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  1. Don't be scared of anything, when Maharaj is with you nothing evil can come anywhere near you. Before you sleep do Kirtan Sohila (or listen to it) and you won't feel scared.
  2. It was horrible lol then they used to laugh when you spat it out
  3. Well not by my own will, but my grandad put a spoon of brandy in my mouth when I was about 5 or 6 years old. I hated it and would never drink it ever again in my life.
  4. The chorus is exactly what my mum says to me lmaooo ???? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oE9Qzhnsbn8
  5. I would've given him a dirty look lmaooo He's a joke ????
  6. He's just one of those irrelevant people that no-one really cares about anymore. My grandad will see him on TV and starts swearing at him ????
  7. Honey Singh's songs are were so cringey they always will be Jazzy B is just a weirdo, just look at him
  8. I love that song too lol Alcohol is nasty I hate it lol
  9. I've watched my dad tie his pagh loads of times and he's never ironed it (he does starch it tho)
  10. My dad, grandad and chacha all tie their pagh's kenyan style and the point at the top is bare sharp looool My grandparents are from kenya tho so it makes sense lol
  11. Yeah there is a part where you can speak to Vaheguru Ji, Its when you say Sache Pita Vaheguru Ji Aap de Hazur...(whatever you want to say) At that time you can say what prayer you just did too. Although you don't really need to because Vaheguru Ji knows everyone's inner thoughts anyway. This is probably the worst explanation ever but hoped it helped
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