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  1. Nice post ☺ That's the point. The Guru sat on hotplates focusing on their own state, in peace while there were a-holes all around them. These people were the scum of the earth, truly heartless beings. But rather than focus on them in anger, upset and hence attachment, the Gurus focused on their own state of being (Truth) and remained in peace. We live n let live, being spiritually balanced is accepting that some people live in one way and others in another. You accept the universe as it is without judgement and anger. All is perfect and All is His will, everyone learns as He wills it. Were meant to focus on our own paths.
  2. Go and see a counseller it's very important
  3. Anyone on here who's having a tough time, see a counseller. If you're from the UK contact your local IAPT service.
  4. There isn't anything wrong with a physical relationship in marriage. As long as you love each other. Just make sure it's love that's the force involved. Expressing your love to your spouse isn't bad. It's going overboard that's where we get lost in lust. Just keep it loving and as an expression of your love and union.
  5. Lol true. And good of you to attribute it to Him. Many speak of gurbani and say that it's our own doing. We are fools n we can do nothing. He's the only giver n doer.
  6. He forgives all sins. Like the serial killer Sajan Thug who became one of Guru Nanak Jis Bhagats. The prostitute Ganika was also saved, who knows how many misdeeds she committed. Be truly sorry for what u did, ask for forgiveness, he's already forgiven u. And make sure u never ever make the same mistake again. Adultery is a Huge Crime in His Court. Apologize to yourself also, we are temples of Truth, u disrespected yourself, the precious life He blessed u with, u disrespected badly his poor wife who you should have considered as your Sister. U should apologize to her in your heart. Although she has a right to know what her husband did. If I were in your shoes as her sister, I would tell her because if my husband did that I would want to know. And u didn't treat the guy as your brother (he's already married so not an option for u). We should see all except our spouse as brothers sisters mothers n father Accept your mistakes. Don't associate with the guy, he's probably not sorry for what he did and may try and encourage you to do the same rubbish again. Not worth losing your soul over and hurting his wife over and over again. If u don't have compassion for her, you may never know what it's like for your husband to cheat on u. I saw my mum go through it and it can cause so much chaos and incredible long term pain. Respect yourself and others, be compassionate towards others, don't be selfish and don't mess up again. The biggest misdeed u did here was doing this to the guys wife, that's where u should be most sorry. Telling her is and facing the consequences is the right thing to do rather than wallowing in self pity over having relations and ruining your integrity. Then forget the past, move on and forward with your life and spirituality. Be a good soul.
  7. How are you only 17? Wise words. I always say the love needs to overpower the lust. Experience the person's heart before u have relations with the person.
  8. And how about when they turn on Sikhs and brown people. Then what.
  9. Read their Wikipedia profiles. Be careful. Many Germans still firmly believe that Hilter was good for their country, that he Improved the country so much and they applaud many of his policies other than the murder of Jews. Just because someone speaks about something u want them to, does mean the other side isn't wrong. Most of these parties are great for the development of a country and policies. To curtain their sinister at times awful and horrific main agendas.
  10. LightofNaam


    I just had a day (yesterday until early this morning) where He arranged every single detail so intricately and so perfectly that the things I needed to do worked out so well.. It was nothing short of a miracle. The odds of me getting through yesterday and doing what I was supposed to do were extremely low and I was shocked it actually worked out. When I came home I lay on the floor with hands folder and thanked him, I couldn't thank Him enough. Most of us have no idea how fortunate we are for So Many things that we take for granted. In the hereafter, we'll understand.
  11. Tell her u recorded it and you'll tell whoever you need to. This is a no Brainer. Anyone with a normal conscience would do that.
  12. LightofNaam


    Admin once again, posting details for kids like these would be a great seva. Please can you put stickies with info of organizations that they can speak to?
  13. Can admin please post these contact details as stickies wherever u can, so many people come on with similar issues and need the above orgs help.
  14. Listen to him. You need counselling. I've been in a similar place. Trust me, you're mind is just deluding you. Seeing a counseller and contacting the above^^^ will change your life. Do it now ok. Make an account and message anyone including me on here. You'll be OK and you Can be happy again.
  15. Lol fair enough. There are worse countries in the Gulf that I've lived in though. I'm moving there for work.
  16. Hi, I was wondering if there are any sikhs on here who live in Dubai? I'm looking to move there soon and would like to speak to or meet other Sikhs (when I get there). Also does anyone know any Sikh organisations and groups I could join?
  17. A guy who takes amrit isn't abandoning his good looks. That's a silly comment to make.
  18. If you know the moderators maybe you can ask, or can I ask moderators if you could put a section up on here. So many people struggle to find work, it's a necessity to fulfill basic needs like food water n housing. I think it would be the most amazing seva.
  19. I love how you post job opportunities on here Why isn't there a job posting section on this site yet? That would be such a great seva.
  20. Lol He discovered He was Truth. And wants us to discover the Same.
  21. LightofNaam


    Is there any sikh organisation that helps kids like this? It's a serious issue, the way the child has spoken reflects the severity of it. There must be a professional sikh counselling service?
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