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  1. MahadrasSingh

    Punjab Sikh nation

    You sure about that? Maybe in the 1980s you could have said so but now I doubt we are even in majority in Panjab. The panth there needs a hard kick in the crown jewels to do anything, we have government ineptitude, RSS and Christians running rampant, drugged up Jawans with pathetic fertility rates and our institutions are just as corrupt.
  2. MahadrasSingh

    India war Pakistan bomb India

    @AjeetSinghPunjabi this is our mokam
  3. MahadrasSingh

    Sikhism in Austria

    If possible look through the british archieves for something on involvement in the 1910s in the austrohungarian empire, maybe something will come up, by 1920 around 600000 foreigners were in austria alone, it does not sound that crazy a sikh would be there
  4. MahadrasSingh

    Sikhism in Austria

    Was he part of the Austro-hungarian forces? It may be possible considering at the time it was one of the most diverse armies. Or it could be that he was in the British forces on some mission there since we dont have the pics of him, perhaps you could send a scan of it to a history subreddit and see what they come up with.
  5. MahadrasSingh


    Banda you realise the gurus lived back when you were middle aged in your twenties. Life expectancy currently in India is around 63 so it makes sense that gurua de aakaraan lived till their forties. This is not to say any of them were of poor health.
  6. MahadrasSingh

    Harsimranjit Singh Khera

    My bad I meant like telling the good apples from the bad
  7. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh. By 2050 it is estimated that 4.7 billion people will have myopia, meaning almost half the world will need glasses, but for some reason not many people know about myopia or how it is a reversible condition. If you have glasses like me, you probably have myopia. This is when your ciliary muscles can't relax properly due to strain from bad vision habits like excess homework and studying and too much internet. Many optometrists will tell you some weird reason like its "genetic" or a "common teenage eye disorder". (Did our ancestors have this issue?) I've had this explanation given to me and I followed their advice on just wearing glasses all the time. THIS IS A LIE, and an unhealthy one for you, used by the glasses industry to keep funneling ever increasing perscription glasses to you. Your eye adapts to stimulus like every part of your body, and fortunately myopia is can be reversed in a matter of years . I myself have lowered my diopters from -1.5 and -1.75 to -1.25 in each approximately. Of course I still have a long way to go, so how do you do it? First I'd reccomend reading up on https://endmyopia.org/. They are a great site that give free resources on this subject and they have a facebook group for all your queries. Second, assess your vision habits. How much distance vision do you use? How much close up? Start measuring your vision too, its easy. Just grab some size 12 text and a tape measure and measure how far back you can move your head until the text starts to become blurred. Measure it daily and see how it varies. If you take the measurement in meteres and take the reciprocal of it you get your diopters. (They make it seem so complicated right?) Next, build better habits. Follow a 20 20 20 rule. Spend more time outside, learn to use your distance vision and most importantly, DO NOT USE YOUR GLASSES WHEN YOU DONT NEED THEM TO SEE. It makes your eyes worse, as the ciliary spasm continues with a changed focal plane. Now for things like active focus and lowering your perscription first read up on the site until you know what you are doing. Message me if you'd like to know more. Please share this with the rest of sangat. Forgive me if I have made any mistakes. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh.
  8. MahadrasSingh

    Tired of wearing those Nerd Goggles?

    Is that true? It could be a result of eye strain from using your close up vision to often. Did you get it checked out?
  9. MahadrasSingh

    Tired of wearing those Nerd Goggles?

    I forgot to mention they also have a youtube channel https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCEhYxefHylpSgoiXDWcBrlA
  10. MahadrasSingh

    Harsimranjit Singh Khera

    At this point I can't tell who is who, which is not a good thing if we want panthic ekta.
  11. The earth is clearly an equilateral triangle, y'all are just crazy
  12. MahadrasSingh

    Best non-sikh Role Models?

    भाई आप मुझे हिन्दी में बता सकता, यह आदमी किया मंग रहा है?
  13. How is a Hindu string tying ritual OUR HIGH CULTURE? It's just as vain as Valentine's days is, most brothers after getting these frilly plasticky messes get them cut off after like a day, it literally holds no meaning to us, its just a ritual we keep cause our parents did it being next to the hindus who do it. We have much better ways to celebrate brother and sister relationships and bring the families together. For example, teaching shastar vidhyan , holding competitions for our kids in kirtan, sports and bani and teaching them our ithihaas and beautiful sakhis would do so much better than tying a thread dumped in how many toxins from india. Bhul chuk maf.
  14. Well some of our family has broken away from this tradition, hopefully mine will soon.
  15. http://legalnoodle.com/eliminate-child-sword-worshiping-temple/ I don't know what to say.
  16. MahadrasSingh

    Apparently We're Sword Worshippers Now

    http://legalnoodle.com/sikh-temple-brawling-indiana-yoga-west/ Ok apparently we are time travellers as well as he thinks indira was assasinated in 1981.
  17. MahadrasSingh

    Taking book with Gurbani in luggage

    My apologies no one has answered yet, personally I don't see a major issue provided you cover the bani in a clean rumaal and don't purposely do things to disrespect it like stepping on it.
  18. MahadrasSingh

    Apparently We're Sword Worshippers Now

    Yeah I think thats where he's coming from as he seems oblivious to the idea of the Khalsa
  19. MahadrasSingh

    Apparently We're Sword Worshippers Now

    http://legalnoodle.com/subconscious-violent-programming/ He has a second article, I think he's very confused on Sikh values and conflates shastars with being like turks, somehow.
  20. MahadrasSingh

    Old Sikh man attacked in Manteca, CA.

    Yeah Yuba city is a famous one, and some other farming townships and probably the major cities.
  21. MahadrasSingh

    Seva has brought me here!

    No problem, we welcome you happily!
  22. MahadrasSingh

    Seva has brought me here!

    There are some ways to do it, its happened in the past were morality and self sacrifice to the community were the norms. They show up the most at the peaks of civilizations and empires. I think right now (In the age of decandance) in the west, we would need almost a complete reboot to make seva the top priority of the people. A decline in our civilizational values is like a snowball down a mountain, very hard to stop and reverse. The Romans, The Islamic empires both went the same path and here its it's happening now. When things collapse and fall apart those who are greedy and self centered tend to be easily checked by the rest of the population and everyone starts working to each others benefit (community). This will also be the time where the next empires come up to replace the fallen one. People like us would need to head such groups in order to set up a Helemi Raj (Compassionate Rule).
  23. I guess we think its a zero sum game, someone's win is your loss.
  24. MahadrasSingh

    New Design of Gurdwaras

    At the very least we can have pamphlets on shastar vidya/survival basics. Could we fund the Basics of Sikhi team to do this?
  25. MahadrasSingh

    New Design of Gurdwaras

    Gursant Singh?

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