rituals. If you feel okay with taking that future away from your children... well then no one can stop you.
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