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  1. If I've learned anything at this point is that men deep down are horny dogs and won't care if she's ugly as long as they get the same rush. He's cucked, only he'll be able to pull out of this at this point, if his family steps in he'll commit further. Just get him to gurudwara and maybe introduce him to other options and he might sober up.
  2. Does it, I've heard how no one should talk about the deeds and powers of saints as it will lower the saints kamae. Is this true?
  3. You sure about that? Maybe in the 1980s you could have said so but now I doubt we are even in majority in Panjab. The panth there needs a hard kick in the crown jewels to do anything, we have government ineptitude, RSS and Christians running rampant, drugged up Jawans with pathetic fertility rates and our institutions are just as corrupt.
  4. If possible look through the british archieves for something on involvement in the 1910s in the austrohungarian empire, maybe something will come up, by 1920 around 600000 foreigners were in austria alone, it does not sound that crazy a sikh would be there
  5. Was he part of the Austro-hungarian forces? It may be possible considering at the time it was one of the most diverse armies. Or it could be that he was in the British forces on some mission there since we dont have the pics of him, perhaps you could send a scan of it to a history subreddit and see what they come up with.
  6. Banda you realise the gurus lived back when you were middle aged in your twenties. Life expectancy currently in India is around 63 so it makes sense that gurua de aakaraan lived till their forties. This is not to say any of them were of poor health.
  7. My bad I meant like telling the good apples from the bad
  8. Is that true? It could be a result of eye strain from using your close up vision to often. Did you get it checked out?
  9. I forgot to mention they also have a youtube channel https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCEhYxefHylpSgoiXDWcBrlA
  10. At this point I can't tell who is who, which is not a good thing if we want panthic ekta.
  11. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh. By 2050 it is estimated that 4.7 billion people will have myopia, meaning almost half the world will need glasses, but for some reason not many people know about myopia or how it is a reversible condition. If you have glasses like me, you probably have myopia. This is when your ciliary muscles can't relax properly due to strain from bad vision habits like excess homework and studying and too much internet. Many optometrists will tell you some weird reason like its "genetic" or a "common teenage eye disorder". (Did our ancestors have this is
  12. भाई आप मुझे हिन्दी में बता सकता, यह आदमी किया मंग रहा है?
  13. How is a Hindu string tying ritual OUR HIGH CULTURE? It's just as vain as Valentine's days is, most brothers after getting these frilly plasticky messes get them cut off after like a day, it literally holds no meaning to us, its just a ritual we keep cause our parents did it being next to the hindus who do it. We have much better ways to celebrate brother and sister relationships and bring the families together. For example, teaching shastar vidhyan , holding competitions for our kids in kirtan, sports and bani and teaching them our ithihaas and beautiful sakhis would do so much better t
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