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  1. The problem is manifold : Being a hindu / muslim male is easy, very easy . The thing is this and usually not identified as such : Most males when given a choice wouldn't want a turban. Turban is to men what hijab is to women, pride for those to wear it and oppression for others . Atleast to the ones who're "free" up there . You seen when a sikh guy finally gets a haircut and becomes "free" on the top floor , he will rarely ever adopt the turban again. The turbaned ones are increasingly looking for shortcuts and opt-outs like "bandanas" and the newer pull-over-your-head type of things. Its enough evidence if men are given liberty , they wouldn't want a turban . This is bane of sikh religion. It's our bottlenecks of sort unfortunately. I hate to admit it , but it is. Newer generation of Sikh males who have grown up with their hair and dastar intact tend to trim their beards for convenience sake. Also they don't want to look like uncle. So fashion and looks is another villain of sikhi that enters the equation. This fashion factor could have been catered by having proper sikh males to be used as models for marketing male apparels , suitings/shirtings and so on . But here's another problem , political dependence. Sikhs don't have political sovereignty and can't frame laws like : "every male marketing promo needs to have 70% of sardar representation" Sikhism provides the respect to the individual , in the sense that a sikh male is given the choice EVERYDAY whether he would wish to continue on path of sikhi, when he's tying his turban. If he wishes, he may part ways with it. This choice is given everyday to a sikh when he's in front of the mirror tying his pagg. On the contrary, hindu/muslim customs are imposed on males in childhood, often forced. A male muslim is forcibly circumcised (one-time , not daily procedure) in his childhood. Similary, a hindu male has his customs done on him in childhood. Later on, males of both religions tend to live a liberal life . It is women in these communities who're regarded as upholder of traditions. In sikhism, it is expected of men. Eventually, sikh males realized that they're being taken for a ride because no one told the baandri women that they shouldn't pluck their eyebrows . Naturally the males wondered why they should alone shoulder the burden of sikhi. In such a setting, being hindu male becomes very very easy. Most hindu males don't have any idea of their religion. But that doesn't make them any less of a hindu. Sikhi however survives on its saroop. Hence sikhi is dwindling in punjab while others rise.
  2. Punjab will in another 10-20 years time become a hindu majority . Sikhs will become a minority (already are if you count only turbaned ones) in the last place they're a majority in . The hard-won achievements of punjabi suba movement of 1966 will all be erased.
  3. Perhaps this is the key to the root cause of it all ? What does he think won't change ? What if you or your wife feign a disease ? Will he come if his mom pretends she's on bed suffering with something ? Basically something that will bring him back to home and let him stick there atleast for a few weeks , giving you and your wife time to mend the relationships and break the ice
  4. so they're better than us in this regard
  5. they don;t believe in amrit sanchar or 5 ks
  6. Lets stop fooling ourselves ? What purpose does the fire serve ? Is it "Agan Singh" ? lmao . Whenever they're using ritualistic fire, the implicit meaning is fire god
  7. I have a english pdf of Rig veda , the oldest scripture of Hinduism, the oldest of the 4 vedas , and perhaps the most revered . It starts with a hymn praising Agni and asks it to reside over the 'straw and fodder' of the havan. HYMN I. Agni. 1 I Laud Agni, the chosen Priest, God, minister of sacrifice, The hotar, lavishest of wealth. 2 Worthy is Agni to be praised by living as by ancient seers. He shall bring hitherward the Gods. Looking at the index of the scripture , I am surprised , Agni is like everywhere in it almost. So , yes the marriage rites are basically asking Agni devta . "Agni devta" is the main witness of hindu marriage . EDIT ---- A hymn in another mandal says HYMN LIX. Agni. 1 THE other fires are, verily, thy branches; the Immortals all rejoice in thee, O Agni So , I think Agni may not be the "fire" as in flames, but rather the heat energy pervading the universe, be it in form of fire energy, metabolic heat in body, nuclear heat inside sun, power plants, etc or the latent fuel inside wood , etc. It basically refers to the "heat" form of god . I could be wrong though. and I don't think I have enough time to go through the vast expanse of the text .
  8. So during marriages of 4th guru onwards , they married by fire ? and that includes Guru Gobind singhji as well ? I am genuinely curious because of the many claims made by RSS about "reminding sikhs of their past" , this is also one that one commonly encounters, that ancient sikhs and gurus married by fire and that it wasn't until those evil pesky britishers who drove a wedge between hindus and sikhs and voila Anand karajs started Whats the meaning of 'laav ' ? perhaps it could mean something altogether then ? Anyways , regardless , I would reckon Hinduism have had far, far more changes to it considering its almost 10 times older than sikhism is (500 vs 5000 !) . Hinduism is so old infact, that rig vedic deities like Indra, Asvins , Maruts, etc are not even heard of today , let alone worshipped Sikhi is more pristine in comparison in the turmoils of time.
  9. so are you suggesting that circumambulations around fire and 'hindu type' weddings actually happened till very late into sikh history ? and who used to come to perform the wedding ? pandit or granthi ? and what did they recite when the couple moved around fire ? soohi mehalla 4 or Rig vedic verses of marriage ,or both ?
  10. big paap india earned. so can we do the shuddhi again ?? can u please tell where the major differences are in all of these birs ?
  11. but how will you determine the authenticity of a bir if you don't even know which one is the most pristine of them
  12. which book ? I would like to know how much differences actually exist
  13. If we don't have original birs, then atleast I reckon we have birs written by prominent sikhs like Baba Deep Singh ji or others during that time or earlier. Because in Harmandar sahib, the bir which is done parkash of has words connected by single line and is basically obviously hand-written. It has wrinkly but shiny pages. So who wrote that ? I am assuming it is centuries older ? or atleast as old as before anti-sikh forces (baahmans ) could have poked their noses in . ' Same way , Hazur sahib has hand-written bir I reckon, of both SGGS and Sri Dasam granth. What is the oldest bir we do have ? Also how much are the differences in most puratan birs ? like a few maatras here and there, or as significant as "aad gurdev nameh" vs "aad gurae nameh" ? Can you please answer this . PS: Also is it true RSS has stolen and is still stealing birs in connivance with corrupt sikh officials , and that RSS is printing its own birs of SGGS to confuse sikhs . A sikh told me he has seen RSS printing center where they print sggs birs
  14. I understand what you're saying. But the whole point is Gurbani is so sacrosanct , and revealed word of god , we cannot even alter one maatra of it . The pad chhed is not a serious threat because I can always write separated words together with a line . But if we alter maatra, then it has the potential to change the meaning of words. I also can related to people putting maatras where it makes sense to put them but might not be in original gurbani, for instance "gobid" , people find it somehow erroneous and try to put tipi there and make it "gobind" . BTW, how many historical birs we do have ? I guess there's one or maybe a few at harmandar sahib, then the ones at Sri Hazur sahib. Don't know others. I also heard from someone RSS is taking away birs from Punjab by covert ways , often in connivance with some sikhs .
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