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  1. I’m sure @ADMIN will confirm it’s not. But I guess any one who speaks against the cult, you will say it’s the same person.
  2. Well this is interesting, a close source to the Baba tells me he has just started a 1 year course for Sangat who want to meet god. The rules are you have to stay at the Gurdwara and do all the practical meditation he tells you and he will show you god when you are worthy. So I’m guessing Guru Nanak Dev ji got it wrong when telling Sangat you must do your bhagti whilst living a grist Jeevan. Another way to brainwash you and get you sucked into this cult.
  3. Don’t be mistaken here guys. Ajit singh baba tells Sangat openly he has met god and sees him 247. Which I find hard to believe because if he had met god he wouldn’t have got Sangat members shot, there windows broken or followed. And the most important of all left his wife for his side women.
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