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  1. big paap india earned. so can we do the shuddhi again ?? can u please tell where the major differences are in all of these birs ?
  2. but how will you determine the authenticity of a bir if you don't even know which one is the most pristine of them
  3. which book ? I would like to know how much differences actually exist
  4. If we don't have original birs, then atleast I reckon we have birs written by prominent sikhs like Baba Deep Singh ji or others during that time or earlier. Because in Harmandar sahib, the bir which is done parkash of has words connected by single line and is basically obviously hand-written. It has wrinkly but shiny pages. So who wrote that ? I am assuming it is centuries older ? or atleast as old as before anti-sikh forces (baahmans ) could have poked their noses in . ' Same way , Hazur sahib has hand-written bir I reckon, of both SGGS and Sri Dasam granth. What is the oldest bir we do have ? Also how much are the differences in most puratan birs ? like a few maatras here and there, or as significant as "aad gurdev nameh" vs "aad gurae nameh" ? Can you please answer this . PS: Also is it true RSS has stolen and is still stealing birs in connivance with corrupt sikh officials , and that RSS is printing its own birs of SGGS to confuse sikhs . A sikh told me he has seen RSS printing center where they print sggs birs
  5. this is horrifying ! So where is the original saroop ?
  6. I understand what you're saying. But the whole point is Gurbani is so sacrosanct , and revealed word of god , we cannot even alter one maatra of it . The pad chhed is not a serious threat because I can always write separated words together with a line . But if we alter maatra, then it has the potential to change the meaning of words. I also can related to people putting maatras where it makes sense to put them but might not be in original gurbani, for instance "gobid" , people find it somehow erroneous and try to put tipi there and make it "gobind" . BTW, how many historical birs we do have ? I guess there's one or maybe a few at harmandar sahib, then the ones at Sri Hazur sahib. Don't know others. I also heard from someone RSS is taking away birs from Punjab by covert ways , often in connivance with some sikhs .
  7. I don't wish to open a can of worms here, but few weeks back someone had posted a thread abt british loot of sikh artifacts and there was one folio of Maharani Jinda's sukhmani sahib pothi on that thread That baani was not "pad cheed" , means all words are connected unlike in modern pothis and thats not an issue . However as I was casually reading through the baani (it was Sukhmani sahib), I noticed it had differences with modern version of Sukhmani sahib . I attached my comparison below Did you guys noticed the difference already . In the first salok, it has "aad gurdev nameh" vs "aad gurae nameh" in modern forms. And in other word highlighted "garrb" , it has "baba" in old versions compared to "bhabha" in modern ones. I have always believed gurbani to be without any change. I wonder how many such errors exist . Or is there errors in Maharani Jinda's pothi . Do we have a concrete historical bir of Sri Guru Granth sahib to check against ?
  8. AjeetSingh2019

    One Nation! One Language!

    lmao . he also prefers wearing skirt ( chadra) when on stage lmao
  9. AjeetSingh2019

    Somebody help me with this

    I am gay and even I find him highly annoying. He deserves a tight slap on his face ? Je eh khusrapuna hi karna hai taa , kes kata dene chahide isnu ! rather than making a laughing stock out of singhs !
  10. AjeetSingh2019

    Gurbani on meat

    I have nothing against cows , but why not extend your daya and dharam to other animals as well. Most people in punjab and most sikhs I reckon drink Buffallo milk , not cow milk. So why not respect buffalo as well ? or even goat for that matter . Some babies drink goat milk also . So why jhatka it ?? Cow (and I guess buffalo too) is sacred in hinduism because it is synonymous with vedas. Sanskrit word 'Go' could mean cow/vedas/earth depending on context
  11. AjeetSingh2019

    Jug jug peeri chale satguru di

    please share ang number for me to answer . not able to find it . Is it Bhai Gurdas ji vaars ?
  12. AjeetSingh2019

    Hinduism and Islam

    there're efforts to bring sikhs to hindu fold also
  13. There're more hetero pedos than homo ones.
  14. AjeetSingh2019

    Lack of leadership in present day Sikhi

    the leader is NEVER one person . the authority is vested in 'panj' , so ideally we should look for multiple people ,I mean 5 and then they should agree on key issues
  15. AjeetSingh2019

    Singhs taking opium in Gur sobha granth

    I am suspecting Shaastar Singh is fake account of dolly Singh and he trying really hard to get his Nasha legitimized here. LMAO . Amli posti aa tu pakka

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