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  1. So I was reading through my cv and in the profile section, I state something along the line, I take pride in my work. Thinking about it , I honestly do, and in my field I really need to. We know that Ahankar , is one of the five thieves, so am I going about things wrong. Or is the translation of Ahankar not as straight forward as just pride.
  2. Yeah I have seen ones about chickens , being pumped with all types of things and chick's getting killed.
  3. Hmmm very interesting, still have not tried meat substitute, and it wouldn't be a daily thing even if I did. My mum used to make soya chunks in a thuri, which was pretty nice. But I have been a meat eater all my life, was watching this program about undigested meat that is just stuck in your body. So thought I'd give up on the meat or try at least.
  4. I have done one day yay lol I find a lot of vegetarian dishes nice, just wondering what these meat substitute are like. Anyone tried them , or are they a waste of time or ermmm taste.
  5. Ok so Guru Ji would of added to the existing morning banis, not remove any
  6. I'm just thinking out aloud here, if Guru Ji didn't put any of his bani into Guru Granth Sahib Ji, would he also not include them in the morning banis?
  7. Half hour ?, it takes me 25 minutes to read Japji Sahib Ji
  8. I bet the Muslim population has gone up, they are Gremlins once it gets a bit wet they don't stop popping out.
  9. Are really being affected or is the mind playing tricks? Your focus is on negative thoughts, you are probably more affected by the moon as your body is is made 75% or so (cant remember off the top of my head) of water.
  10. So was looking for an English katha of Sukhmani Sahib, and stumbled across this video, for some reason it sounds hollow, may be its the presenter, but something is missing, cant put my finger on it.
  11. I'm not sure at where, age 5-8 ? Apparently its easier to absorb information at a younger age. Yes India can be harsh, I am just spit balling atm lol ?
  12. Who are these people? I go to Punjab every 5 years ish and everyone, that I meet know about Sikhi. Maybe I'm just really ignorant to it.
  13. I think we should send our children for year to be educated in Punjab, so they understand Sikhi culture, grow a bond with their homeland, learn to read/write Gurmukhi. I have noticed a few of these parchar on YouTube spent a lot of years back home. Jagraj Singh from basics of Sikhi and Satpal Singh both are two that come to mind. I know Muslims used to do this back in the day, dont know about now. Seen a few posts about the youth of today, and this popped in my head.
  14. Hindus is a culture, within that their are different sects such as sidths etc.
  15. If you eat animal meat, it doesn't matter which one you eat, the Hindu doesn't eat cow because of their milk? But will eat goat, Muslim will not eat pig, but will eat chicken who eat crap and are injected with all kinds of stuff to make them bigger and don't get me started on the chicken coop lol The point is you shouldn't eat meat full stop, or if you do don't bicker on what type.
  16. Did you say you can not read Gurmukhi?
  17. https://www.searchgurbani.com/guru-granth-sahib/ang/721
  18. Talking about the 80's holy moly ? the guy still has a mustashe like Magnum PI ?
  19. Well reading's through this, I have come to the conclusion its better than when the guys used to hold hands and walk around together ❤
  20. Hey guys, just wondering why on my Samsung browser, I can not see notifications and have to switch to desktop mode to view them. Can get a bit annoying.
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