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  1. v j k k v j k f sorry i have deleted this post because i am scared of the person its about finding out please email me at guptsinghsvalakh@gmail.com v j k k v j k f
  2. Thank you guys singho. This has cleared my head a lot which has been disturbed for some time.
  3. I know this thread is about something a lot serious but can i change the question slightly: I have been raised with gursikh values ever since birth, guru kirpa both my parents are gursikhs who follow maryada. So I never even had a relationship. Now I recently received a rishta from a well respected gursikh family (who weren't always into sikhi) and upon talking to the girl for some time (about 3 months), we talked about previous relationships. At this point, we're both quite attached to each other because we've been getting to know each other texting and calling quite a lot.. i know it's
  4. if there are any keertan clips of this shabad please link them below sangat ji
  5. Sangat is everywhere. Satsang is not just the company of the saints, whatever inspiration, motivation or help you need in life can come only from Guru Sahib, Akaal Purakh - who can be present in any form.. maybe it's a Saint, a gursikh, a sehaj dhari sikh or just some random stranger. With Maharaj kirpa, i believe there are a lot of gursikhs on this forum who have a lot of giaan. Why don't you start by telling us what's wrong?
  6. What is everyone's new years resolutions? To do with sikhi or not, let me know! Mine is: * Read a dharmic book every day * Of course - maintain amritvela * Listen to katha every day even if 2 mins
  7. I'm not sure if it is true but maybe Guru Gobind Singh jee was showing humility in that they didn't feel they were on the same level as those whose writings are in Guru Granth Sahib jee, they said "Sabh Sikhan ko Hukam Hai, Guru Maneyo Granth" so maybe they added their writings in a whole separate Granth because they didn't want people to bow down to their writing as a sign of humility?
  8. Liberation is essentially union with God, isn't it? That's what we are all aiming for.. to merge back with God. For me, it's not a state of mind or anything metaphorical like that, liberation to me (as a sikh) is literally to be free of this cycle of birth and death and be one with God.
  9. I have gained a lot of confidence. I used to have so many self image issues and the need to be "perfect". After coming into Sikhi, I realise we shouldn't be trying to please other people, we need to please only one Satguru. After that mindset, everything is hukam.. Everyone is perfect - everyone has the One divine joth inside of them. After realising these things, I get angry less, (I try to have less ego as ego is the root of anger), I'm generally much much MUCH more happier. I used to be so depressed and feel sorry for myself before Maharaj showed me this path. Now, I realise that Gur mere s
  10. What I understand/have come to believe (not saying that I'm right). There's a few ways a soul comes into the world: 1) A shaheed Singh been sent to do God's work (to breathe new life into the Panth). It's been noted that around very 50 years, something big happens in the Sikh Panth which requires a tonne of Shaheed Singhs - so Gursikhs theorise that in this day and age, there are gems in the youth of the Sikh Panth who are puratan shaheed singhs come back to fulfil their job again (i.e. become shaheed once again). This is often the ideology of some "Taksali Singhs" who believe that S
  11. A gursikh once said to me that you have 2 minds. That is when at amritvela when we are trying to read gurbani, one mind is focused on reading it and one mind is wondering elsewhere and that's when we forget like "oh.. i've completed japji sahib already?". How to overcome this is - at amritvela when you are doing simran, do simran with your mouth (with one mind, like when you are reading from gutka sahib), and with the other mind, do mool mantar jaap in your surtee (mind). This will be really hard and almost impossible at first, but you will realise that your mind does not wonder.. be
  12. This is the exact case that I had too (not for myself personally but a family member). He found an amritdhari girl but she was without keski - there will have to be small compromises somewhere. I don't want this to be the case for me too so here's what I suggest (and what I am planning to do myself): In your area (or in your country), familiarise yourself with gursikhs, attend smagams, etc. Make gursikh friends. Then, ask your friends or an elder trusted gursikh to find a suitable match for you in India or wherever you want. I personally don't want someone from India as I grew u
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