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  1. NonExistant

    What if you had the cure to cancer?

    U the guy who made those vlogs on YouTube?
  2. NonExistant

    Woman raped in Ganges river

    What the heck....😲
  3. NonExistant

    Did aliens make the pyramids on Egypt?!?

  4. NonExistant

    Basics of Sikhi - Latest

    Why dont you guys do something then? Why dont all u lot join basics of sikhi and make a few videos and do it for them if they are so bad at it. Lets see if u can do better.
  5. Was it aliens? How were they so advanced? How did they make pyramids then? Were they using powers/ridhi sidhis? Was it deities who were involved? Did giants exist? Were egyptions aliens? Superhumans???
  6. NonExistant

    New BBC Documentary on Maharaj Duleep Singh

    What the heck is going on here...?!?? 😕
  7. NonExistant

    Panjabi music scene is blowing up.

    I hate punjabi music and all music. Never listen to any of those dumb songs EVER!
  8. NonExistant

    Reincarnation books

    Past lives are boring...😧
  9. How can this black magic be stronger than gurbani though? It isnt. I think this "black magic" is some kind of spiritual energy manipulation thing or something. Maybe it controls minds orrrrrr. Just do ardaas and no one will be affected. One of the sikh net guys said that he found a woman who was trying to put a curse or some kind of black magic spell on him then he went outside did waheguru jaap/simran then all of a sudden the womans efforts backfired on her and she fell down the stairs and was injured. Sooooo....yeah. Plus NO mahapurakh or sant can be affected by this crap. It just CANT happen.
  10. NonExistant

    Fictional discussion for the lolz .

    Go back and get darshan of mahapurakhs and meditate with them until i reach mukti. Simple. Why not. Also i would make sure that all the lost bani that got lost never got lost. So yeah. I wid also get a camera and record EVERYTHING to show people how things were back then and how everyone looked like too and interview people lol. And when i get back to the present i will make a documentary. Also i would meet with the best leaders or maybe even guru gobind singh ji and ask how we can solve all of the problens we have right now in the panth/khalsa/religion and record it on video what they would say and come back and show all of u and the sikhs in the world.
  11. NonExistant

    What happened to aurangzeb after reading zaffarnama ?