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  1. Nope, I said in the title, Hazur Sahib. SGPC doesn't print Sri Dasam Granth or Senchyia of it. Closest thing SGPC has is their Das Granthi Gutka I guess.
  2. FreshMind13

    Suicide bomber kills sikhs in Afghanistan!

    I heard they want to stay because of the Ithaasic Gurdware there.
  3. FreshMind13

    Sikhs - Health & Diet

    Panj-ab Current State: 0 Abs
  4. FreshMind13

    NeverForget84.com Down!?!?!

    Could be, but the website shows the message "THIS WEBSITE IS NO LONGER ACTIVE". If it was a server/code issue, they would probably have a maintenance page. I haven't contacted them on Twitter.
  5. FreshMind13

    Leonardo DiCaprio

    I have heard that Bhajanists and 3HO people do not even know the Basic teachings of Sikhi.
  6. FreshMind13

    Westernisation of India

    Capitalism as a fundamental economic system is based of what people demand. As we can see, we can all see what Punjab and its people are demanding.
  7. FreshMind13

    Westernisation of India

    India and Punjab is developing wrong. You can't just skip from a poor "developing" country step to acting all westernized. Honestly, people have no interest in anything aside from money. Take for example the Kar Seva Babeh destroying our history, it isn't just a RSS conspiracy, its also people don't care and are too dumb to realize the affects of their actions. Same dumb types were going to tear down the original brick Akal Takht stage after destroying the Sarkari Takht, but a retired SGPC secretary stopped them from destroying the original Takht built by Chevin Patshah. From what I hear, Puratan Larivaar Saroops are being Agan Bhet for no reason. The list keeps going on and on. This is our Ithaas, and the general populous does not care, because "Let's go to Kanneda, drink Daru, and drive cool cars!". Punjab will be a Desert anyway in the next 50 years unless some MAJOR action is done to stop the stealing of water from Punjab. Waheguru.... Rab Rakha.
  8. The protest was a staged thing by the Hamas terrorists to get media attention. They used innocent people as human shields and 10 people were killed in the protests were Hamas members. There is blood on both sides, but in this situation, Israel has warned people they would be shot. Hamas has been planning this for weeks. A mother brought her 8-month old child to the protest, why? Why in the world would you bring your child to a place where you already know there is going to be violence. People need to look at both sides, Israel isn't fully in the wrong in this case as the media portrayes it. I'm not choosing a side, as I have not looked into the history of Israel much, but just know that this isn't a one-sided issue.
  9. Maybe in his videos, otherwise will go full SJW on people. (Which is why I mentioned I don't like some of his liberal views).
  10. Yes, he ran the Panch Khalsa Diwan. Many Gursikhs like Sant Attar Singh Mastuane, Bhai Sahib Randhir Singh, and Bhai Kahn Singh Nabha were part of the Panch Khalsa Diwan. However, they left after they had gotten word of Bhasaur's insane views. While in the beginning, he was popular, over time his views became insane, and was made tankhyia by the Sri Akal Takht Sahib. He was indeed retarded. He is the preface to Kala Afghana and the Darshan Rogi missionaries.
  11. Aside from some of his Liberal views, its good to see Sikhi also spreading among other races.
  12. There were two Singh Sabhas The one you mentioned with Khem Singh Bedi was the Amritsar Singh Sabha while the Singh Sabha we generally associate with is the Lahore Singh Sabha. Khem Singh Bedi believed since he was a decedent of Guru Nanak, he sat himself on a throne and had people do Chaur of him as "Guru".
  13. FreshMind13

    Sikh Empire; Alternate History.

    Yea, Guru Sahib de Hukam vich hoaeaa.
  14. FreshMind13

    Sikh Empire; Alternate History.

    Too fairy tale-ish, Apne will still have ruined it somehow, sadly.
  15. FreshMind13


    ੴ ਵਾਹਿਗੁਰੂ ਜੀ ਕੀ ਫਤਹ ਸ੍ਰੀ ਭਗਉਤੀ ਏ ਨਮਹ
  16. FreshMind13


    I'm honestly surprised how easily people believe heresay and malarkey. It's the conspiracy theorists who think that Singh Sabha turned Sikhi into some Abhramic thing. Anyone who properly reads Gurbani and does Khoj and Vichaar with Gursikhs knows Sikhi is nothing like Abrahamic Religions. At the time, we had great Gursikhs like Sant Gurbachan Singh Khalsa Bhindrawale, Sant Attar Singh Mastuane, Bhai Sahib Randhir Singh Ji, Baba Harnaam Singh Ji Rampur, and countless others. Modern SGPC as we all know are Badal de Chamche. Sadly, I rather have SGPC Mahants over the pre-Singh Sabha Mahants.
  17. FreshMind13

    A Punjabi Praying To Jesus!

    Just wanna let people know that this is a missionary site, unless I am wrong.
  18. FreshMind13

    Forum Upgraded!

    Singh, you could have gotten a free Wildcard LetsEncrypt Certificate. Challo, at least our logins are secure now (I Hope)
  19. FreshMind13

    Forum Upgraded!

    When are we going to see HTTPS support?
  20. Well Sadly, this is the case. No current printed saroop is the same as the Damdami Birh. These we're not Ram Raiye who made these mistakes while copying Saroops. They had no intent to change the meanings, it just that they introduced many human mistakes while copying. The worst offenders, sadly, are the artistic saroops written during the time of Maharaja Ranjit Singh. Sure these saroops look very nice and are artistic, but most were written by scribes who didn't have Gurbani Vidhya. I am referring to the various Lagamatra differences. Another sad this is when panthic scholars try to study Puratan saroops, they are labeled Ram Raiye when in truth they are doing in Good faith to make Gurbani Shudh as possible to the Damdami Birhh. Books like Paath Beedan Di Sochi by Gyani Gyan Singh Nihung is one example, but because people don't have interest, the book is out of print. If you are interested in this topic, that book is somewhere on Punjab Digital Library, it shows various variations in Puratan saroops.
  21. FreshMind13

    Vaisakh: Sikhi vs Punjabism

    Guru Nanak Dev Ji's Parkash is disputed between 3 Dates Friday, Katak Sudi 15 Pooranmashi, 1526 Bikrami (Lunar) Saturday, Vaisakh Sudi 3, 1526 Bikrami (Lunar) (Not Pooranmashi) Monday, 1 Vaisakh, 1526 Bikrami (Solar Date) (Pooranmashi) There is debate on this issue, I recommend reading the document mentioned in the OP. Also PLS, Benti for everyone, when referring to Gurpuabs, pls use Bikrami or Mool Nanakshahi (Which are basically Bikrami dates) dates, don't use English dates as they are not accurate as the original. We need more people to start using Desi Months and days, Barah Maha Parro!
  22. FreshMind13

    Dori on Kirpan?

    Serious question though, how would one use a Dori Kirpan practically? Like how would it be used? I think thats why some people say its just for show because maybe you can't use it well? I wouldn't know.

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