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  1. Prabh108


    Why is dandaut embarrassing? Your “friends” lack basic gyan regarding Gurdwara protocol. Gurbani states “ kar dandaut pun vada hai.” What is disrespectful are people who turn their backs to Sri Guru Granth Sahib after mathatek. Never have back towards Maharaj sahib ji.
  2. The vegetarian ethic of Aryavarta is sublime: anglo jew despises beauty, truth and goodness. angloamerican jewess (won't name her because 'nigure da nam bura') wrote book with title 'the beauty myth' - I'd never read such a book ever - beauty is not a myth - the yogic dharmic diet of our ancestors - leafy greens, pulses, grains, fruits, nuts, milk and milk products is the BEST and creates objective beauty and GREATNESS. Milk makes understanding of sublime dharmic Truths from our Shastra, Granths possible. I pay little heed to iq tests but when all is said and done, Brahman IQ (pure veg since time immemorial) is Highest. IQ of Haryana Jats is also among the top IQ - IQ is partially due to environmental factors too - some people are not bookish - personally I don't care for such iq test scores but still, the fact that India IQ is highest is something to ponder. What the Dharmic community needs to focus on is creativity - creatively resolving our problems - ingenuity. There is a connection between freedom and creativity. Only in 1947 was nominal freedom attained - full freedom we await. We deserve better than the kakocracy of present day s. asia. We need a strong, intelligent, beautiful Panth - eat the foodstuffs of our Great Ancestors - the Deva-Devian, the Rishi Muni, The Guru Sahiban etc. Divine Life Society of 20th century's Sivananda has great material online about link between food and thoughts. (he was a medical doctor and lifelong brahmacharya swami) Powerful thoughts alone can transform the world. Those who eat the remains of a violent death - slabs of animals- are coarse, mean creatures and are, in the words of Schopenhauer 'living graveyards'. I am thankful my parents, sibs, ancestors are/were pure veg and that Guru's langar is pure veg. I wish the Panth were pure veg - matters pertaining to Grihasta ashram (vivah) become difficult if not impossible when people deviate from correct diet. I've read that the most condemnable second world war is when some of our people abandoned our traditions. I look forward to people coming back to their senses and eating quality foodstuffs. Spiritual evolution and foodstuffs are intimately connected.
  3. Prabh108

    Halal Food Veggie can we eat??

    Absolutely nothing is wrong with milk and milk products - Gurbani lauds milk and milk products: Milk is the foundation of vegetarian/vaishnu diet and life. It would be good if we had our own dairies with well-treated cows who live their entire life. (the condemnable laws of the anglo-jew are rooted in dialectical materialism - they sometimes do not allow animals to die a natural death - they do not understand the spiritual significance of dying a natural death. Now they even euthanize people - so it is tough from a legal standpoint to operate a dairy in accordance with Dharmic standards of animal care. Milk is a necessity - I was a strict vegan several years ago for over three years (fell for the propaganda in 'diet for a new America' written by jew john robbins) - I developed a serious b-12 deficiency, found concentration difficult, and veganism is the worst thing for hair, bones, skin, etc and mood - milk keeps me much less angry than I would otherwise be. Here is an analogy of why it is fine to drink milk regardless of the dairy where milk originates: Most of the medications we see are the result of animal torture - if a person needs medication they will not incur the sin - it is the criminal 'scientists' torturing animals who will be karmically responsible for the harm caused to animals. Similarly if vegetarian people drink milk and eat milk products it is the people harming the cows and bulls who are karmically responsible not people who for sake of existence need milk. People who claim to be 'allergic' to milk are liars - everyone can safely drink up to two cups of milk - why is nobody allergic to eating slabs of animals? The worst are the people who eat animals and drink milk - really that is criminal behaviour. Veganism is just another anglo-jew cult designed to create division in the vegetarian community. I highly recommend people splurge on organic milk and milk products and preferably Ahimsa milk products. Even regular milk is delicious. The one food I absolutely cannot live without is homemade yogourt - it is delicious - no Panjabi meal is complete without homemade yogourt and nutritious -essential for proper digestive function.(I'm not sure though I trust any of the labels I see in the west - these people are worse liars than the average person from India.) In India look for the green dot on packaged foods - that product is safe. Even the green dot label is being abused outside India - it is almost impossible to explain to N. Americans that egg is non-veg - egg is remains of bird's menstrual cycle. There are a few ahimsa dairies that have been started up in Canada - I look forward to all dairies eventually operating in accordance with Dharmic standards. Please avoid kosher/halal labeled packaged 'foods' - you are supporting war, slavery, genocide and terror if you buy kosher/halal products - these semites are responsible for the almost ruination of Dharmic peoples and lands. These bastards always obsess over 'overpopulation' of India - look at their out-of-control numbers - billions of xtians/jews/moslems - the true jew number is at least 200 million - that's why the anglojew is desperate to increase the territory of israel. India itself is overpopulated only due to the moslem/xtian demographic. The one life to live creeds secretly do understand reincarnation and esoteric truths yet pretend this is the only life they have - let's hope it is - most of that scum ought never incarnate upon Earth in any form ever again - yolo people are greedy, vicious freaks of nature. I wonder how many persons in India are aware that before the muslims arrived all persons in India kept kesh? I learned this from katha. It's really important to build bridges amongst the various Dharmic communities of Aryavarta because we simply don't have the luxury of fighting amongst ourselves considering we are vastly outnumbered by the kaljug mlecch demographic. Bhul chuk maf.
  4. Prabh108

    Women dressing more provocatively

    Since they are unmarried, they have no one for whom to dress in a beautiful manner - so they compensate by displaying themselves to all. Plus the fashion selection in today's world leaves a lot to be desired - poorly designed ill-fitting clothes in garish synthetic dyes and fabrics makes shopping tough. Everything looks good on someone fit - it's only when one is unfit is finding proper garments difficult. Anyway, why should you care what anyone is wearing? Be immersed in Naam, no matter what. Bani-bana - body itself is a clothing "karmi avai kapra nadir mokh duar" - too many obese diseased members of the Panth today - there is a Fit India Initiative - we need something similar for our Panth. Fit sant-sipahi ought to be part of our ideals. The only way to resolve this problem is by setting a good example - dress well - monkey see monkey do - people tend to copy each other so set a good example.
  5. Prabh108

    Halal Food Veggie can we eat??

    Anything labeled kosher or halal supports jew/moslem causes respectively - it's the same desert creed crap -- halal/kosher is torture of cows, birds and people. The one life to live kosher halal gang of criminals (yolo) are the worst enemies of Dharmic peoples. Their greed/egotism cannot be described in words.These kosher/halal/born sinners of xtianity bastards have less than zero respect for Prakriti (Nature); to me they are not human beings in the fullest sense since their understanding of basic dharmic principles is virtually non-existent. Desert creed adherents are spiritual illiterates. WesternAryans ('europeans') - these western arya are now basically mlecch - they were removed from India because they failed to uphold Dharmic standards of morality. Westerners tried to fight against the slavery of xtianity being introduced to 2000 years ago but they failed - xtianity rules of ablution are disgusting - they rarely bathed and were told they are born sinners - Dr. Elst states that Xtianity retarded Science by 1000 years. The Baltic states were the last ones to hold out - but ultimately they too fell to the semitic desert creed of xtianity. Now we are in a post-xtian age - the jew moslem threat still needs to be dealt with - since these are fraudulent teachings rooted in falsehood, in due course of time the hollowness of islam/jewism will be self-evident to the point of both creeds imploding. Just as arabs and north Africans target women of different cultures for attack, Jews targeted women and girls of Poland for four centuries. The jew and moslem do not see peoples of other communities as equal - no matter, to me the mlecch is kaljug vermin. I would lay the blame for colonial atrocities on the jew Rothschild criminal gang (unworthy of the word family - they are a greedy gang of parasites) and xtianity. Kerala is the Kashmir of South India thanks to xtianity, a menace to Dharmic peoples. By the way, xmas is a knockoff of Diwali - at one time Diwali was celebrated in December. Jesus is not the reason for the season - the season itself (winter) is the reason for the season. Three days after shortest day is a sacred time on the Pagan calendar. Pagan word is corruption of Bhagwan. check the ingredients of everything - avoid packaged processed foods. Avoid all kosher/halal - it is almost impossible as these criminals have a strangle hold on the dairies of North America. Mlechh day in the sun is not forever - I look forward to the demise of the mlecch.
  6. Prabh108

    What if Punjab was in Pakistan ?

    milk is needed for making Prasad - I could write a whole lot on why veganism is demented -another time.
  7. Prabh108

    What if Punjab was in Pakistan ?

    why would anyone contemplate something so enslaving? THoughts are tangible things every bit as real as any object - meditate instead upon the liberation of moslem-occupied Aryavarta - Dharmic religions and Dharmic life cannot exist in presence of mohamadans. RamRajya-Khalsa Raj - this is the Future for the World. Xtianity is dying. islam is demented - only Dharmic philosophy (this includes Vedanta/Sikhi/teachings of Gautam Buddh make sense. All the sacrifices of the Early Gursikhs and the ones who valiantly fought the colonial bastards would have been for naught had all of Panjab been moslem occupied. Think, do ardas on how all of Panjab (indeed all the af-pak lands) are to be reunified under the Dharmic banner of Sikhi, Vedanta, yoga etc. Sanatan community is working on this thru Ghar Wapsi - they have led delusional Sikhs who became xtian back to the Dharmic fold and back to Sikhi - xtianity ruins charmic village life. We are born divine - we have spark of Paramatman within us - the idea that people are born sinners creates a vicious sin-repent-guilt cycle difficult to escape. Life in halal torture lands is hell for vegetaryans/vaishnu peoples. Guru ka Langar is pure vegetarian. anglo jew hijacked veg movement with veganism - Milk and Milk products are healthful - we need proper dharmic dairy facilities. The idea that any mass of land is thought to belong to anyone on basis of ethnicity/colour/creed is stupid - the idea that any state is black or white or brown or moslem or xtian or jew is nonsensical. One Uniform Civil Code of Law (rooted in Dharmic truths) must apply without any favouritism shown to anyone. Polygamy is dysgenic and enslaving, particularly the Islamic type. Demographic warfare in hopes of establishing international caliphate must be uprooted.
  8. Prabh108

    Terror attack in Sri Lanka

    Racial supremacists (of all stripes/colours) are ALIGNED politically with Moslem Global Caliphate aspirants. Especially the so-called 'white' supremacists/nationalists and highest echelons of Islamic theopolitical elites. Their aim is the creation of an Islamic imperium in the entire old-world landmass (eurabia where post-xtian whites become dhimmis - second-class citizens in their ancestral lands) and this will coincide with the anglostates (the five sisters - NZAUSUSACANUK) being 100 percent anglowhite. Latin/S. America to be ruled by white origin Hispanics who will continue to lord it over the indigenous browns of South America. India BhartVarsh Aryavarta moslems see as 'unfinished business' and will be part of the moslem caliphate where brownz in our ancestral lands will become slaves (again) - Guru Nanak started the work of kicking lowlyarabitch language out of Greater Historical India - these moslems desire to lord it over Bharat di Janata again - their eyes are on all of Kashmir and regaining all of Panjab, especially Fatehgarh region of Sirhand (head of India - sir is head and hand or hind is India). Now, why Brown people referred to as 'easter worshippers' instead of 'christians' - well 'Christian' has or used to have connotations with pious godly people whereas these Lankans are just converts - only slaves convert after all - there is a racial pecking order in desert creeds with albino uk white at top, then arab white, central Asian white etc. Myself I keep distance from converted hindu xtians or white xtians because they admit they are born sinners - I prefer good sangat not that of born sinners. Islam and the racialists wish to reenslave everyone. More slaves alive than ever before in history. This is mostly de facto slavery -w ith the racialists and islam teaming up, we'll be de jure slaves. What we have on our side is Ultimate Truth. Desert creeds are hollow - created by and for born sinners and slaves. Dharmic religions offer spiritual and material liberation and complete freedom. Dharmic ethics is sublime - desert creeds only have lists of what not to do. THese desert creed adherents are descendants of old time Raksh mlecch populations who were kicked out of INdia for failing to adhere to Vedic standards of morality. Sikhi is the pinnacle of Aryadharmic Thought.

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