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  1. Karma will follow. Their Chinese masters will do same to their urdu muslim women.
  2. The ones who had struggled for 2000 yrs before getting Israel
  3. I wonder what is our future. Especially with india china war on horizon. We have become like Jews. Beaten and beaten and beaten. Hopefully we will get some sense this way.
  4. Yes its tough to be hopeful when sikhi in India is under new danger due to rising hindutva that is trying to assimilate sikhi
  5. Yes they're behaving like kauravs, duje da hak maarna, chhal krna. But they forgot Pandavas (5 pyare) win in the end
  6. Hindus having diarrhea over being unable to control Sikhs outside India lol
  7. No point to explain to those idiotic khalistanis who think muslims are their brothers just because india did 84 on Sikhs It's a quite foolish and dangerous notuin. For average hindu we're not kaafirs. But for average muslim Edit -- but the political hindutva hindu is trying tooth and nail to erase sikhi and Gurmukhi
  8. Those who're saying it's result of bad karma, So that also means all the good you got is because of your nice karams, then why thank god ? Are you getting my point here ? This karma vs grace is a very big conundrum .
  9. Just be careful. Also don't waste too much time in it. Read guru Granth Sahib instead.
  10. Composed in archaic sanskrit in punjab region some 4000 years ago, they were preserved and spread orally for a long time , before written down much later. Its said Rigveda talks of multiple devtas like agni, vaayu, and so on but do you think under the guise the vedas too talk of one god ?
  11. all the responses on this thread make me feel like going amrit chhak as soon as possible death is very humbling aspect of life and also a very dreadful one. even more dreadful is cycle of births and deaths
  12. I think it's usually associated with Brahmins pandits. Hence why Sikhs are advised not to wear it. Same as Sikhs would be suggested not to wear arabic white dresses Muslim men wear. Anyways most pandit boys also prefer kurta pjama these days. Many online retailers stop selling kurta dhoti because hindu boys don't prefer it nowadays lol.
  13. I am always perplexed at this topic five banis alone easily take one hour and that is if you do fast enough . one hour alone doesnt allow reflection on baanis being read and on top of that, naam japp /simran daily would take additional half hour so amritdhari sikh is expected to reserve his 1 and half hour daily morning for this spiritual practice ?
  14. I remember the excitement in my family about visiting the deewan of Sant Dhadrianwale some 16 years back, when I had barely started college. He had come to mumbai and had a big deewan. Me , my mom dad went there. I remember his signature style of getting sangats to lift their arms in sky lol. It was an evening deewan and I think we had langar there as night meal and came home lol. I have vague memories of childhood of visiting various samagams and seeing the sant baabe issue colourful magazines, as quite a number of families in our neighborhood were sikhs, one particular big family very religious or a pretense actually. most of their kirpans went missing from their bodies long back lol.
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