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  1. "Each zamindar... from the Attock. to the gates of Delhi lets his beard grow, cries Wah Gorow, eats pork, wears an iron bracelet, abominates the smoking of tobacco... sets up immediately for a Sikh Sardar" - Major Polier to Colonel Ironside (1776) sources, p.218 "-They consider Halali meat as.. forbidden. and eat the jhatka meat, that is the meat of any animals slaughtered by the sword" - James Skinner, Tashrihu'l Aqwan, 1825. quoted in Sikh history from Persian "The Akalee is a grim and truly formidable looking person. partly [due] to the habitual use of look intoxicating
  2. But didn't the British order Nihangs to be shot on sight? Pls enlighten me further
  3. Yeah it's true though Duleep Singh became a Sikh again later in his life however none of his kids became Sikh. There's a movie "The black Prince" with Satinder Sartaj which is more or less a summary of his life.
  4. The Singh on the far left looks like a Nihang Singh what with the blue Dumala, the farla and the pot with him.
  5. Interesting to have a painting of Maharaja Duleep Singh in Singapore's Islamic Restaurant.
  6. @Kau89r8 I have seen the First one. The first one is quite strange really. Its just kind of creepy to be frank
  7. It's seriously ridiculous that some so called 'Sikhs' are doing this. Read what this pakhandi 'Sikh' has written in his reddit post! It's a shame that so many Western 'Sikhs' are starting to accept this.
  8. As it is they are very much alive in places like Varanasi and Hardwar. They are Chardikala Singhs. The only people u don't hear about are Udasis and the likes of them.
  9. 1 midget and a girl accused me of harassment...so i left from my job....They were later found out for lying but the damage had already been done.I didn't even talk to anyone I just kept to myself yet this happened. That is why I am only getting another job where I can prove my innocence immediately if such a thing happens again.
  10. Hello what I meant was that feminism nowadays is a ridiculous idea.so we should stop it as it is getting out of hand.
  11. I have been falsely accused of many things related to women...lost all my respect...and you want me to elevate the status of women until they become EVEN MORE AGGRESSIVE? That is ridiculous.
  12. Did not say Brahmans were the enemy I said Brahmanism.
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