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  1. so my massi has a photo of Krishna at her house idk why she does is this acceptable for Sikhs to do this? I avoid visiting her and her family because I don't want to be associated with these type of people.They have 0 ounce of SIkhi in their life and are like wanna be westernised am i in the wrong for wanting to break contact with them?
  2. Sikhs do have ingroup loyalty only sell out ''SIkhs'' i see are infact from certain castes and its not Jatt or tarkhan
  3. Pantera was a roman soldier who had an affair with mary and resulted in Jesus this story is backed by Jewish sources who are much more reliable and make more sense
  4. now tell me why would any Sikh want to convert to a cult tht literally worships a dead man on a stick a man tht was the product of an affair with a roman soldier mind you
  5. let them jibber jabber they all think they are turks these days We r the real pure Punjabis and a bonus we dont marry our cousins
  6. you are right i shoudln't have made this thread I was pretty angry with some things i saw on tiktok i will be better representative our community next time
  7. do you guys eat pork? i generally avoid it because its unhealthy and supposedly flesh is close to human flesh but tht being said wouldn't mind trying wild boar
  8. yea mostly punjbis killin punjabis but they did wipe out a crew of somalis who tried to set up shop in surrey general rule is do buisness wit other races but make them bottom feeders or crash test dummys
  9. New york singhs get together n show this half D wats up
  10. its a mixed bag depending on who you ask but these r prolly what ppl will say
  11. in canada hard workers, honourable, pious, misogynistic, homophobes, tough guys, toxic masculinity, womanizers, criminals
  12. bro these r not normal ppl like u n me they r proud of these things and would probably laugh amongst themselves to deal with these types u gotta dish it out the same
  13. i feel we should act aggressive with the suls, whenever we see one be harsh to them, dont do buisness with them, when u see one walking down the street go infront of them so they have to move, basically flex ur muscle on them, if u meet a pakistani muslim tell him u used to have an ex gf who was paki they hate tht trust me, tell them how halal is disgusting etc
  14. ive reported but nothing seems to come of it, im gonna make my own tiktok insulting islam and mohammed in response
  15. on a side note i see these hindus love posting photos of afghan singhs holding ggs and suitcases on their head a good reply to them is just post the exodus of kashmiri punshits and say u guys r getting kicked out in your own country, or we can always post images of hindoos getting it in bangladesh
  16. i was always under the impression tht bhangra dancing and boliya were a malwai thing
  17. very concerning what is happening to our community here
  18. it makes dindus fume when they see SIkh siding with muslims, the dindus also try to bring up the mughal treatment of our Gurus by tht logic we can tar all hindus with the same brush pahari raja, gangu bahmin, amritsar tobbaco riot, 1984 etc
  19. depends if its a real Sikhni then i sterotype i have is do not mess with them or they will do u physicall bodily harm, if its a punjabi girl from sikh background in the west some sterotype are either nerd, innocent, square. if its those punjabi club chicks Bimbo, drug user, alcoholic
  20. from what i heard they say think tehy r blessing the food they recite quran and then spit but if they spittin on gurdwara then thtll be different story
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