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  1. AjeetSingh2019

    Coding tutorials in punjabi?

    lol i thought u were a female based on ur dp
  2. AjeetSingh2019

    Coding tutorials in punjabi?

    why are you giving up ? try learning theoretical Computer science about how compilers are written and the grammars they use.
  3. AjeetSingh2019

    Coding tutorials in punjabi?

    that would require you to write compilers/interpreters for programming languages to use Punjabi language, as most languages are set in english alphabet. And then you would require a punjabi keyboard to write source code in punjabi (gurmukhi) alphabet. best of luck in creating a compiler/interpreter. why don't you try to write a compiler for C in punjabi
  4. AjeetSingh2019

    Coding tutorials in punjabi?

    I also work in Oracle/ Java frameworks/ angular, etc but whats the point of a punjabi coding site ?? you're anyways gonna code in english so why not keep whole tutorial in english
  5. AjeetSingh2019

    City Sikhs Network - London

    Nope you're wrong about the reason though. Its not because they will become strong but because khalsa is becoming weaker day by day. Its the same reason christian missionaries in punjab are increasing their activities
  6. AjeetSingh2019

    Bhai Ajit Singh - Slough Shootings

    you know its ghor kalyug when such kind of nonsense is repeatedly happening by religious people , in bana !
  7. AjeetSingh2019


    is there any difference in sikh concept of karam as opposed to the concept in other dharmic religions
  8. AjeetSingh2019

    Bhai Ajit Singh - Slough Shootings

    who told you this ? whats the source of your news ? where did you heard this ?? I can't find any news online. could be someone trying to defame him
  9. AjeetSingh2019

    Sikh/Hindu relationship-marriage

    That quote "Sikhs and Hindus are brothers" is a pretty big lie as there is nothing fundamentally similar in both panths. so true ! Kisi da kinna vi karlo ,koi chete nai rakhda !
  10. AjeetSingh2019

    Wearing a Sari

    Saree is an element of Hindu Brahminical culture . It's male equivalent is dhoti. Hindus have already destroyed our sovereignty in 1947 , infact long before that, and destroying Sikh identity is large part of their plan. You're helping them succeed in this. Why don't you go ahead and also wear a mangal sutr, sindhoor, do Sati when your husband dies. In high probability you're a Hindu nationalist here with ur agenda of subsuming sikhi into hinduism
  11. its not just in west, even in india . that sounds like the description of your average amritdhari no offense
  12. It's all about proper upbringing , plus lifestyle of parents themselves. In most such cases , parents themselves are utterly clueless about their own Sikh heritage , have no basic understanding of sikhi theology and beliefs , most don't even Know the names of ten Sikh gurus, let alone anything else. It's almost to the point as if they're sorry for being sikhs themselves. Then the kind of kids they bring up is in front of u lol
  13. Malechh Khalsa maybe . Where is the real Khalsa then ? Does it even exist on the earthly plane anymore
  14. AjeetSingh2019

    Why do we cremate?

    we indians don't live off govt paychecks unlike u lazy slob westerners.

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