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  1. yea its true but since its biggest population they will be different groups, sure we have the white washed coconuts here in canada but there r more proper apneh here
  2. not worried about grooming we are already aware of it and has taken place here already media highlighted it next door in alberta its occuring in lethbridge and calgary. What im talking about is SIkhs become fully assimilated having no fight in them and become tanned white ppl
  3. these r our brothers and sisters but the majority of black ppl are not sikhs so we have nothing for them no brotherhood or sister hood if they r not sikh
  4. this is sikh website not leftist liberal website ok, if blacks attack our elders we will defend ourselves wether u like it or not look at twitter and look at the black response they r coming against us
  5. canada is for everyone bro we know what will happen if sikhs follow white culture look no further than uk community,
  6. i have had better expericnes with the somalis then i have with jamaican blacks
  7. thse blacks are becoming a pain, turst me even in toronto they attacked a baba but next day they got it bad and these jamaican yardies were teasing woman and punjabis beat them bad there r videos online of these and 10 punjabis jumping 1 kala in brampton, these kaley need it like tht again. and the media representation who cares we dont even need to mix with these ppl or there media make bank of them they r lowest of the low white western culture is scum fake i see right throught it. as for whites attacking us in my highschool days it was different we would go around and sometimes slap up random goreh for fun i know its wrong now but this is wat happened back in the day wen big group of apney would chill around even kaley sometimes would get chased around but there rnt many kaley here as there r in toronto
  8. i think these muslims who come to punjabi view us as the muslims view europeans, brits etc our women are fair game for them, they dont think twice about doing crimes in our Punjab and attacking our youth, basicaly they will behave with us how they behave with all host nations they are in.
  9. i think these muslims who come to punjabi view us as the muslims view europeans, brits etc our women are fair game for them, they dont think twice about doing crimes in our Punjab and attacking our youth, basicaly they will behave with us how they behave with all host nations they are in
  10. were they attacked just for being Sikhs or was there other things involved?
  11. who cares these suls were threatning the Sikh women and who cares about there minority commissions do to them what they do to ours in pakistan
  12. UK is comeplte opposite suls get bullied like this in my city you guys need to hit them back worse they look a bunch of puss boy
  13. so theres been a vid going around of a lady smokin cigarette in a Gurdwara in Punjab and the Singh's did a seva of givin the hag some slaps hindus r upset but what about when they beat the muslim kid who wanted water from the mandir
  14. they should know there are risks whenever you post on social media
  15. Bro the canadian and Uk expierence is very different as in Punjabis in western canada are ruthless, there are cases of non gang related punjabis just stabbing random innocent gora to death over soccer ball. For the gangs id say this has been going on for a while, i rememeber back in 2010s wed hear about gang dippers from Punjab coming here gettin involved in the mix. Canada has been having this problem since the 90s and criminals from punjab have been here since late 80s. Caste is nothing serious here bro if you read articles they come from different castes This is now not just a surrey problem but has spread throughout western canada what was happening in surrey 10 years ago is now happening in other places as populaton grows and this is not all the communities fault police turn blind eye to drugs coming in parents have to work hard to provide the elders only care about keeping daughters in check so boys from a young age are targetted by these older guys and the rest is histoy With the uk Punjabi population growing i wouldnt be suprised if this starts up over there
  16. if u go on tiktok and real the punjabi girls i seen go out the race are used goods tbh, i mean ull see alot more pakistani girls wit punjabis out in the clubs sheesha lounges its been tht way since i was growing up the punjabi boys usually have a gori or pak/afg as a side piece even my cousin tell me tht the iraqi girls n filipinos also datin punjabi boys
  17. any historical cases of the Singhs handing out punishments?
  18. For a Sikh what sort of punishment are we supposed to let out on those who sin like those who kill, cheat on spouse, adultery, theaf . rapist. drunkyard, what would be there punishment according to Sikhi
  19. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10598439/Social-worker-SUES-university-asked-defend-whiteness-interview.html?ito=push-notification&ci=wdnk-sTHy6&cri=B7oWDGHXHO&si=YtKBoX9hm_cE&xi=d479751b-a4a5-4f7f-b8d0-697c69ef1cd8&ai=10598439
  20. for our children or the coming generations learn from our mistakes block out majority gorafied media and promote trad sikh and punjabi values. inprint Sikhi eary in their childhood and do it properly. one big reason i never considered being ex sikh is because my dada dadhi when i was a young child took us few year to mela in bc it wasnt in our surrey but on the island so we had to take ferry it was a great adventure and the sangat there were very trad and small in number so tight knit community, but what made so proud was seeing the Singhs and them doing gatka. Seeing all the moves the swords it made me very proud and fearless even as a child and it stuck with me.
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