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  1. Apparently there will be over 960 million sikhs one day
  2. Should he become the leader of the country? Do you like him? Is he good enough?
  3. White girls never shut up! And they harass
  4. When is kalyug gonna finish?? Its taking ages and i hate it!
  5. NonExistant

    Is Donald Trump right

    USA is trash
  6. What if a sikh guy doesn't want to have kids. Is he allowed to get a vasectomy?
  7. What would you change in this world? What would you like to do?
  8. NonExistant

    Why was the world created?

    I dont like it. Why was it made? Why would god do this? Why cant it just be nothingness?
  9. NonExistant

    How do i beat up ghosts??

    I wanna beat up ghosts
  10. NonExistant

    Can Sikhs Celebrate Birthdays?

    Yeh birthdays suck!
  11. NonExistant

    Most beautiful Women in world?

    I like u big tera, ur a beautiful woman.
  12. NonExistant

    opinion on jaggi vasudev ?

    All i have to do to become a millionaire is be a fake guru
  13. NonExistant

    Can Sikhs Celebrate Birthdays?

    Like isnt that against some kind of gurdwara maryada to have a birthday of some random person in a gurdwara. I don't think sikhs did this kind of stuff in puratan times.
  14. NonExistant

    Indian Christians

    I went india last year and i saw punjabi christians in some kind of christian gathering place and the pastor and his family let us into his house and at the end of his bible katha he gave out free food. But it was weird. He told us that he can get ghosts out of peoples bodies and that. My mom forced me to go and the pastor guy invited us to his house and he put his hand on my head and oil on my forehead and said something like "shoo shoo" to get any bad spirits out of me Also my mom forced me to go to this Narula pastor guys event thing where there were like hundreds of punjabi christians all over the place and narula was getting ghosts out of possesed people and puts his hand on them and they faint by him shouting "fire fire" again and again. I didnt believe any of it though i bet they were all paid actors and actresses, but maybe there were a few real possesed people that he didnt go by. It was crazy and kind of scary cuz there were crazy people screaming soo loud like they were possesed for real. Search him on youtube lol When narula walked past me, my mom pushed me close to him and i got pushed back by his body guards. I think he calls them his "sevadaars" or something. Worst trip ive ever had man. My mom just kept on forcing me to go to these weird places to get any "bad spirits" out of me or something like that or any "jaddoo" taken off me. She kept saying ਕਿਸੇ ਨੇ ਤੇਨੂ ਕੁਝ ਕੀਤਾ or something like that

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