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  1. Go for it. Good luck. You should be able to marry anyone you like. Be free. God will not punish you even if you marry a black or white person Trust me.
  2. I completed grade 9 in punjab. I was there a year and I learned it. Reading and writing Gurmukhi is actually easy Its not a hard language. But understanding Gurbani was difficult for me. I use to read the translations but now I'm learning from basics of sikhi channel on YouTube. I also brushed up on my Gurmukhi from the basics of sikhi channel as well. I recommend anyone who wants to learn check then out on YouTube
  3. Yes maybe your right. And now that I think of it it does kind of sound odd if I refer to my selfbas a gursikh lol thanks for saying something. I'm still new to the path every bit of advice helps.
  4. An Amritdhari is a Sikh who has taken Amrit and is initiated into the Khalsa. A GurSikh is a Sikh of the Guru, and is all ways Amritdhari. All GurSikhs are Amritdhari, but not all Amritdhari are GurSikh, because some "Amritdhari" Sikhs might have taken Amrit but don't follow it. All Sikhs should constantly strive to take Amrit and become true Sikhs of the Guru. The terms Gursikh and Amritdhari are usually used to refer to the same thing and can be interchangeable. I was a gursikh when I followed it. I fell off for a bit...remained Amritdhari and now am currently on my way to be a Gursikh again. Baba deep singh ji is much more than a Gursikh he is a Maha purak You need to get your definition straight brother. "If your not Guru da sikh (gursikh), then who sikh are you? " I came here for support. And I got that. If you have any words to give your support please do so. BTW its not ego. Im grateful ... I repeatedly said I was low. Anyone with ego wouldn't say that. Please.... I do not want to comment on other things This is a topic for another thread my brother
  5. I guess we were misinformed by our panj pyaarr at our amrit sanchaar. Thanks for your input though. Some would not agree with your opinion. Some might. But its just that, your opinion . And I'm glad your here to share it with us. According to Bhai jagraj singh anyone who gives there head and takes amrit is now guru da sikh. (A gursikh). He once said, "if your not gurus sikh then who's sikh are you?" Something to think about perhaps And I'm glad you found my journey interesting. I didn't mean to share it as a story. Just what I'm going thru. And in order to tell the sangat about my current situation its best they know my past. Thank you for your message. I appreciate your time. Good night
  6. Thank you for messaging Dally singh. Yes you are absolutely right, agree with you 100%. Yes I do know Gurmukhi how to read it. But I don't understand the meaning yet. I'm relying on videos posted by Bhai jagraj singh from basics of sikhi to help me. The translations are not always correct I am very much grateful. I decided to remain a Gursikh. I feel great I have the spark light up within me again. Started doing nitnem, and some more Chaupai Sahib paat. Asking Guru ji to help me stay grounded. Keep me in sikhi. And to never fall of this path. Yes I agree and it does make sense. Learning things in the former and latter and applying it moving forward. We all learn from our mistakes I suppose. No I guess I'm not tough at all lol. This proves it if I was questioning to remain a gursikh or not. Horrible I feel soo low for even thinking it. But wahegurus kirpa, I'm back and pray this never happens to me again. Yes for sure there were people tougher than me. At the time I use to like to think I was tough. Toughness is defined as the ability to deal with hardship or to cope in difficult situations. I did not cope well to the situation back in those days. The drugs were not helping. I suppose anyone who gets caught or killed didn't cope well. Even if those lucky ones who think they got away with it, they will have to answer to Waheguru. Perhaps I will too. I must try harder to make it right. I'm currently helping young teens. Bringing awareness about drugs and using my life as a living example. I've tried to help a few. Usually the older siblings or families invite me to their house to speak with them. Some of them talk to me on the regular. Just about sports or anything else. Some I go to the gym with or play ball with. Trying to be a friend and stay close so they don't get stuck in the bad sangat. I'm open to helping older people too but right now its only the parents who are reaching out. Trying to make it right and hope others don't make the same mistake I did. Trying not to sound selfish... But sometimes I feel like this helps me redeem myself. A road to redemption. Anyways thanks for messaging Waheguru ji ka khalsa Waheguru ji ke fateh
  7. Thank you veer ji. Rab rakha Waheguru ji ka khalsa Waheguru ji ke fateh
  8. Waheguru! Thank you for sharing. And thank you for your support. I decided to stay as a Gursikh. This is my decision. Its nice to know my wife wanted me too as well. She's very supportive and didn't want me to leave sikhi. Guru jis kirpa I'm starting my nitnem again and simran. *DELETED* Anyways. Just wanted to say thanks again. For your help Waheguru ji ka khalsa Waheguru ji ke fateh
  9. Thank you for replying. Its nice we can turn to the Sat sangat for support and still stay anonymous. This site is helping our kaum. Its hard to talk about my personal life with sangat at the gurdwara. I feel comfortable staying anonymous. Gupt Sangat has provided that for me and probably many others. Sat Sangat is Guru panth. Reading all the advice from this forum from you and many others to me is the support I needed and I'm glad I can turn to the Guru panth in this time of need. Thank you sister. I will look into a vegetarian diet soon. I think I need to hire a dietitian this time to avoid nutrient deficiency. Like I said before the vegan diet ruined my health. Maybe I did it wrong. Its actually very complicated. Hard to get the nutrients you need to stay healthy. *DELETED* That way I think I can meet my nutriention requirements and stay vegetarian. Thanks for all your help. Waheguru ji ka khalsa Waheguru ji ke fateh
  10. Hello sister. Just wanted to say thanks to you and everyone else on this thread for all their support. However I had a talk with my wife and son. My wife really wants me to stay amritdhari. She likes it. My son does not want me to cut my hair. But its about how I feel. And I think your right sister. In the time of need i turned to sikhi for guidance and support. And Guru ji gave me my life back plus soo soo soo much more. And its wrong for me to leave once I'm comfortable. I decided to stay a gursikh and try to keep my nitnem. I still eat meat though .... to some people that maybe an issue. However the Sikh Rehat Maryada says i can eat meat as long as its not Halal. So I will continue to do so and this will not break my amrit. I know God made human beings as omnivores. The vegetarian diet was only added due to the brahmin influence. Our elders, the Guru panth knew this and created a marayada accordingly. Anyways the a topic for another thread l I feel excited again. I got that spark in me again to become a better Sikh. I did ardaas and hope Guru ji forgives me for losing my way. I was weak and let maya get me Thank you sister
  11. He's joining the democratic USA army. Not the indian hindu army fascists. Relax. It's his life. He lives in the US let him serve his country. It's a beautiful country we have more rights in Canada and USA than we ever will in india hindu land. We should appreciate what USA and Canada did for our Kaum. Its fair here. With hard work we get far and can accomplish alot for our kaum. In india its not like that. We are always stuck in the mud their. So we should fight to protect these lands. Protect North America. Waheguru bless America
  12. Yes. You are right. I will stay connected. I might not even go thru with this change. I might stay a gursikh and try to work on it. Or I might step back and take amrit again when I am ready but this time with my wife. Even if I move forward with cutting my hair. I will continue to do something daily that defines me as a sikh Thank you for your support.
  13. No However every minority is threat to hindus in india Facts
  14. I wish I knew sister to help you. It's been 6 days and no one messaged you with an answer that's sad. Maybe alot of people don't know. God bless you my sister
  15. Oh no thats not true. They are more organized there. Very low key. That's why many don't know about their under world. More connected to tamils and Vietnamese. They are quiet. Less gang wars. And that's better for business. Gang wars are expensive. Anyways I'm out of that life now. Its not worth it. I have a good job a nice house. And most importantly peace of mind
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