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  1. Yea, I'm not too familiar with how things are across the pond. I do know a Gora Singh in the UK who recently took Amrit after a few years of learning about Sikhi, he said it would put him in a dilemma on what box should he tick. It's these type of situations, where a non-Punjabi Sikh has to do the census where it gets confusing.
  2. I agree would should have a box to tick (I'm from the U.S., so its going to take a while here to get added) but I believe we should keep it correct. Sikh isn't a ethnicity/race. It is a Dharam/Religion/Way of Life/etc. Punjabi is the correct term to be used in the Census. But the thing is though, we can assume that pretty much everyone who put Punjabi on the Census will most likely be a Sikh, so it works both ways.
  3. Exactly, I expect Hindu Punjabi's outside of India will do the same thing, as they more identify with being Indian than Punjabi. Your first point contradicts your second point of Sikhs being an ethnicity, because as you have stated, majority of people putting down Punjabi will be Sikh. You can guess that 90%+ of people will be "Sikh" as the Hindus wont put Punjabi down.
  4. Just Punjabi should be added, a census should never ask for religion one follows (reminds me of what Hitler did). This would also leave non-Punjabi Sikhs in a odd position, do they chose their actual race or their religion?
  5. Guru Ji was born on January 1st, 1667 (Poh Sudi 7, 1723 BK) (23 Poh, 1723 BK) The people, books, websites, etc. who still use December 22nd, 1666 as the birth date are stupid and need to realize that this date is in the Julian calendar, which hasn't been in use for 2-3 centuries now.
  6. According to Giani Sher Singh, the first savaiya doesnt exist in Puratan Birhs. I don't know how that is grounds for removal, how do we know these birhs that don't have it are accurate? What time period are they from? If it didn't exist, then where did the first savaiya (ਜਾਗਤ ਜੋਤਿ ਜਪੈ ਨਿਸ ਬਾਸੁਰ) come from?
  7. This, GurmatBibek.com is better for any Sarabloh / Bibek questions.
  8. Sodhak Committee was pretty Sanatani man. The main guy, Mana Singh was barely there for have of the sessions they had and there were a few guys on there who showed up for every session but didn't know how to read. Sodhak Committee was just a publicity statement, guys didn't do any proper research.
  9. Sorry if I'm being rude here, but can we stop using SGPC as a scapegoat. I mentioned this before, SGPC doesn't print Sri Dasam Granth whole or as Bhaag/Senchyia. The nearest thing they print is their Das Granthi Gutka Sahib which contains: Jaap, Shabad Hazare, Akal Ustat, Bachittar Natak, Chandi Charittar Ukat Bilas, Chandi Charittar, Chandi Di Vaar, and Gian Prabodh. All I can say its that I would never trust Chattar Singh Jeevan Singh. I personally consider SGPC as most authentic for SGGS Ji. SGPC didn't even exist when the Sodhak Committee was working on Sri Dasam Granth, how could they have done anything? I don't think they removed the 34th Savaiya, because if I read correctly, Giani Sher Singh said this last Savaiya was written at Hazur Sahib? So it wasn't part of the original then I'm assuming. I would like to have a copy of Mehron Wale Senchyia and compare them to Hazur Sahib ones. Next time I go to India will try to get them.
  10. I think @TaksalDaSingh9771 also has Hazur Sahib senchis, maybe he can also check
  11. I have no clue, I borrowed this from a local Singh. What is also interesting is that the second savaiya ends in a ||1||, not a ||2||. So this is not a simple printing mistake, but someone purposefully did not include it.
  12. Nope, I said in the title, Hazur Sahib. SGPC doesn't print Sri Dasam Granth or Senchyia of it. Closest thing SGPC has is their Das Granthi Gutka I guess.
  13. As said in the title, Hazur Sahib Senchi is missing the first Savaiya from 33 Savaiye? Why? This is big beadbi.
  14. I heard they want to stay because of the Ithaasic Gurdware there.
  15. Could be, but the website shows the message "THIS WEBSITE IS NO LONGER ACTIVE". If it was a server/code issue, they would probably have a maintenance page. I haven't contacted them on Twitter.
  16. Waheguru! Why was such a valuable site taken down? Does anyone have any information on why it was taken down? I have found an archive of the site if anyone wants to access it: https://web.archive.org/web/20180512020112/http://www.neverforget84.com/
  17. I have heard that Bhajanists and 3HO people do not even know the Basic teachings of Sikhi.
  18. Capitalism as a fundamental economic system is based of what people demand. As we can see, we can all see what Punjab and its people are demanding.
  19. India and Punjab is developing wrong. You can't just skip from a poor "developing" country step to acting all westernized. Honestly, people have no interest in anything aside from money. Take for example the Kar Seva Babeh destroying our history, it isn't just a RSS conspiracy, its also people don't care and are too dumb to realize the affects of their actions. Same dumb types were going to tear down the original brick Akal Takht stage after destroying the Sarkari Takht, but a retired SGPC secretary stopped them from destroying the original Takht built by Chevin Patshah. From what I hear, Puratan Larivaar Saroops are being Agan Bhet for no reason. The list keeps going on and on. This is our Ithaas, and the general populous does not care, because "Let's go to Kanneda, drink Daru, and drive cool cars!". Punjab will be a Desert anyway in the next 50 years unless some MAJOR action is done to stop the stealing of water from Punjab. Waheguru.... Rab Rakha.
  20. The protest was a staged thing by the Hamas terrorists to get media attention. They used innocent people as human shields and 10 people were killed in the protests were Hamas members. There is blood on both sides, but in this situation, Israel has warned people they would be shot. Hamas has been planning this for weeks. A mother brought her 8-month old child to the protest, why? Why in the world would you bring your child to a place where you already know there is going to be violence. People need to look at both sides, Israel isn't fully in the wrong in this case as the media portrayes it. I'm not choosing a side, as I have not looked into the history of Israel much, but just know that this isn't a one-sided issue.
  21. Maybe in his videos, otherwise will go full SJW on people. (Which is why I mentioned I don't like some of his liberal views).
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