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  1. I didn't say they weren't able to not feel the pain. I'm saying they chose to embrace it, detach n move on.
  2. Lol who is this Ghagga guy.. yeh we feel physical pain but our psychology causes us to feel peace whilst experiencing as it, as it's All His will and as He willed it. So it's perfect and sweet to His slaves.
  3. We derive from Nothing. The khel is a projection of His heart and mind. So what you think we're here for? We are spiritual beings having a human experience. Physical pain we feel. We feel the morning breeze on our face, the raindrops on our hair, we smell the beautiful fragrances of nature. So why wouldn't a Bhagat feel physical pain? What you're describing is duality.
  4. Yeh Indian government clearly hasn't changed. Full of old men responsible for 1984 still running around free and running things both behind and in front of the scenes. Racism turns humans into monsters.
  5. We are here to discover the khel without being attached to it. We experience pain and pleasure, we just don't stay attached to them. After its experienced, we detach and move forward. The Gurus love so much, that they were willing to accept and experience the pain that we humans may feel. Feeling pain like this makes us compassionate towards others who suffer and encourage us to accept this pain as Gods hukam and karam. What we do is we remain Calm in the state of Sehaj through the pain, not reacting in the five thieves and not going mad as it's all God that's doing everything. They accepted shaheedi with this psychology. I don't even know who Inder Ghagga is.
  6. We pay our Karam back in dreams. The dukhi u feel in dreams wipes away the negative Karams u need to pay back. The aim is to pay off your negative karma and sow good deeds thereon to Break and eventually break free from the cycle of Birth n death. Where humans go wrong is that they react to their negative Karams with Maya (5 theives), hence digging themselves deeper into maya and becoming more engrossed in the illusion instead of remaining detached. In your dream, practice the psychology of Truth as u would in your waking life.
  7. U can't Convert to something that isn't a religion. The only religion is Truth. That's what the Gurus taught. No Hindu, No Muslim-Only One (Truth/ Sat).
  8. If you're being tortured on a red hot plate, you Do feel the pain because it's there to be discovered.you just don't attach yourself to it, applying the psychology that it's just a khel and that it's All just God Himself. The baba is wrong there. I didn't read past that bit. People shouldn't just Claim Truth like that and mislead others, it's the Blind leading the Blind. The Gurus experienced this pain, and serve as an inspiration to All of us who experience pain in our lives, how to react to that hukam and Karam, in Truth Acceptance of Hukam and Karam. His Will is sweet to us, we receive Karam as it is deserved to us.
  9. Judgements etc are false. Gurus taught us to live n let live. We don't force our views on others, we simply teach. Always look at and better yourself before judging others. Make sure you take the advice in the video before u tell anyone else to, that's important. Gurbani says that hypocrisy isnt compliant with Sikhi. Start off by not slandering people on this forum and by not judging others.
  10. We're free to associate with who we want to. Gurbani says have good sangat, make better friends.
  11. Yeh my dad was physically abusive and horrible when I was young aswell. Maybe he's changed or maybe he hasn't. Let him believe what he wants to and you believe what u want to believe. Forgive him but be wise in who you choose as Company. Focus on your own life. If you're still living in his house and he's still abusive, report him. Don't beat him up don't Lower yourself God bless you
  12. Were not forced to do anything. Guru Gobind Jis infant sons were being forced into converting Islam but they refused. They were killed standing up for their beliefs and freedom of choice. I believed in what I wanted when I was younger. I was called a rebel child by alot of people. But at least I was free.
  13. Couples counselling would do u both good. Try it, you don't want a divorce and you have nothing to lose. At least you'll know you tried to make it work if u still want to. Live free.
  14. This is why demi God's shouldn't be able to grant gifts that are adverse to Truth. Gurbani says without virtue, there is no service Yeh there are Demi God's, ghosts, demons, angels other beings etc. Why wouldnt there be when His Power is infinite and He can make anything happen n create whatever He wants The more you accept other beings and His entire Creation, regardless of what it may be like, the more your heart expands in Nirvair and Love for all of Him. No matter if it's an angel or the devil himself, it's all just God's Darshan so we bow to it in acceptance and move on. We don't fear anything or anyone because they're and it's all just Him
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