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  1. Thank you, it's great!! The problem is, wherever I go to find Ardaas there's always different variations and I just don't know which one's supposed to be the correct one. At the moment, I'm using the one from RajKaregaKhalsa website with different colours, I've stopped using my red velvet Nitnem book for Ardaas.
  2. Wow... I have no words, this is very philosophical I like your thought process. I will definitely think about this daily, when I was younger I had darshan of Guru Gobind Singh Ji in my dream. I had a bad dream and all I remember was I prayed and we were in the sky at lightning speed with different colours and I woke up in a flash. I would love to have darshan of Guru Nanak I pray to him a lot.
  3. Hi I'm back after a long time, I wanna know so when I'm doing my Ardaas is there a part where I speak to God for my wishes and to explain the purpose of this Ardaas. Please, someone, help me and write the line in English Punjabi, Thank you.
  4. Haha of course, I’m doing this for my yaadshakti I’m going to continue studying with Gods grace and thank you.
  5. I will keep you guys updated on this paath. One thing I can say is, that my focus is still bad I've got other things on mind that stress me out and I keep on getting up and going back and forth instead of focusing on studies.
  6. I've been to the Baba Vadhbag Singh Ji Gurdwara in Coventry... loads of weird happenings in the darbar hall I can say. But not many people visit that one as there's another Gurdwara adjacent to it. I normally visit the Ramgharia Gurdwara whenever I'd visit my cousins. In India, my relatives do the same thing for a baby boy, they go to the Dera and do the hair cutting ceremony (which I have no idea about). I can agree there's more of a chance of getting possessed there than actually helping the possessed as it's so dangerous and everything's scattered everywhere. So many people are against this but it's a matter of life and death for some. There's a similar temple Hindus go to it's a Hanuman temple and it accumulates a lot of negative energy due to loads of people visiting to get rid of there spiritual possessions, I'm very interested in this stuff as its mysterious yet interesting within limits Those strings attached have Shabri mantars (like Hindu ones) so there very dangerous as they backfire but they get the work done very fast in Kaljug and have no lock on shakti. Baba Vadhbag formulated many Shabri prayers (very long prayers I may even have one lying in my house) as well as Guru Goraknath, Baba Balaknath and all the other nath panth... even including my village Guru (again I don't know details on how he can be my Guru) lol. But you won't find these mantars on the internet anywhere they're rare to find.
  7. There are obviously stories behind them, to be honest, I learnt most of my stuff in religious studies classes and not really from my parents who are Sikh.
  8. Oh ok, that's fine I guess, but just remember that everyone's different, there are God knows how many Sikhs in this world and I'm only 18 at the moment so I've got a long way to go (to even think about that kind of stuff frankly)...
  9. First of all, those are not my own words. Second of all, it's for educational purposes ''for people interested''. No more and no less, and this was not related to marriage it's an interesting story especially because today is Gurpurab and my thoughts are on Guru Nanak. There's no part of me ''putting words into Guru Ji's mouth'' how rude of you?!
  10. Hi Sangat, I came across this and found it very interesting if anyone’s interested below:
  11. Oh thank you, that's such a weird term but yes these things happen way too often
  12. I meant when 2 LGBT people get married undercover as man-woman for the happiness of there family and in-laws. What you are implying is a sham marriage. By the way sorry, what does ''beards to hide truth of gay man'' mean? @Not2Cool2ArgueI think this answers it maybe
  13. I'm so sorry I made you angry, I mean even I was confused about this theoretically I totally believe the energy is Waheguru himself but I wouldn't eliminate other energies such as gossip, jealousy, backchat energies that are in the Gurdwara forgive me and I wholeheartedly believe this story because it happened within my own family
  14. ^^I should rephrase that to Punjabi tantar mantar as opposed to Sikh tantar mantar sorry
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