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  1. Singh bai ji I don’t remember email as well. I have logged in on this phone since i am using this forum. Is there any way to retrive passward ?
  2. TinnkerBell


    Bai ji you will just get good suggestions here, the only thing that can change you is You yourself
  3. Ghor kalyug
  4. Bai ji hairs on ears i think not a big issue if you tie dastar over ears. do you tie dastar with ears covered ?
  5. Naale osne kiha k guys na post karn- nahi hate na tusi
  6. Bai ji Photo bhejo apne shampoo di me head nd shoulder use krda si- its too strong. And how mush expensive ur shampoo
  7. Hello admin and moderators bai ji , i dont know what was my password, i tried to ForgotPasswrd but i dont remember my email either. i am already logged in on my phone but I can’t login to my laptop. Also if i reset this phone my tinkerbell acnt will not login again how can i find my password, can anyone of u send me in my personal msg or some other method thanks
  8. I would like to question the same. Please share ur views
  9. Free time call some punjabi speaking friends as well on phone. Phone conversation is very important. as English is my second language, when i got free time always call cellphone carriers or bank representatives to groom my english
  10. 1. Try to tie a simple 2 m keski underneath ( very less width wali) then tie ur dastar 2. You might be doing something wrong as dastar is not supposed to hurt, may be its ur jooda that u do too front or back or may b your hairs are pulled to back or may be u use to much wet dastar
  11. Bai ji, no offence to you but i want to share my views as well. I also came and settled in canada as a student in many yrs ago. All what you are saying is true I accept. But there is an other side of the coin as well which you may be not aware of. I accept many punjabi student from rich backgrounds come here and do very low grade acts but the punjabis like you who settled here 30 yrs ago also not too good as well. Here are some examples that happened with me 1. The punjabi canadian who settled decades ago, usually their business is now running with the help of punjabi students, i am currently in Calgary, 70/100 truck drivers here are punjabi students. 50/100 are paid less and given stress more. Punjabi employers like CTX logistics, Stryder Motorfreight, NorthX transport, GraceRoadlines, Lightspeed Logistics, RedMapple Transport are taking advantage of their student status. They pay less and force them to work long hrs more than 13 hrs drive time which is illegal in canada. ( plz don’t say that why don’t they complain- they are stuck, they have to be slaves till they get PR) 2. Singhs who came here in refugee 1984 cases are now well settled and now they are taking advantage of students. The famous singh shaheed baba gurbachan singh manochals son is well settled here in brampton now on one side they want khalistan as its their right and on the other side he pays less to students for this construction and fence work. Almost all punjabi enployers at gas stations, restaurants and everywhere pays less to students, it is not good bai ji 3. I accept some punjabis did bad acts in toronto, fighting near sheridan college. Now I used to study there as well 6 yrs ago. Now there were about 3-4 fights and all You people started making campaigns to government that STOP PUNJABI STUDENTS, stop punjabi students. As a result, now all toronto area started to hate all students. Gurudwaras are now moving from their religion. dont u know Malton Gurughar stopped a young student to sit in a langar beacuse he comes everyday? what about similar stories in BC and other main cities? Stopping a student to eat in langar makes punjabi community bright ? i accept its legal to campaign but but about the punjabis who settled here in canada 30 yrs ago by using marriage falsely. Haven’t you not studied the cases where sisters got married to their cousins just to get PR, daughter-in-laws married to father to get her family to toronto? Isn’t it smell more like a skunk? Remember what happened in USA gurughar on last vaisakhi? Remember the poor condition of sachkhand room of Malton gurughar? Almost all canadian gurughar members are fighting, disrespecting just for money- is it respectful for the community? And when 15 yrs ago, a punjabi wife gives birth to a bkack boy- what kind of respect it give to our community? punjabi employers in BC usually takes 20,000$ from students and visitors to get them PR, harash them, underpay them and when they get their PR- they started to say- they are disrespectful to old punjabi community. i have 5-6 pages to write, but going to sleep now. In short what u said I totally rigjt but punjabi who settled 30 yrs ago are also not too good bai ji. Thanks
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