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  1. I grew up in Baylis near Ramgarhia gurdwara, now in Langley. Glad we got out. Too congested and dirty near the shops not to mention all the Pakistanis.
  2. Inner cities are not great places, it's usually more congested,l and more crime. The goreh who move to London for jobs in their 20s move out as soon they have kids, they don't want to raise their kids in such a place. Apne are more affluent than muslims and therefore move out to nicer areas. Langley and Iver are full of Sikhs who used to live in inner Slough and Southall.
  3. It's at times like these I get angry at our leaders past and present. We should not be living in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia etc. Punjab should not be the dump it is. We never developed ourselves scientific wise or technology wise. We just run to these other countries where we won't fully be accepted and people will feel contradicted.
  4. Yes lots of Polski skleps here in Slough run by Luskasz Sethi and Alexei Chopra.
  5. Well the way it works is first you have goreh living in an area, then the Indians (Sikhs and Hindus) move in, then finally the Pakistanis and other muslim groups. There's nothing wrong in wanting to better yourself but I get annoyed when the <banned word filter activated> follow us around but I guess that's how the goreh feel about us.
  6. The amount of muslims has increased since the 90s when I was a kid. There are those old pakistani restaurants at the end of broadway near McDonalds but now a lot of these fake halal kfc, nandos knock offs next to the sikh owned shops.
  7. I for one am glad the Afghan Sikhs came to the UK and Southall especially. They have ensured that most shops on Southall Broadway are Sikh owned otherwise the muslims would have taken it over completely. There are way too many halal restaurants on the broadway these days and it would have been far worse if the Afghan Sikhs never came over.
  8. Ok would you do the same thing if you were old and had children and possibly grandchildren who wanted you to continue living?
  9. Kshatriyas were 'upper caste' and civilised. The era of constant warfare is over so they have moved on. They tend to be more cultured and educated than other Sikhs.
  10. And some even manage to bust out a Royal Enfield Bullet or Bult as it's known in Punjab.
  11. I think that's only the ones who come from Afganistan. It's a bad habit they have picked up from living amongst muslims. Do the ones in India do the same thing?
  12. Ok this isn't good to slate an entire community. It's very casteist. We all tell non Sikhs that Sikhism doesnt believe in casteism but the sad fact is that 90% of Sikhs do.
  13. Exactly, Guru Gobind Singh and Hari Singh Nalwa were both Khatris in fact most prominent Sikhs have been Khatris.
  14. The ones in the UK also prefer Hindi over Punjabi, even the ones from Afghanistan. As for going to Mandirs so many Sikhs in Punjab do that. People in India India believe in everything. The Sikhs abroad are more orthodox.
  15. Exactly, Punjab has the lowest percentage of muslims out of any state in the whole of India and that is because we tore them apart when the attacked us unprovoked in Rawalpindi. Sikhs in Punjab today don't know what it's like living side by side with muslims. They realise soon enough when they come to England. Muslims are far worse than Hindus, 100 times worse. I really don't understand some Sikhs. A lot of them wish for an undivided Punjab where Sikhs, Muslims and Hindus live side by side. What they don't realise is that we would be a tiny minority in such a state and would be forced to
  16. This is why it angers me when apne join hands with them over Kashmir or over this Citizen Act that Modi passed. Or they think there is some Punjabi connection with Pakistanis, it simply isn't the case. Even in Punjabi movies they try to have some Pakistani characters these days and show them as our long lost brothers. This is not done on the other side. What have they ever done for us?
  17. They're the only religion that does stuff like this. Sick people, and then they wonder why no one likes them or are wary of them. Keep them at arms distance and warn your children about them from birth.
  18. The number of Sikhs in that territory is minimal. Live in reality, not what happened 200 years ago. The day of empires are over. Demographics matter. We won't even be a majority in Punjab in 50 years the way things are going. Mass Sikh emigration and immigration from other Indian states has caused this.
  19. So tell me would you let your son or daughter's life to end if the only way to save them is to operate on their head and hence have to remove some hair?
  20. Answer my question first, would you let your child die because you refused to cut their hair for a brain operation?
  21. Tell me this, if you had a child who needed a life saving operation on their brain would you not do it because it involves cutting their hair?
  22. Not cutting his hair was silly. What do you think Guru Nanak would say about such a thing. He taught us to be logical.
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