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  1. Exactly but don't u think there might just be a better way a different way you know? Make the change when it's right infront. But to be real with you I seen this happening over the years. Just a plan for change but no action or very little then back to the old. So is there even a point to change it if it's mostly likely never happen?
  2. But do the other religions know this? This is why u gotta preach and debate.. to spread the message
  3. No Sikh should side with a white english man ever. They are our enemies same with white Canadian ppl as they've treated the aboriginal very badly. These Brits will never accept you unless u become like them . British culture is inferior to ours. All they do is go to pub get drunk dress like str*pprs from a young age and try pushing an atheist lifestyle on others. I find it rather comedic that some users are complaining about there areas being overrun with immigrants when Infact you yourselves are descendants of immigrants . I notice this trend in Canada to of certain aunties complain abou
  4. What did I do to be put under quality control it makes no sense
  5. I c Muslims n Christians debate all the time but Sikhs avoid it. Why is that? Most common excuse I see is that we believe that all paths lead to god we don't need to convict anyone we are the truth etc. However if there is only one god one creator than there can only be one true path this is common sense. Sikhi is supposed to be the ultimate truth so why shy away ? Why not spread this msg it would be selfish to just keep it for ourselves
  6. Lmao babbu Mann's a clown. This incident will definitely spark revenge attacks in afraid on FB Paks r writing filthy comments on the girl in question n Sikh as a whole
  7. Hes probably gonna be dealt with in prison
  8. Lol she's a joke. There r legit refugees in need y did she get fast tracked I bet the gov gonna give her free housing food etc what about hungry Canadians?
  9. Lol no one forced those girls to take drugs blame the father for not raising then proper
  10. Only in Sikh Jatt culture do women lead the family unit in other families the men r men not Sissy's
  11. Y was I put on quality control didn't do anything wrong
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