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  1. wjkk wjkf ji people don't realise that the purpose of going to gurughar or Sikh camps for learning and to make our root strong with sikhi. they have plenty of time to find their partner (wife or husband) after their Uni degree. age 15 is way too young to get into it. I probably had no clue what boyfriend or girlfriend meant at the age of 15. so keep doing what you doing. stay with Guru ji and you will have a successful career as well as a family life.
  2. do you think guru ji believed in caste system or support caste system?
  3. my view, you have a problem with facial hair, and that's fine, its your choice but what if non-facial hair girl has a problem with your beard, then? it goes both way. so wait and continue your search until you both need to find each other attractive. note: parents tent to force in our culture. make them understand that there is no point marrying and getting separated if you don't like each other.
  4. canada aale bassi da munda lagda ehe. ( awful content)
  5. just an idea! making ladies suits or Punjab suits from home or shop would be a good job. I am sure there is a big market for Punjabi suits in Mumbai and ladies always prefer to get it stitched. she can sell raw marital as well as stitching.
  6. sorry to hear this bro! I understand, as a Sikh we shouldn't believe in a caste system. people still believe in a caste because they have been living in a society which believe in a caste system for a long period of time. I know its wrong but as a parents, they think that their society will not accept it and they will have to face a lot of embarrassments in a society on everyday basis. As a Sikh we try and do everything Guru's way but there are certain things we do our own way and we still consider ourself as a Sikh. similarly older generation maybe aware of this caste system issue but they still stuck with it and doing it their own way. note:- keep your focus clear and do not get distracted with these issues and I am sure you will find someone soon. chardi kala.
  7. spirituality is not about changing your religion or hate others. surely she got her facts wrong but if she finding a peace of mind changing it then let her free. I am sure many has done it in the past. our duty is to be a learner and try living with Guru sahib's teaching.
  8. we will get to see this more and more in a globalise world.
  9. surely it can be an expensive lesson. my opinion: there are two ways of leaning thing. first learn from others experiences or mistakes, second you learn from your experiences or mistakes. most parents actually try to guide their children with their experience so they don't suffer in young age but its the "teen age" where we don't listen much and fall into the difficult situation.
  10. wjkk wjkf bai ji first of all I don't believe in caste system BUT I live in a society which believe in the caste system (sadly) and hopefully soon we will get over this issue in the future with Guru Ji's blessings. but for now we just have to deal with it and find the best possible solution for it. I understand and feel sorry for your friend, however they both knew at the first place that they were different caste and it will be an issue for them, so why didn't they tell their parents earlier? of course after one and half year of relationship they will suffer if they have to go apart or at least one of them as in your friend's case! NOTE: Solution:- in my opinion, have a clear regular communication between you and your parents instead of an argument. listen to the parents because they have been through this age. slowly make them understand with the examples from Guru Ji's bani and lifestyle. I wouldn't just fall into the relationship and leave it to the last minute to worry about it. I would just deal with it before starting relationship with someone.
  11. wjkk wjkf ji I admire your reply to our veer ji who is in difficult situation. I totally agree to it. just one thing I want to mention here, we all go through a difficult time at some point or some of us on many occasions. Just Keep doing ardaas every day. getting attention from many is a trap, it only feels good to fulfil all those desires at the time but it brings 10 times more "Dukh" takes away your piece of mind which many people face in their life and doesn't make you any special, every lusty desire in a young life is a direct call to many troubles mentally, financially and socially . you can either learn hard way via experiencing them or listen to the Guru and have a smooth life. staying with guru is special. you're only 17, very young age to be wise but you will realise this when you are over 25. my request is please hang in there and Stay connected to the Guru Maharaj ji. wjkk wjkf ji
  12. yes I am over 30 now, I only started searching for a life partner from last 9-10 months approx. spoke to few girls regarding this but haven't been lucky yet to find the right one. because there were few issues like moving overseas problem and not having similar beliefs etc. everything takes times I guess. I do get a quite few proposals for the arrange marriage but its not very convincing to me. i would like to get to know someone before I share my life with someone. you don't get much chance in arrange marriage, everything is so quick and pushy. moreover, this covid thing is around and not sure how long it will last. its just easy if I find someone here. and I am sure with Waheguru's Kirpa t will happen soon. something I have some scenarios or questions I just ask sangat for their views. its really helpful this forum. wjkk wjkf ji
  13. Hanji, there's a lot of sangat here but mostly really young ones.
  14. mostly 3ho people are hippies and they converted themselves into sikhi. they still do their hippie things even in the presence of Guru ji.
  15. wjkk wjkf ji I appreciate your views. arranged marriages aren't the same as they were before, middle person (relative, vichola or friend) only introduce you to someone but will not give you that guarantee thing. and the real problem is that they want quick results or answers yes or no! I don't feel down or anything, but this is my priority at the moment and I am keenly working on it with Waheguru's blessings.
  16. wjkk wjkf ji I would like to request sangat to give me their views about arrange marriage, where you get introduce to a girl and you never met her before in your life, 1.how to trust her so quick 2. if she is Amritdhari then at least I can trust my Guru and do ardaas to take first step 3. but if not Amritdhari and wiling to take Amrit just to get marry, its still not fair. 4. if just in case she had any past then how to ask and get truthful answer 5. how can I assure that if she had a past and she will not carry it into marriage life (because you hear a lot of stories these days) 6. can Sikhs get married and live under common law? few more things I will add on later thanks
  17. sure ji and you all are invited in advance for my future wedding. not sure all the sangat (vichola/vicholan) with get the Vichola ring but.
  18. well said! the purpose of having Sikhi in our life is to shape up with Sikhi, not to shape Sikhi to fulfil our desires.
  19. Sikhi "code of conduct" obey guru's hukam "not cutting any hair'. there are many reason to it as well (keeping it natural, or part of our rehat maryada being a Sikh or many scientific reasons.) we can use any which ever suits us the best.. but the bottom line is "Obey Guru's Hukam"
  20. Bhen ji "the assumption maker guy" seems very active downvoting those who are not agree with him. we all are allowed to have our opinions here.
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