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  1. I know, right? lol ... I'm sorry though about what you had to undergo; I'm grateful my husband never had any need for that.. is why I posted my story to begin with. Blessings for you
  2. this.so.much... what I got from talks with girl friends and relatives who had watched those turkish series and soap operas (which I tried to watch to make my own opinion) is that when having a bad day, it serves as a sort of escape: "at least I was not forced to marry nor sold by my father to become the wife of a man I've never met", "at least I'm not beaten nor shouted at a regular basis", etc, pretty much like "my life is not so bad after all when I compare it with these grim, miserable ones"... but I consider them negative examples, not really inspiring, in terms of how most female characte
  3. well... I think I've used a gentle approach while writing, and haven't used any offensive, rude or gross terms, have I? ... and felt quite liberating to share views which I kept in private before, hoping it can be helpful for other couples or single men looking for their first experience, knowing there's nothing wrong with being natural, hoping to provide them reassurance and comfort... and that makes me comfortable enough to overcome my otherwise naturally reserved demeanor
  4. I agree with the thought that removing skin is not the answer, other solutions should be tried instead, and homeopathy can be one of them; a girl friend of mine who is a dermatologist shared with me some very interesting facts about the male foreskin, and upon learning those it really opened my eyes about how important is for both men and females to care about every part of our bodies... she explained how the foreskin is not really "skin", but just only in the surface, in the outside layer.. the inner side, the layer which stays in contact with the red shiny head, and which also has a pink col
  5. hello.. I'm a bit shy for being a woman and talking on this subject (so please, forgive me), but I thought of adding my little experience from the other side, as wife, since my husband has the same condition of tight skin, but which has not been a problem at all (and we've been gifted with two beautiful healthy sons); I'd certainly would never disclose any intimacy from my husband, but the anonimacy of this forum, along with an intend to share an experience which could benefit other couples, compeled me to write this.. When we first became intimate with each other, intercourse was a bit d
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