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  1. Unfortunately we find ourselves in a culture of elders are 'right' and you must stay with parents to respect them. I've found is alot of katha vachiks also like playing to the ego of the elders for popularity and usually throw masala to get brownie points. Having respect for elders and caring for them can be done in many ways. Yes some can have bliss under one roof but it's not wrong to be around for family but just living separately especially if it isnt working under one roof. Mental health is a big issue and sometimes staying under one roof just doesn't work and the clash can
  2. Sangatji what's everyones views on taking Maharaj to and from the Gurdwara to a paath at someones house? And what's the correct Marayada? I've always understood Maharaj needs to be accompanied by 5 Amritdhari Singhs at all times with and Ardas before leaving and then again when returning at the Gurdwara and same for arriving and leaving the destination. However, sadly, it seems some ppl have become relaxed about this and I've heard ppl mention they have seen instances of only 3 or 4 singhs, or even just only 2 taking Maharaj. If anyone can share the correct protocol/ma
  3. Das had the good fortune to do some seva in a sanpat paath a few years back. I was just on the japji raul and we had to do aukhi ghari shabad. I have to say it was amazing in the sense my mind was fully into it as you have to be fully engaged. My mind was fully focused for those 2 hours and I was surprised how much I enjoyed it (obv still a long way to go). Its a great way to get your dhyaan in check, both reciting the japji pauri, then the shabad and remembering your place is etc leaves no room for the mind to wander. Whereas normal my mind would wonder reciting japji as I knw the paath.
  4. Ah yes. Thanks for sharing, gna add it in too!
  5. Vaheguru Yes I noted this unwritten Marayada exists amongst the older generation of Gursikhs and I noted this with a number of Saints that das has had the good fortune of meeting. During a number of stays in india when visiting the dals a few years back I saw this in effect. Similarly in taksaals and deras with vidiyalas the students would sit together and follow the above during langar. Many of the younger ppl there dont seem to know the reason but it's a tradition that is carried on for generations. Only thing I noticed is now younger ppl just have the phone out and distracted wi
  6. Sounds like your mind wishes for all the worldly things but you are expecting 'sikhi' to give it to you. Bro it's a change of mindset that's needed. How do you feel cutting your hair will get you all these things. It is simply our karam. Through reading of gurbani and doing seva and ardas we can change our karam. Sikhi is a dharm where heads were given for the truth. It isnt for pursuit of any perfect lifestyles and worldly comfort. So we must reflect on what we pursue. We have to realise our time here is limited. The journey through this body is about connecting with the divine
  7. AcceptWill201

    Kirpan Help

    Maybe you need to spend sometime thinking about what sikhi is for you. Sometimes this creates a stronger foundation and gives purpose to what your doing and why ie why do nitnem, why wear kakkars, what is gurbani teaching us, what is life? A bit of soul searching, why you need a Guru, what does following his path do for you. It will help to have some good sikh sangat to help you along the way. Also start doing seva regularly. I'd say you should go before the Panj piyare at the next Amrit sanchar, whilst you realise your mistake and changed your ways as you say. You would benefit f
  8. Interesting to hear your views Singho. I recall the panj Piyare specifically stress the requirement for a kirpan on a gatra to be worn at all times ('gatray wali kirpan') and could not be on a dori or worn as a necklace etc, and not to be kept in kesh. They did say wearing additional shashters to this was fine. I think this had stuck in my mind as in the lead up to Amrit, due to work and wearing a kirpan under a shirt I started off with a gatra worn as normal under shirt but it would stick out. Then id put the gatra around both shoulders so the kirpan would neatly tuck under the ar
  9. Personally I beleive all the bhagats like bhagat kabir and sheikh fareed and many others who arent mentioned in gurbani all go to Sach Khand. It's not a sikh only venue. It's easy for ppl to manipulate a tuk of gurbani to sway it and justify their argument because gurbani is so deep and each tuk can have so many meanings. Whilst I dont have a shabad to hand I do think we need an open mind on this. I heard someone mention an anecdote in a katha that 'Nanak Naam Jahaj Hai', gursikhs (if truly on the path I suppose) travel on the path of Nanak which is like a plane, other paths may be
  10. Depending where you are go to your local Gurdwara. Or make a plan to visit a few. Some are open and you will find somewhere to stay in an emergency. Some are strict and closed during covid but others are open so you might have to try a few. Dw Guruji will show you the way. Dont worry about being homeless, I've been there and whilst it's tough and really when you hit rock bottom it's quite an experience and shape us . It's a sad reality tho that sometimes we hav to go through it. Its humbling and sometimes we have to bite ego and take help from family or people we havent been in tou
  11. So are you married to her now? Just unclear why your saying lonely and heartbroken is that due to the sangat situation? For the kurheit before you married, I would suggest you both go to the Amrit Sanchar and explain to the Panj Piyare. And follow any instruction given. With regards to sangat, do some volunteering or an activity you enjoy. Do seva wherever you can and you will find new sangat over time. The worlds a big place, if you didn't get on with some ppl it's no big deal move on. No ones 'scolding' or judging you here. It sounds like you made mistakes and you realise i
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