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  1. The thought of Sikhism being a Punjabi faith is confined to outside of India. Many Sikhs in Delhi are not familiar with Punjabi (even though they are ethnically punjabi), anyone interested in Sikhism would naturally visit a Gurudwara in which IMO many people cannot converse in Punjabi. we can still say it is a Punjabi faith, which definitely non-Punjabi's can adopt..... just like most Muslims are not native to the middle-east or ksa. I certainly believe many non-Sikhs would find the Sikh religion beautiful and more reformed.
  2. Too long to read... soz
  3. Why would anyone read Pakistani media ? they almost always have bias. If you read about the 1947 Punjab riots you will see Pakistani authors blame Sikhs, all despite the fact Hindu/ Muslim leaders were the ones making nonsense statements.
  4. It can't be true, because she said she was a devout Muslim. That is inconsistent/ a discrepancy. IMO you can't leave islam easy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5W1XXMPgG8M
  5. strong childhood indoctrination.. like most Abrahamic faiths. what else.
  6. Being a "devout Muslim" and a Mushrik are mutually exclusive events.
  7. Muslims cannot worship or associate with higher-power anyone other than Allah, if they do they are commit shirk and are out of mainstream Islam. The only Muslims who would pay respect to Sri Guru nanak would be Muslims who recognize him as a Muslim. "Allah may forgive any sin if one dies in that state except for committing shirk". Shirk_(Islam)
  8. o, it wasn't meant to be rude, if it came off like that.
  9. kes gal layi ? eh vi das de
  10. Yes! The only prospect I see in Punjab is a non-sikh majority Punjab. That will not be very different from the Muslim-majority Punjab we observe, it's obvious like Pakistani Punjabi Muslims, most Punjabi Hindus, Jains tends to prefer urdu/hindi (respectively) over Punjabi.
  11. *thought No worries.
  12. I already said that, read the thread!
  13. I too found the term inappropriate, was considering using the term adopting initially..
  14. Actually no, Ahmadiyya Islam also happens to be indigenous to Punjab.
  15. Yes, it didn't make sense (ie. deity worship). To be specific there was really no connection to a God with so many avatars. We went to the Gurudwara for many reasons - 1) Punjabi was spoken, I couldn't speak Hindi. The only other option was we spoke Hindi at home instead of Punjabi 2) Much closer.
  16. [OP here.] Thank you for the kind response. Yes I have read a lot about the religion, I'll also add Punjabi isn't a problem (we speak that at home), my parents are originally from Amritsar (should have mentioned that), it's just the non-familiarity with the Gurmukhi script. And yeah, I'm a guy. Learning Gurmukhi should not be very difficult (in contrast it is much harder to learn sanskrit and read the Gita/ vedas), I will refer to the basics of Sikhi playlist on that.
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