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  1. You got any real proof for it? Prople are dieing. 2200 deaths todays people and News Channels made documentaries on USA and Laden attack as well that states it was USA himself behind the attack but not proved yet. people nd News Channels got documentaries that Neil Armstrong never landed on the Moon and the pictures that NASA revealed to the world are actually taken in a studio and not on moon.- but its not proven still A similar hearsay is also there regarding Philedephia experiment when Najis sent a ship to timetravel - but not proven yet another hearsay is about cancer
  2. Hmm, thats quite a bit tricky to find. let me ask ranjit Kaur Dhariawali if she is ready for marriage. From the perception of nicely dressed, i dont think you can find any girl more prettier than Dhadriawali jeeto phulla wali shawl, new clothes, matching goggles and light pink lipstick.
  3. When Guru Nanak dev ji came, it was aboit few hundred years passed of 5000. So according to it we are near about 5700 yrs of kalyug. (source- sant ishar singh ji) they used to say that now” 5000 saal ton upper and 6000 to kush ghat da time chal reha hai” also, the kalyug came after the death of Raja Prikshit( grandson of Arjun) , Arjun and Krishna were of almost same age. krishna died about 100 yrs before kalyug and their scriptures say that krishna died 5000 yrs ago from now. So if we consider this fact even then its about 5000 plus 100 means 5100 yrs of kalyug.
  4. Mister bai ji u r right, but jdon tak bahut late ho jana, they will already have erased our ithaas and newkids shardha by then. I follow nd get updated myself of these parcharaks everyday and i see so many people are joining them. Most of them are clean shaven. their parchar attract clean shaven people as well because they say getting up at 2am and do Simran is not required, etc
  5. This dhadri always says science, logic etc but he is not educated. He used to live in gurudwara Bhikhi ( a kind of sub branch of rara sahib- 3 kms south of rara sahib) he studied till 7-8th standard only i guess. But he considers himself as Einstein
  6. Harry banned but he made more videos now explaining that young generation is asking questions. i dont understand why they bother so much about kids, they don’t even have their own kids even. if young minds ask questions, let them ask, why you stupids are making it a big deal marriage is good paji, all good
  7. Is there anyone here who hates these parcharaks same as i do? They are nindaks. Gurbani de galt arth kr rehe. simran is stupidity, chanting Gods name over and over again is not going to help narak swarg nahi hunde, mahapursh nahi hunde, guru sahib di ninda,shardha nai hundi, guru sahaib ji regular normal insaan si, nd what not. Jeeta and harry say in all interviews that new kids are asking questions, new generation needs logical explanations. Is new generation really asking these questions ? Or they are just using their name ?
  8. Bai ji there are example of some mahan people from other religions as well who were spiritually too high. The main thing that matters aftermath is the Awastha of that person in his life. bhagat dhroo, ( satyug) prehlaad bhagat( satyug) , bhagat balmeek( who wrote the Ramayan 1000 yrs before it actually happened), rishi markanda satyug, rishi Augusta( who drank the all ocean ) and many more these aren’t from sikh religion. sri chandar ji( son of guru nanak mahraj) baba mahadev ji( brother of guru arjun devji)- they didn’t follow sikh principles- instead they did their pr
  9. Singh bai ji, password i anyhow found in the phone under “touch id nd passwords” luckily it was there. as its long time so now I don’t have the email id now that i used to register acnt here. Aa of now i am good if i get to any issue i will email you also, is it possible to change the name from tinkerbell to any male name? Plz everyone here thinks i am a girl
  10. ipledge bai ji o ho, I didn’t check the date, it was on the top of forum showing to me
  11. Hanji bai ji, viah hogya apna and hanji its Male
  12. Bai ji raat nun soun to pehla roz ek horror movie dekhya karo for 40 days
  13. Singh bai ji I don’t remember email as well. I have logged in on this phone since i am using this forum. Is there any way to retrive passward ?
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