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  1. Delete please, it was Sunrise radio. Which is still bad enough considering it's owned by a Sikh Avtar Lit.
  2. I was just listening to Panjab radio here in the UK and just heard them play the muslim call to prayer for Ramadan. When will our people ever learn? Do Pakistani owned radio stations play kirtan? We're just a bunch of people pleasers.
  3. A good combination is boxing/kickboxing and judo. Judo teaches you more about how to throw someone to the ground and some basics on what to do if you do end up on the ground. A more useful art the BJJ IMO which is very ground grappling based.
  4. But wait, I thought Sikhs are Keshdhari Hindus? They claim us when it suits them but toss us away when it doesn't.
  5. I think it's just a case of getting older. We always think that the players and teams in our youth were the best. I know 50 year olds who say Maradona was better than Messi, simply because they were teenagers when he played. At this age I couldn't care less who wins, it has no impact on my life. I've got bigger things to focus on.
  6. It's not that bad. You make it sound like it's Mogadishu. It qasba very violent place in the 80s and 90s but I think it's improved a lot since then.
  7. I see your point as well but at the end if the day it is just a game, a game in which men are kicking and running after a ball. It shouldn't be attached to your identity in my opinion. You should never get worked up about a game, you have no control over what happens on the pitch. When your favourite team wins, it is they who put in the effort to win, yet the fans will bask in reflected glory and claim the victory as theirs. I stopped caring about football in my early 30s, I realised there's far more important things in life. I will watch the Champions League final and World Cup/Euros bu
  8. Imagine being 60 and being so passionate about a bunch of men kicking a ball around. Pathetic.
  9. Yes you can admire him as a ruler but should his portrait be placed in Gurdwaras alongside pious men like the Gurus, Baba Deep Singh, Hari Singh Nalwa and Banda Singh Bahadur?
  10. He is right to a certain extent. In the Gurdwara the pitfalls of intoxication and lust are repeated several times but still there are several Gurdwaras with his picture in them. It's hypocritical. It's sad that we have to look up to him so much. Do Muslims go on about Salladin so much? Do Protestants go on about Henry VII?
  11. Alpha Beta. This sounds like one if those gay bodybuilding or Men Going There On Way forums.
  12. Revert back to the old lifestyle and get taken over by people with superior technology and weapons? The main reason the Europeans were able to take over the world was because they were inquisitive and invested time and money into science. Science which they used to develop weapons like guns, cannons, nuclear weapons etc that were used to take over less developed societies. It's no different today, the reason why America is able to invade so many countries is due to their superior technology and weapons.
  13. The Belgians were extremely cruel to Africans in their former colony Congo. They were known to chop off the hands of Rubber farm workers who did not fulfil their daily quota. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Atrocities_in_the_Congo_Free_State We all hear about the atrocities committed by the likes of the USA and Britain but never about what the Portuguese, Belgians, Dutch and Spanish did.
  14. UK Sikhs aren't much different, a lot of the youth copy Jamiacans, at least in my day they did. You'd hear phrases like safe blud, seen, wagwan etc. Its just to sound 'cool some of them have even picked up the jafaican accent. Speaking like this won't get you far in life.
  15. I've been to Los Angeles and New York. A lot of people in New York are aware of Sikhs.
  16. Ideally we wouldn't have to run off to these countries.
  17. I've said this before. Sikhi did a lot in civilising Indians. The Hindu and Muslim attitude towards rape is barbaric.
  18. He's also done Hindu songs. Most of these singers will sing anything you put in front of them.
  19. These are fair points but the language used here is hideous. You need to reign yourself in. I notice a lot of anti intellectualism behaviour in this forum. It's like being an uneducated violent simpleton is celebrated.
  20. These are fair points but the language used here is hideous. You need to reign yourself in. I notice a lot of anti intellectualism behaviour in this forum. It's like being an uneducated violent simpleton is celebrated.
  21. I'm shocked at the level of ignorant comments here. Dildos up their backsides? Kusrey? City people? First of all the reason they're called City Sikhs is because they work in the City of London, a financial district in Central London, it's got nothing to do with living in cities vs living in villages. 99% of Sikhs in the UK live in urban areas. That really went over the head of many people here. Do you expect them to look like UFC fighters? Puzzled - can you tell me your level of education and what you do for a living?
  22. She chose the wrong profession, showbiz is full of gay people, many of whom pretend to be straight.
  23. Maybe so but nowhere near as bad as in North Africa, Middle East and South Asia. Brown people are the most conservative people.
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