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  1. Dera Sucha Soda / Radhoswami / Nirankaris / Namdharis etc were all started by former Sikhs , who all wanted to change mainstream khalsa and eventually formed into their own religion. So , we have to look at the root of the problem. Ask ourselves, why isn't this a problem in islam, why aren't there 100's of cults started under islam , and then find ways to fix it. The main followers of these cults are always low class / hindoos / dalits . So as I keep saying , if the SGPC keeps ignoring these problems and refuse to convert people into Khalsa , Panjab will just become a land of deras. Side note = Dera Sucha Soda was perceived to have around 40 million followers in Panjab /Haryana / Rajastan .... 10-20 million more than Sikhism ...... Yikes.
  2. Yeah, your sis just texted me, telling me that you're a huge FAGGOT.
  3. If Sikhs had muslim numbers in 47, United Panjab, Uttarkhand , Kashmir and Sindh,KPK would've been a part of the new Khalsa Country.
  4. People who were against Khalistan argued that we don't need a small land for Sikhs, rather we'll convert the whole india into Khalistan. Yet, it is Sikhs who're being reduced. Lets not talk about saying what we will do , and just do it . Khalsa aid for example, should help people and then convert them. I heard a story about them distributing qurans to syrians aka the same people who'll kill them for being kaffir. Sikhs in Pakistan doing ifftar and then getting killed by the taliban terrorist B@stards... I never hear of Khalsa aid helping druggie Panjabis, these guys are always in other countries. So the only way to survive is to convert.
  5. I can already hear some SJW faggot who'll say, " no we don't look for converts, this is not the Khalsa way " , and I agree. We don't go out to convert people , having said that, Sikhs are projected to be minorities in Panjab by 2031, that's just 13 F@CKING years away. Do we really want to be a minority in our own state [ off course, like most of you and I don't live in Panjab, rather overseas ] , te=he point still stand. Guys, the Shiva Sena cow piss drinkers have been getting more rowdy and violent, these scum want to turn Panjab into Haryana. If anybody , has a relative who's in a close circle of SGPC, tell them to create missionaries in Panjab to convert the hindoos and christians. Also the christians have been getting bigger and bigger, these NGO funders from the heartland of redneck USA spend millions of dollars to convert Indians. The F@CKING christians have a bigger population that Sikhs, there are 40-50 million Christians and 20 millions Sikhs. It's really simple to create numbers, convert people by giving them food / money and them " brainwash " them , I know that's sounds harsh and I put it in quotes for a reason, for a lack of a better word, that's how religions survive. You convert adults and fill their head with religion and then they do the same to their children and thats how religions grow .. It's a bitter truth, none of us would be Sikhs , unless we were born into it , just like christians or muslims. SGPC is one of the richest religion organization in the world after , Vatican & Mecca . The vatican funds catholisim into other countries. That's why most of Africa is either Christian or Muslim. Look at South Korea 70 yrs ago , they're weren't christian ,than America bombs them and start brainwashing them into western culture, now today South Korea culture is literally a copy of American Culture. Look at KPOP , literally the most over produced and edited Korean copy of American music of the 90s. The point is, if the SGPC isn't doing something to covert the 40% non Sikh , cult Deras in Panjab, Panjab will literally become Haryana 2.0 , a place soo backwards , that they care more about cows than their women. Additional points - Mr. Badal , former CM aka Mr. Arminder 1.0 was literally angry at RSS converting Panjabi christians back to Sikhism because they were a huge vote bank for him. Christian Montier[NGO website ] wrote many articles about their work being ruined , by RSS turning christians back to Sikhs. In the End , we need to end Jatt Supremacy in Panjab, Panjabi Jatts are just as backwards and idiotic as Haryana " Jaats " , literal RET@RDS. Many Mazabi Sikhs were fighting against Khalistan during the 80's because they didn't want to be ruled by ruthless Jatts. Jatts have turned into the Brahmins of Sikhism, they isolated themselves from others trying to join Sikhism, because of that you have these cults like Radhoswamis , Nirankaris , Ravaidassia , Namdhari , Dera Sucha Soda [ we all remember that ] . I agree with the one village one gurdwara rule . Everyone needs to practice in the same place. Give me feedback .
  6. This post is CRINGE, & you're CRINGE. It's like comparing Biharis / UPs and other dirty 3rd world scum that are invading Panjab, which ones are the most integrated in Panjab. I'm not defending the british, they feel the same way about you and the rest. So saying, oh golly , are we are the best immigrants in UK. Guess what clown, Panjab will be majority Hindoo in 2030, thanks to the filthy bhojpuri invaders, and I'll only be 35 by that point, that's distressing. Because Panjab doesn't have state rights like Himachal / Kashmir , we can't stop outsiders from buying up Panjab. This is exactly like what the brits are feeling. Not that I like those pasty pig skins but I feel what they're feeling, they don't care if you're better or worst than the other invaders, they only care that you're not one of them.
  7. I been seeing a lot of " sikhs " who have a problem with the facts I'm throwing down, not just this post but many others. Anytime, I would mention that Panjabis are under a microscope or the changing demographics of Panjab, some individuals here would find a problem with that. If nobody cares, what is this site even about, I guess I should not talk about it because it makes people uncomfortable.
  8. So , what exactly is your problem with this post ? Is it not totally true?Do you have trouble reading paragraphs ?
  9. I already did a topic on this before, lets do one again. I think we all seen India gov throw a hissy fit during Justin Treadue visit. Panjabis are gaining more political power in Canada/Uk, and India can't stomach it since they will speak out against indian crimes. They didn't think kidnapping Jaggi would bring this much attention , but it did because Sikhs politicans are overrepresented in western countries. Also this 2020 referendum joke has rattled india, they've been pressuring Canada/UK to cancel 2020 rallies, but since having peaceful rallies is a given in western countries , India gov can't seem to get it through their thick ape skulls. In the 3rd world sh^thole of India, Mob violence, corrupt cops , torture , kidnappings , corrupt politicians are still a thing in 2018. These monkeys can't even give justice to 84 given all the evidence, not even that, any number of small public cases are usually thrown out if a rich person is at fault . Indian men are also pretty dirty creeps. They all stare at women , especially white women and give off rape alarms. Believe it or not but Haryana is the biggest sh^thole state in India, not Bihar , Rajistan , Up or any other cr@p states , nope ,it's haryanan. Quint did a story on crimes against women in Haryana , they interviewed young kids , teens , old people and adults. And shockingly , all of them said that women are at fault if they get raped. They said, women who wear provocative cloths are asking to be raped. Mind you that,Kids and teens holds these views. It's 2018 and India is still a nasty sh^thole. People still poop in streets, have low iq and have religious violence in 2018. Lets wait another 50 yrs and see if these apes evolved. I'm soo pissed that we Panjabis have to live in this utter nightmare of a country which is worse than many african and middle east hell holes. Our 3 state lobby royally screwed up in 47.
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