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  1. Spend about six hours a day with them in voice conference. Then there's the other group.
  2. I have more contacts in new york than ever.
  3. Your quote relates directly to my situation here.
  4. The light is the same. Waheguru just has to come be a mirror in Kalyug for the light to reach here.
  5. I'm with all that. Just pointing out what religion you're birthed into doesn't work as was being theorized. Good points.
  6. I said I metaphysically already did. Thanks for days of laughs now.
  7. Amen bro. The line went down at work so I spent two hours doing Parchar instead. Lol. Now the online black community we're interfacing with as a touch point, will have two local brothers from here in it. Got to speak to a young christian girl about what she noticed me doing, Bhagti, and how to apply that to her spiritual relationship with Jesus, which she's seperated from any church involvement due to the ramoant hypocrisy and empty practices. Things have been very blessed, Har Kirpa, Including you touching base and returning right when you did Veer Ji.
  8. I'd like your post but I can't, appreciate you. I'll read here and post elsewhere.
  9. Unapologetically Sikh indeed. We also need to march our phonies and people need to tighten up. This is a Fauj.
  10. I would recommend settling and flourishing less.
  11. Nothing was offensive, unsafe, or rediculous in those videos. They have my cursory stamp of approval. If the Paanth wants to train with them it seems safe and legitimate. If we collaborated it would be better. Would help mature that Shastar Vidya.
  12. First video shows good use of taking the wrist as well as all the intercepting distances as the gap closes.
  13. Second shows it as well more directly, flow and entering.
  14. Third video demonstrates the principle of taking center.
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