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  1. You can say that about any name though. I have known people called Gurmeet, Gurmukh, Satnam who have been the very antithesis of what those names mean. It's the same with any religion I guess. Most English names have biblical origins.
  2. The way people spell their name varies. Balvinder can be spelled as Balwinder, Balbinder. Bhamra can be written as Bamra or even Bumrah like the cricketer!
  3. Yes so them having English names did not help them. There are more important things such as education. Barack Obama managed to become President with a very African sounding name. He achieved more than Colin Powell, Jesse Jackson and Condoleeza Rice.
  4. If we compare the Carribean blacks and African blacks I would say that the whites mingle more with the Carribeans as they have English names and a culture which is slightly more similar to themselves. However the Africans are more successful academically and economically. So if you want your kid to have a gora/gori partner then go for a western name but it won't do much for their career. In fact goreh might ask your kid 'is that your real name?' And they will never be able to escape the classic question- 'where are you really from?'
  5. The Chancellor is called Rishi Sunak, the secretary of state is Priti Patel. Their names clearly did not hold them back. We've already achieved so much in this country. Also we're not white like the Ashkenazi jews who often give themselves English names to blend into Anglo society. We will always stick out, whether we are called Jaspreet or James.
  6. Yep that's definitely the case and has happened in Langley where I live. I see quite a few people walking around in Kurta Pyjamas and Man skirts, something which you never saw 10 years ago.
  7. You've hit the nail on the head yet again. Apne move to whiter areas but the more that move the quicker white flight becomes. Nice areas around Slough such as Langley, Richings Park, Iver, Datchet, Burnham, Taplow are becoming more and more Indian. The whites are moving out fast from these places. Goreh really do not like living amongst Indians. All of the best schools in Slough are full of Indians and these rank as some of the best in the country. There is no need to follow goreh all of the time.
  8. So why are parents in Southall and Slough (my hometown) doing such things. In those towns it's more like 'spot the white person'. As for names like Sukhdeep, the Sikhs born here would know the innuendo associated with that name and avoid it. They can go for a simple easy to pronounce name like Preeti. No need for 'Jessica'. But some people are hell bent on giving their kids a western name and will look for any excuse to so.
  9. Hindus most definitely do, they tend to be even more coconut than apne. Muslims will never do something like that though.
  10. I wonder if the Sikhs in Dubai and Malaysia should give their kids names like Muhammad, Ahmed, Rahim? 'Old school', that sums up apna mentality. Names like Jordan are considered 'modrun' and regular Sikh names are considered old school (and out of fashion?) I've never heard goreh say names like Mark, Michael, Anthony, John are 'old school', despite them being around for centuries. The rot is really deep in our community.
  11. A name is important, it is a constant reminder of your background and culture. It's a big part of your identity. This is something even more important when you are a minority. Why do you think Goreh Sikhs change their names when they convert? There are plenty of short Indian names out there. At my school there was a girl called Kulwinderjit and the teachers could say it without much hassle. If people can say Tchaikovsky, they can say Kuljeet.
  12. Socrates used to think slavery was perfectly normal. Not exactly the most enlightened person was he? Eastern philosophers like Confuscious and Buddha were much better.
  13. 100%. A lot of the names themselves sound pure chavvy as well - Jayden, Harvey, Tiana, Sienna. I don't feel like associating with such parents. There are plenty of short desi names that are easy to pronounce, I've chosen such a name. In fact I was worried that the name we chose might be too common but my wife has said his class will be full of Jaydens, Jordans, Camerons not Amars, Arjuns, Harmans! So giving your kid a western name is going to be very far from being unique.
  14. I was blessed with a baby son a couple of weeks ago and gave him a nice desi name, it's also the name of a historical Sikh figure. My wife has been going to midwife appointments and she has seen the majority of apne our age (30s) have given their kids western names like Cameron, Jayden, Jordan, Kieran, Sienna, Tiana, Harvey, Cara, Kai, Keira, Emelia, Antonio. My former next door neighbours and my current neighbours have also done this and they both have khande logos on their cars. It's pathetic! Talk about being confused! What is the logic? I understand that the apne who grew up in
  15. You can say they are equally as bad. A smoker who passes on the smoke to his children is also a fool.
  16. From what I've read they only drink cannabis, not smoke it. The drink is called Sukha. What makes smoking worse than drinking is the stench it leaves behind long after the act is done and it also infects the people around who are not taking part.
  17. Growing up, smoking was considered one the most disgusting things a Sikh could do, far worse than drinking. It was seen as something strictly only done by muslims and hindus. Only the most ghatia Sikhs would smoke. Sadly it seems to be more accepted in our society nowadays.
  18. He did some very good things for us but was out of his element as well when it came to some issues. He encouraged us to fight back against muslim aggression during partition. He also managed to get us a state in India where we are the majority. These are two very important things. Had these two things not been done we would be speaking and writing in Urdu or Hindi today instead of Gurmukhi Punjabi. Even with his efforts Punjabi language is always under threat from Hindi due to Punjabi Hindus. You can imagine what it would be like without him. His main negative was his education level
  19. what an evil man, its a shame that he never got the same treatment as Indira did from us
  20. A simple Google search could have told you that he died in 2017. It would have taken less time to do that than write your comment.
  21. That's like saying a broken leg is better than a broken back. All music and movie industries are sleazy with tales of casting couches (both female and male) and drug addiction. I visited Los Angeles once and saw loads of failed wannabes on the streets high on Meth. Very sad to see. Having said that Sikh run institutions are less sleazy than Hindu and Muslim ones. Our religion promotes equality between the two genders and between different ethnicities and religions. I know very few apne follow that but the fact that it is there in scripture does have somewhat of an impact on the
  22. Why didn't Sikhi take off in cities? Are we just a bunch of villagers?
  23. keep playing the victim your whole life and never take responsibility.
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