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  1. I don’t want to brag, but my uncle Dave and his mistress with their five kids born out of the wedlock are already living on Mars for the past 12 years no way to contact them ‘cos there ain’t no direct lines to contact them.. better take some lessons in esotericism lol
  2. There are lots of Sikh people near our village who can actually see things in the unseen realms but they say we can’t understand what happens there. There is a very vazurg man who often tells people that Sikhs don’t go to the same realm after death. They go to different realms where only Gursikhs go.
  3. Totally agree with this. Once you have done enough abhiyas of this bani you feel very calm and protected. Your energies reach a new level of equipoise never experienced before. The main aim is to keep them aligned with other uncreated energies which are lying dormant waiting to manifest next. But you must remain gupt.
  4. I have used this video in the past and find its very helpfu. Thanks.
  5. 100% correct. I find if you try to understand the Gurbani shabad then you never forget them. So, if I am on the train or driving I just singh it to myself in any tune without music and I am fine. I prefer to do it this way. It’s very helpful.
  6. See, even this one has music playing in the background. I think what I am looking for is a voice full of rass and atmac giyan, like some mahapurakh. Something very evolved and natural.
  7. Hi there! Silly of me to comment so out of the blue. Yes, as I was saying, I can’t seem to find any simran videos that are without background music ....I prefer just the voice and nothing else. I find any music quite distracting. Tbh, even the paat videos have some kind of distracting music in the background. Sometimes the person who is doing the paat is so fast that you don’t even understand what they are saying. It’s very difficult for someone who is new to Sikhi to connect.
  8. I have seen many such kind videos but don’t know which one to use for my simran. I prefer to use very soft sounding videos but there aren’t all that many of those available on the youtube.
  9. Wow, they look so young in the videos.
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