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  1. its literally operated by 3ho lol I use it sometimes, but as a very last resort and not as much over past two-three years
  2. never heard of guru sahib being stuck composing sukhmani sahib, that is pure garbage of a thought as if they just sat down to write stuff according to what they wanted, dhur ki bani comes from paarbrahm kartar nobody said japji sahib is rough, its just different in terms of metre according to some folks that thing you said about mool mantar being exposition of ik oankaar, and japji sahib of mool mantar, etc., that same thing was preached by bhajan yogi (I agree with him even if I am not a fan of his character) its not just sikhiwiki, that was just an example and I have heard b
  3. It was guru hargobind sahib ji who gave bhai gurditta ji I think I'm pretty sure baba Sri chand did not continue relations with 2nd or 3rd paatshahis unless I'm mistaken
  4. Yeah I'm saying that was when I was young I think baba ji reconciled with rest of panth during gurgaddi of guru raam das ji maharaj when he realized why These four were inheritors of gurgaddi as he witnessed guru raam das jis humility He was given 700 rupees as bhentaa by guru sahib when he got to amritsar (I think it was amritsar guru ki nagari) and they had a discourse Baba ji knew guru raam das ji possessed immense brahm gian but wanted to test them, so he asked why he kept such a long beard to which guru sahib replied to dust off babaji feet and as he was about to re
  5. Any reference to it being referred to as mahalia 1 veerji? I recently took a look at sikhiwiki page on guru angads bani and angel 8, salok japuji is vrajimaan Although I see some incoherence as some versions of sakhi state bhai Jodha recited asa di vaar and japji every morning when bhai lehna (guru angad) heard him and began yearning for shabad and guru But lots of people agree that guru angad/bhai lehna in his 6 or 7 years of sewa at kartarpur, was entrusted with duty of complaining a morning bani and he took his time taking authentic dhur ki bani Some say this is why
  6. My nanimaa told me about this saki when I was young So I guess mainstream sikhs believe in it (although mainstream sikhs belie bc e in a lot of stuff lol) Personally, I am a bit apprehensive of the sikhi, even if it were true it doesnt pose much importance to gurmat or sikhi in general in my neech opinion
  7. Even since my younger years, I didnt think of udasis much I just knew they were excommunicated and that baba Sri chand was egotistic and anti sikh at first back when I was little but looks like they weren't like that They are right now the most diluted sampardayi right now, I don't even have hope for them unlike the nirmalas
  8. I have had this theory for some while it is harder to abstain nowadays because we get married so late (into our 30s, or perhaps late twenties at best) back in the day Id be a father by 17 lol not a excuse, just a interesting thought it was also easier to control kaam towards others because good chances were, you were betrothed after age of 12
  9. yeah I once used that point in a argument with some osho bhagat (from a sikh family) who said derogatory remarks on the other gurus, claiming guru nanak was the only enlightened one and that the rest *diluted* and corrupted guru nanak's message enshrined in japji sahib and the rest were all succeptible to emotions and panj chor (referred to "nis pyare seo neho" to say guru angad was attached to the mortal frame of guru nanak and was depressed when guru nanak passed away but I tried giving him a more accurate translation of the words) the guy kept on copying and pasting the same essay
  10. I thought everyone knew I forgot which source, but I read it somewhere as a kid At the moment, I can only recount bhai jagraj singh of BoS saying this a couples times, somewhere in his panj bania lecture or the japji sahib katha sikhs were asking guru maharaj for a morning bani, so guru maharaj blessed them with japji (I believe some were doing asa di vaar, at least as much was pargat by then, in addition as well but I may be wrong) the sewa of compiling shabads into a japuji sahib was entrusted to bhai lehna (guru angad) at the time of gurgaddi divas of guru angad d
  11. Sikhi in its essence has existed since satyug Every enlightened brahmgyani who has attained paarbrahm akaal purkh can be called a Sikh Such individuals of several clans, creeds, civilizations have been known to keep Kesha
  12. http://www.sikhpolice.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=102 Any thoughts sangat ji on this video or the auxiliary article?
  13. Yeah sikhs as a collective thought that the ultimate good would be leaving Anandpur with a pledge from foes that they would not even look in their direction from then Guru sahib did not intervene and lived in bhana That's the prevalent version I've known
  14. Baba binod singh jee were in full correspondence with bhai mani singh ji I believe there is a baba binod Singh bir of Sri dasam granth in moti bagh in sangrur I think So I think we should refrain from disrespecting this mahapurkh
  15. dont want to seem like a crackhead consipiracy theorist but didnt the british fight wars against xing dynasty over opium trading rights must have gotten the kanwar up in line after ranjit singh hooked onto opium if only maharaja ranjit singh didnt have pearls crushed into his wine
  16. they are the "chamkila" generation lol the confused turbulent generation, raised up in times of sant bhindranwale, khadku singhs, as well as manak, shinda, chamkila
  17. no no no guru maneyo granth is retained in all versions it is "guru khalsa maneo pargat gura ki deh" that is different this is from bhai prahlad singh ji rehitnama
  18. I am pro kashmir pro Kashmir under khalsa raaj of course we'll have another general zorawar singh someday
  19. are all the things in the second paragraph toxic pretty sure those things are universal in the world of punjabism
  20. technically kabiyo baach benti, is the benti chaupai, as indicated from the name anything beyond this "benti" chaupaee (such as rest of charitropakhyan or additional dasam bani) I would consider to be part of the longer "chaupaee sahib" which can be arbitrary upto the person's sharda and devotion but anyone can differ with this, this is just how I have viewed things from beginning the two cut off lines are the main issue in my opinion, because that is like reading japji sahib without the salok and 38th pauree, or anand sahib upto 37th pauree, or leaving out last two chhand of
  21. and yet the descendants of those dogras enjoy and wield political influence 70 years after "independence" and hari singh losing his jammu kingdom
  22. translations are never perfect and never will be able to perfectly capture gurbani by literary analysis so there is no point in contemplating on translations (which themselves will vary in infinite numbers, unlike gurbani which cannot be altered) I cant fanthom this edit: to the confused faces, translations can never replace gurbani because translations are very arbitrary and vary person to person, so they cant really reflect the essence of dhur ki bani
  23. yes I know I meant one of the first sikhs to translate sri japji sahib instead of some western scholar
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