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  1. Damdamitaksaal84

    Best way to progress

    Awesome post bhai sahib very informative great motivation for people who want to increase their nitnem maharaj kirpa karn
  2. Damdamitaksaal84


    Sant giani gurbachan singh khalsa bhindranwale
  3. Damdamitaksaal84

    I want to cut my hair.

    As wicked warrior said cutting your hair will show to others that you are insecure and a coward. Many shaheed singhs gave their lives for kesh such as bhai Tauru singh we read it in Ardaas everyday the sahibzaade gave their lives for us to keep our kesh and be proud of who we are. The bibia in mir mannus jail gave their babies for us so we can keep our kesh. They are countless shaheeds that have given their lives so that Sikhs now can keep their kesh and be proud of who they are.
  4. Damdamitaksaal84


    Puratan and samparda singhs either tie gol dastaar or a dumalla. Guru gobind singh Jee used to wear both and many other singhs either tied dumalla such as baba deep singh jee.
  5. Damdamitaksaal84

    Braham Kavach

    Vaheguru Jee ka khalsa vaheguru Jee kee fateh Brahm kavach was written by guru gobind singh Jee it was recited by guru hargobind sahib Jee and then guru gobind singh Jee wrote this bola in Sri sarbloh granth sahib Jee. This bani was written because when the singhs were in battle the mugals used to recite their kalama and became stronger so the singhs went up to guru gobind singh Jee and said mahraaj Jee gives us a shabad which will help us gain power so that is why this bola was put in Sri sarbloh granth sahib Jee. Giani gurvinder singh nangli also does Katha about it and tells you the maryada why it was recited and how much power is contained in this bani. Bhull chuk Muaaf jee
  6. Damdamitaksaal84

    Dori on Kirpan?

    Akali Fauj he didn't say anything to taksal that was resolved stop causing differences we need panthic Ekta we should be fighting the real enemies not our fellow brothers and sisters.
  7. Damdamitaksaal84

    Dori on Kirpan?

    Oh OK sorry Mr doaba ur totally right I totally agree I got the wrong end of the stick. Bhul chuk Muaaf
  8. Damdamitaksaal84

    complete paath of Sri Brahm kavach

    Singh its in the video and in misl shaheedan taruna dal gutka sahib
  9. Damdamitaksaal84

    Dori on Kirpan?

    Mr Doaba what's ur problem with taksal how come u speak ill mannered about them
  10. Damdamitaksaal84

    complete paath of Sri Brahm kavach

    https://youtu.be/Mjhp7RCkUIE This is sampooran brahm kavach which is from sarbloh granth and giani Jee recites it shudh and correct.
  11. Damdamitaksaal84

    Nihangs in 1984

    Yeah he made Buddha dal tat khalsa because baba Santa singh kicked him out because he wanted to help Sant ji he also kicked others out and tried to get them killed the dal is still in India but it is secret and nobody knows where it is I was told this by a gupt singh Who witnessed 1984 and was part of taruna dal misl shaheedan
  12. Damdamitaksaal84

    Nihangs in 1984

    Baba Santa singh did take money from Indra and that's why Buddha dal have fallen and that's why people don't think nihangs helped nihangs did help but baba Santa singh didn't and that's when we needed it most if Buddha dal are supposed to be there for the panth where were they when we most needed them
  13. Damdamitaksaal84

    How did Balbir Bazighar gain influence?

    Prokharkoo I agree with you to a certain extent but Sant jarnail Singh khalsa bhindranwale jee never said burn people who eat meat he said don't spare anyone who does mahaaraj jees beadbi but you are right about how others aren't pakkeh in rehit and how others give bad images about Sikhs such as niddar and kamalroop
  14. Damdamitaksaal84

    How did Balbir Bazighar gain influence?

    Sant ji never said burn people who eat meat like nihangs eat jhatka which is allowed the only that cannot be eaten is halal but jhatka and mahaprashad Is allowed and Sant ji never said to burn people who eat meat that is wrong parchaar.
  15. Damdamitaksaal84

    Dal Panth Amrit Sanchar

    OK is it Buddha dal raqba maryada

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