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  1. Out of the Sikh population in India and Pakistan combined 99.9% of Sikhs live in India so I would still advocate that if you are going on a trip to that part of the world that we as a Qaum focus our tourist dollars on east Punjab and uplifting our poor Sikhs in the process rather than enriching those who support the 1947 Pakistani Genocide of Sikhs in which 25% of the Sikhs there were killed. Obviously the more money we as overseas Sikhs invest in east Punjab the faster we can lift many of our brethren Sikhs out of poverty.
  2. Exactly there are 150,000 plus Sikhs in California easy which is in excess of the Sikh populations of Australia, London, Himachal Pradesh or Alberta respectively. Percentage wise there as many Sikhs in California today as there were Sikhs in the UK around 25years ago. There is no real concept of a Holiest place for Sikhs in the way Muslims pray to a black stone in Mecca. Otherwise why did Sikhs abandon the same to the terrorist state of Pakistan, if so? But in any case, the land of Pakistan is no more holy than east Punjab or the east coast of the States. What matters is our Shaba
  3. 1. Deep Sidhu isn't held up as Panthic hero but has given due respect for walking away from millions of dollars that he could have made as BJP MP or Advocate/Corporate Lawyer in order to stand for the rights of the poor in India. 2. Every other country has sehajdhari political leaders so why would one argue that Bhagwant Mann will do any worse of a job than Badal, Amrinder or Beanta? Surely it's about getting the least worst choice for leadership rather than insisting upon Rehit in a secular democracy. Remember barely above 50% at present when including all the Dera premi's within Sikh nu
  4. Simple reason Ranjeet is to decisively end any aspirations for Khalistan. Regardless of the fact that only a minority of Sikhs ever articulated in support of Khalistan. After 1984, RAW realised that most Sikhs were so enraged by the Congress Genocide of Sikhs that in the immediate aftermath of June 1984 and November 1984 it was safe to say that most Sikhs had concluded privately that Indira Gandhi had no moral authority or haq to have any connection or control over the Sikh Qaum. At that point Sikhs were around 63% of the east Punjab population and were on an upward demographic
  5. I disagree. Gurbani is about connecting us mere mortals to Akaal Purakh so that Sikhs can uplift ourselves as individuals and society at large. Followers of any Slavemaster (or Manuwadi) religion are not condemned blindly but the wrongful actions of the same are condemned. Gurmat emphatically condemning Slavery, the caste system, pedophilia, terrorism, Genocide is tantamount to an outright rejection of Islam, Christianity and Hinduism without Gurbani needing to dedicate itself to outright stating that Nazism, Satanism, Islam, Christianity, Manu Smriti, Hindutva are bad. Exactly Bhai Ma
  6. 1. I have to sadly agree with you. If the proliferation of apartheid Dera's continues and the present day Dharam Yudh of "Ik Nagri Ik Gurdwara" (only one united Gurdwara per pind in Punjab and in each locality in the West) then we are staring at demographic oblivion with the community heading towards minority status in east Punjab. 2. I disagree on that. Some of our people are stupid, yes. However, these demographic time bombs for east Punjab are ALL deliberate. i) Muhammad Izhar Alam the Genocidal Killer of Sikhs being appointed head of the east Punjab Waqf Board and tasked with t
  7. The question to ask yourself Dally is why would Bollywood in this instance hone in on a single tribe out of thousands in India? That tribe represents around 21% of the population of east Punjab and 40% of Sikh demographics in east Punjab. But in India, the Sikh adherents from that tribal ancestry represent less than 1 in 200 of the population but the Government still encourages Hindu film-makers to name a title as such in order to divide and rule the Sikh community.
  8. Correct on all you say Ranjeet Singh but I'd add: 1. It's actually a three-pronged approach as in order to turn Sikhs into a minority by the 2031 census a Hindu majority is not needed. i) So obviously there is economic labour migration from people perceived to be Hindu's but who with parchaar could readily become new sehajdhari Sikhs in most cases. These folks are essential for the economy of Punjab and provided we assimilate them as new Sikhs there won't be a problem if we simply educate them about our Shaheed Bhai Jiwan Singh Ji from Bihar and Dhan Dhan Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj
  9. Well said Dally Paji. There is no (south) Asian identity to be proud of. People of sub-contiental ancestry in the Diaspora should describe themselves as Hindu, Muslim, Christian or Sikh instead. (Though I can understand the Muslim and Pakistani desire to describe groomers via the generic term of Asian. As the blanket term has also assisted Pakistani Muslim MP's to represent 10% of the opposition parliamentary seats in England with a party that could come to power in a coalition in 2years time - which would result in at least ten more Mirpuri Muslim Jatts like the pedophile Lord
  10. @proudkaur21 it can't even be described as Low IQ thinking. The best way to describe so-called Sikhs aiding and abetting the planned anti-Sikh agenda of 13,000 newly constructed Mosques in each and every village of east Punjab is that they either hate Sikhi secretly or they are mentally retarded. What we need instead is a Dharam Yudh in which all of us on push the agenda to unite every single pind (and locality in the West) under a single united casteless Gurdwara asap this decade. That will be the key to defeating this looming demographic threat in east Punjab that seeks to tu
  11. Dhan Dhan Bhai Lalo Ji I think we as Sikhs need to remind ourselves and others in the Panth that spiritually Bhai Lalo Ji as a GurSikh represents a bigger and better Sikh than Ranjit Singh (for all his political and secular achievements).
  12. Well exposed on "Sham" Sister. I am not sure he is a far left commie but he is a rabid Pakistani puppet and for him to describe Singhs on Twitter as Incels but support pedophiles like Lord Nazir Ahmad along with the other Pakistani puppet Pannun is a joke. 1. Paji I just wanted to put forward that the "defund the police" mantra isn't what it seems to be and a better comparable might be if Sikhs in the 1990's were wanting the state to "defund Punjab Police". The word "defund" is toxic is should be replaced with "what alternative uses of the overall prison and police budget can yiel
  13. True bro in 2011 when 1.7% of Indians were enumerated as Sikhs that translated as 20million Sikhs back in 2011. The problem is that with a vastly below replacement fertility rate since 2011 there is no guarantee that Sikhs will be much more than 20million by 2050 or the 2051 census when the Indian population is projected to 1,650-1,700 million with Muslims on track to be 350million among that figure. The Sikh population in India needs to be 100million plus strong by the planned census of 2051 if we diaspora Sikhs do our best to financially support education, healthcare and parchaar t
  14. Great posts Ji + I am in full agreement with everything you say. We as Sikhs need to ditch this pathetic concept of Punjabiyat. Sikhi + the Punjabi language are all Punjabi Sikhs need. The reason the Harvest Festival nonsense is promoted over Vaisakhi (Khalsa Sajna Diwas) is that the opponents of Sikhi are scared of the 1.4 Billion Indian population realising that our Panj Piare from Gujarat, Karnataka, Odisha, Uttar Pradesh, Sialkot standing up in 1699 was the most revolutionary and incredible instance of the oppressed standing up in the land of India from day one through the
  15. "The Muslim Community has a fertility rate of 2.3, with the Hindu community following at 1.94 in NFHS 5. The Christian community has a fertility rate of 1.88, the Sikh community at 1.61, the Jain community at 1.6 and the Buddhist and neo-Buddhist community at 1.39—the lowest rate in the country." What the figures above neglect to mention is that the Muslims marry off their girls at age 16 in India and that excluding Jains (who are primarily from a business background), the Muslims have the second highest proportion of castes termed as "general category" in India or "higher caste" in Pakis
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