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  1. THIS Thanks my brother. I love how I can reach out to the sangat here.
  2. Brother. Its for work. I had to make changes to my life because I work in construction. I can't wear a bana, I have to wear pants, I have to wear safety boots. They won't let me in the site. I'm sure Guru ji would understand. What do you think ? BTW I do NOT wear a safety hat. Just my dumalla. Maybe I'll do the kamarkasa. Instead of the belt if thats any better. I have a long 14 inch kirpan I know what puratan singhs did. But at a construction site some of that attire is not allowed. You must know this. I think pleasing to my Guru is kirat karni. And still keeping
  3. The Kirpan is there to protect the poor and for self-defence. With patience and mercy, the Kirpan is to be used as a sword to destroy oppression. The Kirpan is to always be in a gatra and never to be removed from the body. The Kirpan protects us from hidden and seen enemies. The Kirpan is a weapon to protect the whole body, as a minimum it should be nine inches in length. Keeping the Kirpan in a Kangha, in the Kesh and putting it on a string around the neck like a Janeoo, are against the Rehat and forbidden. You are never to walk over your Kirpan or other weapons. When washin
  4. Yes I understand what you are saying But I don't think I can wear a bana at work site. Back in the days singhs in the past didn't wear safety boots either. So how can I give up safety boots and pants.... Bro Im Working kirat Karni.. I dont have to wear a construction hat...so I'm happy about that. Maybe one day these construction sites will let us wear a bana to work too So we can lose the pants I dunno
  5. My kirpan is 14 inches .... but there's an attachment for the belt where I can secure it so that its always with me at work. Tyar bar tyar and not in my dastaar. However when I go home I wear the gatra. Only work its in my sheath. Thanks for your input I really appreciate you
  6. I believe singhs in the past wore kirpans in kamarkasa like nihangs
  7. I'll be honest. And I know many will hate me for saying this. Do ardaas take it off until training is completed and the before you put it back on do ardaas again. I did this when I had to fly to Vancouver. Also your training martial arts. And yes occasionally you have to spar with others. It's not safe for your or the other fighter. I believe Guru ji wants us to learn martial arts and hand to hand combat. Therefore my Guru ji wont mind...in my opinion. I learned sikhi from basics of sikhi bhai jagraj singh. He said sikhi is practical. Can't stress over these things to
  8. Thank you. I really appreciate it. I will do it both ways. I'll use the sheath on my belt at work. And gatra around my waist at gym.
  9. I've posted this before to but got no answers. Please sangat ji. Need your opinion. I'm on construction. I sweat and gatra gets wet and smelly. Also its in the way sometimes. I have all my 5 KS on me at all times. But I would like to put my kirpan in a sheath, like a holster which the belt goes through. Or even clips on to my belt. I'm aware the gatra is not a kakaar, but obviously the kirpan is. What is your opinion? Just to be clear I wear my kirpan and gatra at home, sleep, shower, gurdwara, pretty much everywhere else.
  10. Waheguru ji ka khalsa Waheguru ji ke fateh Sangat ji, I have a question. Need your help. I work in construction, I sweat alot. My gatra over time gets very wet at work due to sweat. And it smells. I have to wash it quite often. So my question is, can I have a kirpan holster on my belt instead of the gatra(strap) going around my shoulder? Just for work. At home I out my gatra back on because obviously I'm not wearing my belt all the time. I figured it should be fine because the 5Ks is kirpan only and not the gatra. Im not sure this is why I'm here. Your advice will be gre
  11. Go for it. Good luck. You should be able to marry anyone you like. Be free. God will not punish you even if you marry a black or white person Trust me.
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