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  1. Thanks for understanding jigsaw bai ji.
  2. TinkerBell was a chapter in my 5-6th class or even before. It was a baby of sheep i guess( baby boy) , I don’t remember properly. When i hot registered i commented a few names like tinkerbell, ludhianaBoy, torontoBoy etc but the Admin didn’t change my name on my request. i don’t like it much either
  3. TinnkerBell


  4. Thanks for explaining bai jee
  5. What mean plod and glide ?
  6. Puzzled bai ji, joorah karn walia bahut mil jangia( paath karn walia ghat hi aa ). virgin is like your luck, you can add this point to your requirement list. Even if you do there is no guarantee of it. You can’t even go for medical test as most of the athlete girls who participate in games and sports and perform hard exercises of stretching and bending something lose their sensitive part( you might be aware of it). So you can try to find all other requirements but finding a virgin will look a bit non sense veere
  7. Agree ji, thats called maya
  8. And within 2 weeks going to get married . In last 6 months, I talked to almost 400 plus girls( including their parents), met about 9 girls in person ( with parents ofcourse). She is the 10 th . i got good experience to guide other younger brothers especially if they are finding a girl in punjab.

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