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  1. AjeetSingh2019

    Sikh Father and Son beaten by Delhi police

    LOL. If our ancestors did the same with mughals, you would have been wearing a skullcap today. He was just an ankheela Sikh. He wasn't amritdhari obviously but the "ankheela Punjab" was alive in him. He taught those cowards a lesson. I laughed when the cops ran back
  2. AjeetSingh2019

    Sikh Father and Son beaten by Delhi police

    This is true. Maybe not even his great great grandfather . Not everyone joined Khalsa army. Not everyone had the resolve of historical martyrs we remember. We really don't work on ourselves. And expect godness
  3. AjeetSingh2019

    Sikh Father and Son beaten by Delhi police

    Just saw the video yesterday on WhatsApp. Was shocked but not surprised considering it's Delhi. I don't live there fortunately. Because it's a region of backward illiterate migrants from haryana, Bihar, UP , basically the wildest of states . BTW, Sikh MLAs of Delhi did create a loud opposition and apparently the 3 men responsible were suspended and further inquiry into the matter set in. In a hindsight, I felt what if the Sikh guy was at fault ?? What if we're trying to give into our passions and looking it at from biased communal views. But you also can't deny the fact that the treatment meted out to him was in no way professional and btw, the father and kid were both beaten up in police custody too, the kid being a minor. YES THE COPS SHOULD BE FIRED. Many , not surprisingly, within the Sikh community are seeing this incident as part of larger state sponsored oppression against sikhs.
  4. Not sure whether the displays of affection and respect towards sikhs by the pakistani Punjabi people are authentic reflection of what lies in their hearts. Because if it were the case, surely Sikh population in pak wouldn't have dwindled to what it is today OR perhaps and this could be the case that only the Punjabi speaking Pakistanis of Punjab province find likeness in sikhs across the border because of similar language and to a degree culture, and the apparently sweet memories of Maharaja Ranjit Singhs just rule . I suspect it's mostly the Urdu speaking, deobandi affiliated crowd of pak that creates most islamist problems in both India and pak. Whatever maybe the case Lahore has always fascinated me because of its irreplaceable place in Sikh history. It's a place both loved and hated by sikhs because of obvious historical reasons.
  5. Our people are a foolish lot, without foresight. That is the root of why we continue to suffer. Worse is our enemies are aware of this idiotic trait in us and we hv been milked for decades now, if not centuries
  6. I am already married you <banned word filter activated> ! And my wife's carrying a baby , my baby. Problem with ppl like you is you can't afford to give up your homophobic attitudes or help create a more just society, but the side effect of that is a gay marries your sister. So why whine .
  7. Why the heck are u saying this ? We are already on our path to have a baby. She's not going to divorce me. That's not an option for her either. I respect her and in the past sympathized with her until she started with her schemes. Remember, I have not yet enumerated her saazishes here You ppl are the same men who sprout homophobia and you heterosexuals created a society wherein it's almost impossible for a gay guy to accept himself let alone find another guy. You ppl created this situation and when a gay guy finally gives up and gives in to his insecurities and family pressures and marry a woman, you ppl hv a problem with that too.
  8. AjeetSingh2019

    indian govt. return historical manuscripts to sgpc

    I smell <banned word filter activated>. Till a few months back they were asking army to return our relics, now they got sgpc to admit that the relics were returned. Words spoken through sgpc mouth to fool sikhs and keep the world quiet . As usual they use sikhs against sikhs
  9. From this thread it's clear women will support women in all their misdeeds. Charitropakhyan is right I think. Thanks for proving it lol.
  10. honestly never wanted to travel down this road but had no option. I do sometime wonder how I will answer dharam raaj though . its creepy af. but I had little option . its not the malice in my heart
  11. no, she won't !! how will she, unless ofcourse akal purkh wills it lol oh ya , as if she hangs with ppl who would tell her your husband was a pansy wuss before marriage lmao
  12. No. Please stop joking on my personal life issue. I m here to seek advices, but not like this. Was expecting some nice mature answer by Misterrsingh with his analytical mind.
  13. AjeetSingh2019

    Fatehveer singh??

    The "pride of we're a 50000 yr old civilization" , "pride of we gave birth to buddhism jainism and sikhism and they're just my children", "the pride of we invented ayurveda", "the pride of we invented surgery", "ancient india was technologically advanced and mahabharat had nuclear weapons", "babies born by test tubes and head transplant surgery of ganesh" etc etc They're seriously obsessed with their pride which is just a feeble attempt to override the embarassment of having being enslaved and ruled over by foreign powers for last 1000 yrs . The hatred for muslims doesn't originate insomuch as the fact that invaders destroyed temples, but more so because they took away brahmin hegemony on the subcontinent which had been there for ages , and now they hope to bring it back. The media is totally a sold out . When congress was in power, they were vehemently critical of bjp . The congress created institutes like JNU etc continue to churn out liberals that have long served the interests of the congress narrative of history. What is now happening is congress narrative of secular india is going down and the alternate narrative coming up of india being a solely hindu nation , in numbers and in spirits
  14. AjeetSingh2019

    What is a Sikhs view on this?

    Sikhism doesn't condone or condemn homosexuality

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