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  1. Yes, let’s try gather wisdom, even though Guru told you wisdom won’t go with you. Sehas Siaanapaa Lakh Hohi Th Eik N Chalai Naal || With simran you can take a book, place 1 hand underneath, 1 hand on top and close your eyes. In minutes you can read the whole book then recite it back from heart afterwards. Infinite power comes from simran. Please don’t waste your life trying to ‘find wisdom’ from books Been thinking about this recently, 99% Sikhs haven’t got a clue what Guru Nanak Dev Ji taught. We know about rehat, banaa, maryada, 5ks (things with purpose) - which all came later. But teaching Guru Nanak Ji gave - Shabad Guru Surat Dhun Chela ~ How many of us can explain what Surat is? 1% maybe? My new project will discuss such things Coming Soon... #GurbarAkaal
  2. Thank you so much Sangat Ji for your kind words and blessings. We try so hard to explain things in a simple way, then along comes @Akalifauj with his magnifying glass to 'play teacher and mark my work'. You know who gets kirpa the quickest with Simran? It's the people who say satbachan and get on with it. For 10 years we didn't even do simran, mool mantar was all we did. Anything daas learned about simran came directly from Satguru Nanak Dev Ji. This is my biggest tip regarding simran: If you are unsure, or don't know how to move forward - focus all effort on Mool Mantar. Dhan Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji will personally guide you.
  3. The recent posts have been something very special. Sarab Kalaa Samrath - https://www.sikhsangat.com/index.php?/topic/86724-sarab-kalaa-samrath/ Simran Guidance – https://www.sikhsangat.com/index.php?/topic/86754-simran-guidance/ How long does Kirpa take - https://www.sikhsangat.com/index.php?/topic/86782-how-long-does-kirpa-take/ Daas got bairaag age 13 and been serious about spirituality ever since. It’s hard to find anyone with serious interest in God so I don’t have any friends. I joined this forum out of loneliness to get involved with simran discussions, hence I can go into detail when given the chance. Unfortunately I realised it’s far too easy to share personal things on a anonymous forum because you imagine everyone else is ‘good’. Some people have been here for years arguing, bickering and insulting others. They couldn’t care less about helping anyone. When you clash with these people over things so personal to you it hurts. There might be some genuine spiritual seekers here interested in simran, maybe they don’t even have an account but they like to read things. My ardaas was for them to receive proper guidance regarding how to get started. With kirpa of Guru Nanak Dev Ji my ardaas has been fulfilled. This is a gift to those people. Getting started and not giving up is the thing, Guru sahib then give you all the right guidance from inside once you are ready for it. We discussed about distractions, daas didn’t even have a smartphone or social media until age 19. Spiritual 'experiences' were a daily thing back then. If you want to meet God sacrifices have to be made. There was a time we were doing mool mantar 10pm to 6am then panj bania and getting ready for school, only sleeping once every 3 days when really tired. Sadly my body can't sit for that long now and needs regular sleep, it's why I miss being young. How many people here admire Sant Jarnail Singh Ji? You know Sant Ji wouldn’t even let Singhs in their jatha wear a wrist watch because it would cause distraction and Sant Ji were strict about everyone continuously reading bani/doing Simran whatever the time was. How do you think they would react to us spending hours daily on smartphones? I should practice what I have preached myself, including cutting out distractions. So this will be my last post for now. Might reply to posts occasionally using personal messenger. Please forgive me for any mistakes. Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Vaheguru Ji Ki Fathe
  4. Kirpa comes when Guru Sahib become happy with you. But there are few things you can do to help yourself. We will discuss Paap and Distractions here. Paap A poet writes: Paath vi karde haan, Jaap vi karde haan, Kite rab he na banjiye, Eseliye paap vi karde haan ~ We pray, We mediate, But so we don't actually turn into God, We also commit sin We discussed moving towards experiencing/meeting God on the Simran Guidance post here: https://www.sikhsangat.com/index.php?/topic/86754-simran-guidance/ Simran and paath are steps towards God, but paap are steps away from God. By trying to conduct our lives according to the teachings of our great Guru's we can move away, and keep away from paap. Going A to B is easy, unless we keeping taking steps backwards. Distractions Parmatma Ji is sitting inside you, when our focus comes inwards we come closer to meeting him. But look at the Sikhs from time of Guru Nanak Dev Ji versus us. Look how many distractions there are now which actually, 100 years ago didn't even exist. TV, instant news, films, magazines, smartphones, social media, forums , etc. This is a big thing for the serious spiritual seeker to consider. All of these innovations stop our mind from focusing inwards. Even when dhiyan comes inwards, these distractions keep pulling it back out - "check my notifications", "did they reply to my comment?". Kuljug got it's teeth deep into us. Why are FB and IG so popular? Because they are designed to have endless scrolling - it feeds our greed for gossip and information. People seem to always need external stimulus like phone or tv to stop them getting bored. When you can sit on your own, close your eyes and be content this is called Oup Assan (sitting with your own self inside thir ghar) Prabh ki ustat karo sant meet, savdhan akagar cheet ~ Paise God oh my saints and friends, but do it with alert and focused mind.
  5. The kirpa of turning a selection of letters and punctuation into gyan comes from inside you. If anything seems useful it’s a sign Parmatma ji is encouraging you inwards because he wants to meet you. Like you call your child to sit with you, he is calling you to sit with him inside your thir ghar
  6. Your true self is atama (soul). But mental state of being (surat) is trapped in human body with the glue of maya. Simran is literally breaking the glue down. Your surat is becoming aware there is more to it then this body (it’s an awakening). It's the third stage of consciousness - jagrat (awake) , supan (asleep) & skhopat (spiritually awake) Like a bird trapped in a cage when it becomes free it can fly in the limitless sky. In Gurbani pankhi (bird) means surat and asmaan (sky) means dasam duar. There are no limits to experiences once you realise your true self (man tu jot saroop hai), but even still God's limit can't be found. Ang 14: ਪੰਖੀ ਹੋਇ ਕੈ ਜੇ ਭਵਾ ਸੈ ਅਸਮਾਨੀ ਜਾਉ ॥ Pankẖī ho▫e kai je bẖavā sai asmānī jā▫o. If I was a bird, soaring and flying through hundreds of heavens, ਨਦਰੀ ਕਿਸੈ ਨ ਆਵਊ ਨਾ ਕਿਛੁ ਪੀਆ ਨ ਖਾਉ ॥ Naḏrī kisai na āv▫ū nā kicẖẖ pī▫ā na kẖā▫o. and if I was invisible, neither eating nor drinking anything - ਭੀ ਤੇਰੀ ਕੀਮਤਿ ਨਾ ਪਵੈ ਹਉ ਕੇਵਡੁ ਆਖਾ ਨਾਉ ॥੩॥ Bẖī ṯerī kīmaṯ nā pavai ha▫o kevad ākẖā nā▫o. ||3|| even so, I could not estimate Your Value. How can I describe the Greatness of Your Name? ||3|| It’s nothing bad, keep going. There are things where we don’t know what it is, how to move forward, or if it is even a stage at all. This is where mool mantar abhiyas helps and darshan of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. When Guru Sahib look at you with their kirpa dristhe new stages can begin anything can happen. This is individual to you, how long you can sit for. Sitting on a cushion might help. Don’t be too harsh on the body, give it a break if it’s required. Get up and stretch your body then sit back down. But importantly also do ahbiyas of trying to ‘keep it going inside’ after you get up from sitting down for Simran. Try to continue the Simran mentally for rest of the day.
  7. Sat Sri Akal Ji, Thanks for your kind words. Feeling sleepy during simran is normal because your mind gets calm, your body probably isn't actually tired though. When you start to feel sleepy don't fight it by trying to remain awake. Get up and walk around, do a little bit of exercise to get the blood flowing. Have a little food or drink to increase blood sugar. Then go and sit back down. Also if you are beginner, don’t force yourself to sit too long. Do just 15 minutes daily. Day will come where your 15 mins is done, but you wish to continue sitting longer... slowly like this you can do simran for longer.
  8. This is a humble gift of guidance for those wonderful people who have started their Simran journey. If you haven’t read the Sarab Kalaa Samrath post please read that first – https://www.sikhsangat.com/index.php?/topic/86724-sarab-kalaa-samrath/ Simran means Sa Maran, meaning ‘to remember’. To remember the one we have forgotten – Vaheguru Ji, who is inside us. The mother who is remembering her child 24/7 without any effort – this is called saas ghiraas na visarai. Those who remember God in same way, 24/7 using unconscious mind, Gurbani calls them Sants. Step 1 is saying Vaheguru and listening to it with your ears. The goal is to focus the mind and then bring dhiyan inwards. Step 2 is your mind starts chanting Vaheguru. Unfortunately this is a common place people get stuck and can take years to realise why. You must have seen AKJ or NKJ Simran videos (shouting Vaheguru loudly again and again) where people start rocking their head back and forth like crazy? The reason why is their Surat gets trapped at the ears. Sound is the result of kinetic energy, it’s just sound waves which enter your ears. People who’s Surat gets trapped at ears eventually they reach a point where they lose their mind. Like eating food, when you are done chewing it’s time to swallow. With Simran when your mind gets focused chanting Vaheguru it’s time to bring your dhiyan inwards and begin chanting with the mind. Listen to Vaheguru Simran recordings if you need help focusing, but once the mind is focused it’s time to switch it off and continue Simran mentally. (I’m talking about individual Simran you do at home) Once your mind starts saying Vaheguru your inner journey begins. Just keep dhiyan on gur-shabad. This is your personal journey. Everyone experiences different things, when you experience something don’t analyse, just enjoy it. You will see things, hear things, some people even smell things. When energy goes near to dasam duar you can start smelling beautiful scents like perfume, others around you can notice it too. Anhad jaap can be heard too. Unlike soundwaves this is different, it comes directly from God. First one is left mesmerised then they learn to enjoy it. On topic of dasam duar, this is a high level thing. This kirpa happens not just when you are spiritually ready, but when the circumstances in your life are right. Even though Satuguru showed daas a technique, I am unable to do it with my own will. I’m 20s and if I could do it whenever I wanted, I would lose interest in the world, and want to spend rest of my life sitting in smadhi (where body is left unconscious) enjoying anand. It’s normal to only experience such things in later stages of life once you’ve had and raised kids, once you’ve retired etc. I mentioned on Simran Sounds post there is something higher. Here we go… Whoever’s mantar or shabad you jap, it will take you to that person’s level. Guru Nanak’s level is the point between the eyebrows, where the power is sarab kalaa samrath. This point is a gateway to the spiritual world. Through here you can experience god while your body remains conscious and aware of its surroundings. This is incredibly special blessing anyone who does simran can recieve. When this kirpa happens one no longer needs to sit and do Simran, their Simran is 24/7 happening inside. The closest way to describe it is like living 2 lives at same time. One is in constant charan of god in anand which can’t be described, other is performing worldly duties. When this kirpa gets stronger stage comes of closing your eyes and being in sachkhand, opening them and being here. This kirpa is huge, which is why people hide it when it happens. Luckily it’s easy to hide kirpa because the world only sees you from outside. Ang 384; Sācẖ nām merā man lāgā. Logan si▫o merā ṯẖāṯẖā bāgā. ||1|| ~ My mind is attached to the true naam. From outside I put on a fake show to trick the world (into not realising what kirpa I have) Simran, reading Gurbani, listening to kirtan/katha it all contributes to raising your inner level. Until your awareness isn’t subtle enough you can’t feel what's happening. Just trust that your efforts are not going to waste. As you progress with Simran you will start to feel a vibration/tingling feeling in the body. This is your Surat, which is distributed into every atom of the body. Slowly this vibration will begin to focus on your third eye point. It will become natural that when you close your eyes your focus is already there, it won’t waver. Slowly kirpa happens from that point. How long does kirpa take? With Guru’s blessing we will create another post in a few days to discuss this and share one really important thing.
  9. Someone has taken initiative to design and offer turban friendly facemasks A nice play on words too with Social DistanSingh and Kaurantine https://www.sikhtreats.com/collections/all
  10. Naam simran takes you high, it’s a virtue of naam that it makes you humble But anyway I’m not going to argue with you because I really like many of your posts It could be you are viewing god from one angle and I am viewing same god from another angle. He is limitless after all
  11. With a lot of respect it’s remembered that in house of Guru Nanak paramhans avastha was blessed to Bhai Paro ji. http://www.discoversikhism.com/sikh_gurus/bhai_paro_julka.html At time of 5th Guru their avastha became huge, they asked Guru Arjan Dev Ji if there is any stages left. Guru Sahib said “there is one more stage, leave this body and merge with me, together we will do Sikhi parchar”. With their own will, Bhai Paro ji left the body to become one with God
  12. None of us are in smadhi. Taking your paraan (breath) or surat (focus) into dasam duar is called smadhi. In smadhi your body becomes unconscious, heart and breathing stop, to an observer you appear dead. Your soul can even casually step out the body. Few people will notice I edited & deleted section from earlier post explaining how Satguru Ji showed daas the technique for doing it with surat. If Guru does kirpa daas will try making a new post on simran to explain how there are much higher stages still and how to move in that direction. I’m not challenging you dear friend, but I’m respectfully challenging the ideas you present. I know you’ve read gurbani because you write using literal translations. Realising maya as an illusion can only happen through intense bhagati. There is one hell of a big avastha called Paramhans. Like swan can separate milk from water, they can separate god from maya.
  13. Guru Nanak Sahib Ji told Bhai Mardana Ji to remember 2 things for simran; 1. Kaal na kari (Don’t rush) 2. Mhenat kari (Work hard) First naam has to scrub your paap off. So the more effort you put in, the more shud (pure) your mind becomes. Experiences are one of many kirpa which then begin. Half asleep half awake is called sukh nidra, one should remain cautious of this trap. God could be about to bestow darshan and you fall asleep. Hence cold ishnaan is recommended.
  14. Am I actually reading this? And written by the person who made a post called ‘how to make work meaningful’ encouraging people to do paath mentally while working(!) Ang 1376 : haath paa-o kar kaam sabh cheet niranjan naal. ||213|| With your hands and feet, do all your work, but let your consciousness remain with the Immaculate Lord. ||213||
  15. Yes you can read bani for someone in this way to help them. But encourage your son to read/listen himself also. Because slowly he will realise kirpa contained in Gurbani and that’s a big gift to give your son. Rest of his life he will know Gurbani is the source of anything he needs
  16. A down vote just means they were holding their phone upside down, right?
  17. Doing Simran mind becomes calm. Heart, breathing and blood flow slow down, it’s quite natural to feel sleepy. A cold ishnaan before starting Simran will help
  18. We tend to be really serious in life. We don’t know how to see beyond understanding to just appreciate beauty. It’s called ascharjta (being wonderstruck). When you become wonderstruck of God’s creation, doing paath turns into sincerely praising him for limitless virtues
  19. Smadhi means ‘deep meditation’. Some people experience the mind becoming calm for the first time and call it smadhi. But this is like a child running with their arms out thinking they’re flying like ‘an aeroplane’. (It’s correct for their level of innocence, but not the real thing).Smadhi is actually when one enters dasam duar.
  20. When it was required God sent people into the world, but all of them (however high) had limits. For example Sri Ram was 14 Kalaa Samrath (all powerful in 14 things), Sri Krishan was 16 Kalaa Samrath (all powerful in 16 things). But what about Guru Nanak Dev Ji? Guru Nanak’s level is Sarab Kalaa Samrath (all powerful in all things). But what does it actually mean? Each of us has a human body and we can measure it’s power with fitness tests. But each of us also has an internal (sokham) body. The power of our internal bodies depends on which chakar our energy is at. Each chakar has limited number of kalaa (power). Most people (with no simran) in Kalyug won’t move past the base chakar. People who do Kundalni yoga waste their time here too. Prophet Muhammad’s level was the abdominal chakar, from here he saw 7 paatal, 7 akaash. At the heart chakar there’s power to control others health, to control ghosts and spirits. Like any power it can be misused (what we call black magic). Those who have no Guru to teach them sense, no surprise they will abuse power! But the chakar in between the eyebrows, the power here has no limit, it’s Sarab Kalaa Samrath, it’s also the place to experience God. In previous yugs with long lives and very strong bodies people started from the bottom and spent thousands of years meditating to reach the top chakar and meet God. In Kalyug (with short lives and weak bodies) Guru Nanak Ji gave Gur-Shabad and told us to attach our surat with this. Automatically and in short time gur-shabad will take you directly to highest chakar to experience god. Instead of climbing the stairs to the top, Guru Nanak Ji gave us a direct elevator. This is the job of a Guru - to make hard thing easy. Gur-shabad came from God, if you attach with it, like a magnet it will pull you towards God. Dhan Guru Nanak
  21. He’s gone! @MuslimNeighbour looking rather empty now!
  22. I think this case needs referring to a Charity. Maybe Shere Punjab? I seen some posts before they helped young men with rehabilitation
  23. No one who remembers Baba Sri Chand Ji will be left empty handed, because they are so great. Sorry I can’t comment on the samparda I don’t know anything about it, but maybe others will?
  24. I'm talking about the inside veere From inside you are close to sachkhand
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