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  1. Yes, please do! I have something special in mind for the new couple.
  2. Bhforce, please don’t post gurbani while asking someone if they would date their sister. It’s very offensive.
  3. The moment I hit “submit reply” I’m sharing something with the world. Basically, I think you’re all talk and aren’t going to do anything. Prove me wrong by posting a video of you actually confronting someone who is breaking the rules in gurdwara.
  4. There seems to be a lot of racism against whites, blacks and Arabs on this forum. Why?
  5. Since I’ve “assumed” the name of a man who was proud to be black until 1984, all I can say is you must be cautious because once you go black, you never go back!
  6. Not just entering the gurdwara, he has to listen to Kirtan, stand for ardas and enjoy langar. Are you positively sure he has done all of this?
  7. Every time I see the man in the mirror, I feel as though I’m looking at someone from a past life. I just don’t recognize him.
  8. Who are you calling a nonSikh? Just because I chose this name? You must be really slow in real life. Bye!
  9. No, I edited my comment because I realized you are a fanatic. No wonder you are under quality control.
  10. Come on. Who calls a Singh, who was assaulted by a group of thugs in front of his wife, a 98 pound weakling?! I didn’t like the guy’s stupid comment. DEAL WITH IT!
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