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  1. v j k k v j k f sorry i have deleted this post because i am scared of the person its about finding out please email me at guptsinghsvalakh@gmail.com v j k k v j k f
  2. Thank you guys singho. This has cleared my head a lot which has been disturbed for some time.
  3. I know this thread is about something a lot serious but can i change the question slightly: I have been raised with gursikh values ever since birth, guru kirpa both my parents are gursikhs who follow maryada. So I never even had a relationship. Now I recently received a rishta from a well respected gursikh family (who weren't always into sikhi) and upon talking to the girl for some time (about 3 months), we talked about previous relationships. At this point, we're both quite attached to each other because we've been getting to know each other texting and calling quite a lot.. i know it's a bad thing but this is where my question comes in. So, it turns out this girl has not always been into Sikhi and has had multiple relationships previously (nothing s3xual, the furthest she went was kissing).. but this upset me quite a bit. Is that wrong of me? I'm trying to look past it because I know she wasn't into Sikhi back then but still I feel like it's a big step to even kiss someone.. or is that just because I have been brought up in a gursikh household that i think that? Because I asked some gore friends and none of them care, they think kissing is nothing, they don't even care if she's not a virgin because they're not themselves. So, I'm not sure if i'm overreacting or if I should actually wait for someone who's waited to take this step. I don't hate her for it, but now whenever I think of her or text her I'm reminded of this all the time and it's so frustrating. Sorry this post was a bit too personal, I may delete later but I don't know who to go to for this kind of advice.
  4. if there are any keertan clips of this shabad please link them below sangat ji
  5. Sangat is everywhere. Satsang is not just the company of the saints, whatever inspiration, motivation or help you need in life can come only from Guru Sahib, Akaal Purakh - who can be present in any form.. maybe it's a Saint, a gursikh, a sehaj dhari sikh or just some random stranger. With Maharaj kirpa, i believe there are a lot of gursikhs on this forum who have a lot of giaan. Why don't you start by telling us what's wrong?
  6. What is everyone's new years resolutions? To do with sikhi or not, let me know! Mine is: * Read a dharmic book every day * Of course - maintain amritvela * Listen to katha every day even if 2 mins
  7. I'm not sure if it is true but maybe Guru Gobind Singh jee was showing humility in that they didn't feel they were on the same level as those whose writings are in Guru Granth Sahib jee, they said "Sabh Sikhan ko Hukam Hai, Guru Maneyo Granth" so maybe they added their writings in a whole separate Granth because they didn't want people to bow down to their writing as a sign of humility?
  8. Liberation is essentially union with God, isn't it? That's what we are all aiming for.. to merge back with God. For me, it's not a state of mind or anything metaphorical like that, liberation to me (as a sikh) is literally to be free of this cycle of birth and death and be one with God.
  9. I have gained a lot of confidence. I used to have so many self image issues and the need to be "perfect". After coming into Sikhi, I realise we shouldn't be trying to please other people, we need to please only one Satguru. After that mindset, everything is hukam.. Everyone is perfect - everyone has the One divine joth inside of them. After realising these things, I get angry less, (I try to have less ego as ego is the root of anger), I'm generally much much MUCH more happier. I used to be so depressed and feel sorry for myself before Maharaj showed me this path. Now, I realise that Gur mere sang sadha hai naale - God is with us everywhere. I wouldn't say I had a lot of kaam in me, but I was infatuated a lot before, now I see everyone as my brothers and sisters as I know that Maharaj has a plan for everyone. There is someone out there for me but I am not actively seeking that person out (not yet anyways). I also have no desire to wear branded stuff or have expensive things. I find joy in the simple things (i do have a few branded clothes and tech stuff but I couldn't care less if those things were taken from me as I don't need them).. so I guess I lost some sense of attachment. I love this post man, after typing this out and reflecting on how far I've come in Sikhi makes me truly content and grateful for Vaheguru for all this Maharaj kirpa kare keep you all in chardikala
  10. What I understand/have come to believe (not saying that I'm right). There's a few ways a soul comes into the world: 1) A shaheed Singh been sent to do God's work (to breathe new life into the Panth). It's been noted that around very 50 years, something big happens in the Sikh Panth which requires a tonne of Shaheed Singhs - so Gursikhs theorise that in this day and age, there are gems in the youth of the Sikh Panth who are puratan shaheed singhs come back to fulfil their job again (i.e. become shaheed once again). This is often the ideology of some "Taksali Singhs" who believe that Sant Jarnail Singh jee will "return" (i.e. take birth again to save the Sikh Panth once more). 2) Through good karams: There are often stories of really young children who were human in their past life too, who remember that life. This must mean that in their past life they did a lot of good karams to be reborn back into human and not have to go through the 8.4mil life forms. This could be the case when a baby (who is unable to generate any karams yet as his/her mind isn't developed enough) dies or when a person dies who did a lot of seva etc but was not holy enough to pray for liberation - this person might be reborn as a Sikh so they can become Khalsa and attain liberation. 3) Repeating the 8.4mil life forms cycle: This could be the case when a person is really bad in this life that they go through temporary hell (narak), then he/she is reborn into this life cycle - could be for 10 years, 100 years, or thousands of years depending on how bad their karams were. If a person was really really bad in this life, Maharaj may give him the reincarnation of a tree, or mountain (yes, mountains are considered one of the life forms in Gurbani) Please read the entire shabad, it's so enlightening. 4) Ghosts - there's also cases where there are so many spirits who have found the house of Guru Nanak. I'm sure you know how people become ghosts (it's also in gurbani - through attachment of the house/this body etc). So, these ghosts who have found Sangat and Gurdwaras do bhagti there within the sangat. I think there was a recording of a ghost speaking to a Sikh sant who was questioned why he hasn't come on earth as a human and the ghost replied that there is no mother who has good enough karams yet to give birth to me. Because the ghost did so much bhagti that he requires a womb worthy enough. So, I believe these are some of the ways you may have achieved human life. You are very very lucky you were born as a Sikh as you have the ultimate Truth (Sri Guru Granth Sahib jee) which can help you achieve liberation.
  11. A gursikh once said to me that you have 2 minds. That is when at amritvela when we are trying to read gurbani, one mind is focused on reading it and one mind is wondering elsewhere and that's when we forget like "oh.. i've completed japji sahib already?". How to overcome this is - at amritvela when you are doing simran, do simran with your mouth (with one mind, like when you are reading from gutka sahib), and with the other mind, do mool mantar jaap in your surtee (mind). This will be really hard and almost impossible at first, but you will realise that your mind does not wonder.. because you have given both your minds 2 things to do so there is no third mind which can wonder off elsewhere. Eventually, you will get the hang of it (personally, I did it for about 9 days and on the 10th day I could do it with ease). Then, instead of doing mool mantar jaap, maybe do jaap of a shabad you want to get kanth whilst doing your amritvela simran. You can also do this as you are listening to, say, Sukhmani Sahib. With one mind, you are listening to every word, concentrating on it immensely. And with the other mind, you are doing Simran (out loud). This also applies to listening to katha or anything you want to concentrate on really, just know that you have 2 minds and you need to train them to focus - so give them both one thing to do each, don't just say "okay I want to concentrate on only this one thing" because then, the other mind will wander off. So this is a great trick to focus your mind on Vaheguru and Gurbani whilst alone. But how can we remember Vaheguru whilst with others, or when both our minds are busy with distractions? I was told by this gursikh that at least one mind should always be given the task to remember God. Say you are speaking to someone, on mind is listening, the other mind is talking - but you are not listening and talking at the same time otherwise you would be talking over your friend you are talking to. So, give one mind the task of listening, and then talking. In the background, the other mind should constantly be doing Simran or mool mantar (in your surtee - mind, not out loud). Even if you are not concentrating on the surtee simran, you are still doing it in the background. This may seem impossible atm but with time it will be natural and you will be able to remember Vaheguru with every saas (breath). You just have to keep at it, do it constantly. I hope this helps. Bhul Chuk di khimaa jee.
  12. This is the exact case that I had too (not for myself personally but a family member). He found an amritdhari girl but she was without keski - there will have to be small compromises somewhere. I don't want this to be the case for me too so here's what I suggest (and what I am planning to do myself): In your area (or in your country), familiarise yourself with gursikhs, attend smagams, etc. Make gursikh friends. Then, ask your friends or an elder trusted gursikh to find a suitable match for you in India or wherever you want. I personally don't want someone from India as I grew up in UK. Not that I have anything against Punjabi amritdhari girls but it's for the same reason you said - our mentality is different. But most importantly, remember, only Guru Sahib is the one who can do sanjog. Constant ardas is a must. Without ardas, nothing can be achieved. Good luck bro!
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