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  1. Update : This guy died in december 2020 , most likely due to coronavirus. Good riddance ! much before his death, he was wheelchair bound , most likely due to the trash he speaks against others As Guru Nanak dev ji said , God is not a monopoly of one religion. God doesn't favor hindus or muslims, but good karam, and this guy clearly earned many bad karmas by his action, speech and thought. He definitely isn't going to Jannah !
  2. While what you say may be true for a number of girls , generalization is bad too. I am sure the girls who like sleeping with moneh men would rather marry and settle with one of rich moneh, rather than marrying a sardar, unless she's a spinster and clock is ticking away on her .
  3. One pahar (from sanskrit/prakrit : Prahara) is equal to 3 hours . Day has 4 pahars , and night has 4 pahars too. Day pahars start from 6 am and ends at 6 pm at evening Night pahars start from 6 pm and ends at 6 am in the morning So day pahars : (6 am - 9am) (9am - 12pm) (12pm-3pm) (3pm-6pm) Night pahars : (6pm - 9pm) (9pm-12am) (12am-3am) (3am-6am) Since gurbani encourages to recite name of lord in last pahar of night, amritvela is technically from 3 am until 6 am in the morning
  4. Are you thick ? This is our people's problem , we go over sentimental without realizing what is being said . He's actually secular guy, and that's not what he wishes, that is what he apprehends. Look at his other tweets on farmers protest. At best, he's neutral
  5. Looks like hidden muslims of this site are very happy on this thread lol
  6. I think the biggest roadblock is that sikhi is too pristine in its message and doesn't fear either theologically or historically to tackle the state as and when required and no state finds rebellion pleasant . I think that's the crux of the issue isn't it
  7. While quran does have its fair share of "law verses" which dictate what should be eaten and some asking for amputations and lashing , just like old testament books. However to be honest , there's 99 names of allah which I found pretty impressed with . Al asma al husna as it is called One of the best names I found in it was al-haasib meaning "the accounter" or "the bringer of judgement" , the god who settles accounts of people, communities and countries. Like for example if someone is oppressed and oppressor is too big , god is still al-haasib, he makes justice to the oppressed some of the other beautiful names are al-kabir : the greatest some names have opposite names , which kind of make sense because god can be both opposites : like al-Muhyi 'giver of life' and al-muhit ' the bringer of death' al-awwal 'the beginning' , al-akhir 'the ending' al-mani ' the shielder' , adh-dhaar ' the harmer' , makes sense because god shields the pious and destroys the wicked I think islam had some potential of being a good religion, and has a tint of beautiful spirituality as well ,but somewhere along the line things got screwed badly The "kaafir" concept spoiled things further
  8. I am still surprised that buddhists memory has been erased perhaps to the point they don't realize the blunders their ancestors had to face. Even more twist is one of my vedic brahmin friends think it was actually buddhists who used to persecute brahmins . I would give the benefit of doubt to buddhists though. That would explain why neighbouring countries to india are buddhist majorities but india is not even 1% We should make an international quality film on sikh itihas. Claim our itihas before the right-wing hindus do by appropriating. they already called Bhai Mati das , Bhai Sati das and Bhai dayala ji as hindu maybe we can rope in hollywood for doing it to us . They're very good in making international level of quality work
  9. OMG ! Someone out there believes in the exact same thing as I do . Maybe because we made some mistakes too ! but I don't know which ones exactly , except obviously massacring muslims enmasse as retaliation to what they were doing to us in 1947 during partition
  10. I find the respondents here funny that they're jumping to what the citizens should be doing and not. That's like putting the cart before the horse ! My point of creating this thread is just to let you know that India is changing in a way deeper than you might imagine. It's not merely a switch of parties. but a switch of ideological frameworks . It will change everything , for everyone living in india , and minorities too . The hindutva strain of thought doesn't see recognize sikh identity , disdains the singh sabha/tat khalsa movement as having cut the umbilical cord that linked sikhi to hinduism , thats their own imagination lol . They see us as a branch, and not a tree in itself. They will revere you , but only as long as you're a convenient tool , esp against muslims. Hindutva is to hinduism what zionism is to judaism I guess. a religious part mutated into something political which was originally never there. Painful Irony is sikhi always had a politcal component of khalsa into it , and it has become more like a religious thing now You don't know how much of a heartache it is when you see muslims got away with pak from subcontinent in 1947, some of them stayed back in india and multiplied many folds, and now the agitated baahman pisssed off and alarmed at the growing muslims wants whole of india as hindu rashtar . Then that beggars the question "what did sikhs get out of all this ?" The mess that sikhs have landed themselves into is of biblical proportions. waheguru mehar kare . EDIT -- We often do feel about things that they can't become as bad, but we fail to realize that frogs can get boiled if you only raised the temperature of water very slowly but steadily . Earlier there used to be no open discussions on whether india should continue being secular or not, but now you have those discussions on reputed youtube channels . and top comments being like "future of india is saffron" . this saffron is not the kesari rang of khalsa btw
  11. The nehruvian - gandhian which is an older strain of indian thought in indian politics has ruled over india for almost 60 yrs , sometimes interrupted but never challenged directly . For the sikhs in particular, this thought system didn't really cause much issue. Yes the issue was with congressis like Indira and Rajiv , even nehru earlier but that was more of a political nature. There weren't deeper agendas except petty politics of preserving one's chair However the second stream of thought that erupted , especially as the counter to the former sees India in a different way that nehruvian philosophy did . They see India as a hindu nation , something which hindus have the right to hegemonize. In this framework, hinduism and indian nationalism cannot be seperated and are infact two sides of same coin. And that the india is essentially a "hindu" nation, for hindus, by hindus, and of hindus
  12. Yes these dharmic bond bullssshit needs to stop. Let us for f**k sake realize once and for all, these people have backstabbed us all our history . Did jews think towards muslims of abrahamic bonds. They got their rights even by irking muslim neighbours.
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