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  1. What happened to puzzled? Have not seen him in a fair while, hope he is ok .
  2. I understand youngsters doing it, but a grown <banned word filter activated> man, nah mate.
  3. I'm kind of bamboozled over this, a childhood friend cut his hair because he felt he was being discriminated at work and not getting a promotion for wearing a phaag. He would be 42 and this left me a bit confused, does this really happen these days with all the wokeness going around or just a mid life crisis.
  4. Not all of Bhagat Kabir Jis bani is in Guru Granth Sahib Ji
  5. Well done to all who have studied, understood and recite Guru Granth Sahib Ji. I barely understand Ang1 , but will get there slowly but surely.
  6. Think WB have come out with best solution, you know what Russia no Batman for you lol Jokes aside think hitting their economy is the best bet, also watched on the news they are already building a human rights case with the civilians being targeted
  7. Not to be rude, but what are you trying to prove? Guru Har Krishan Sahib Ji, used to look after assortments of injured and hungry animals, Guru Har Gobind Ji, told off a worker for injuring a bird and tended to wounded bird by bandaging a wing.
  8. I mentioned this after months back , you can switch your phone to desktop view, but gets annoying.
  9. I like the English Katha on Sukhmani Sahib Ji, the young lad does, sorry do not know his name.
  10. Not affiliated with them, but watched this yesterday so thought I'd post, it seems they need the Sangats support.
  11. They used to put them in school curry's lol and if I recall birds eye frozen curry's had them in lol nasty man lol
  12. Lol only if the curry has grapes in it ?
  13. All good saying that, did you grow up around NFs ? Being beaten as a kid is not good character building it leads to anger.
  14. Racism is always there its just been subdued, the home culture is where its cultivated. At school my best friends where black and white kids but in the same school had racist abuse from black and white kids.
  15. Yesh I would put on recording and jap with recording, it also helps pronouncing.
  16. Hmmm what I'm perplexed with is the amount of times Nirmla Sikhism, have been associated with anything anti Sikhi . Its like everywhere I turn their name is there. So very strange.
  17. Well this guy was the 1st person to translate, Guru Granth Sahib Ji, he also was hired by British Christians and he was German. Anyone read his book?
  18. Sorry but this reminded of my cousin, saying hip hop lines into Punjabi. For example my favourite, 'oo, tha ulti ahh, kutha' haha ?
  19. One what I heard a lot from the Pakistani was Tuken , referring to someone's phagg
  20. Hmm well I'm a QATest lead so as I said its a part of my job.
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