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  1. We are a divided kaum, one group is busy with doing langar here and there and other group is busy in kaam/mauj /party and among them is very few who raises legimate issue and tries to stop anti sikhi activities like inter religion marriages in gurdwara and raising awareness regarding forced conversion into xtian but this group is such a small that it doesn't create much impact in the internet age. That's where I don't like quantity vs quality debate we need numbers if we had numbers like muslims, and hindus even if among them like 1% would be true to panth still that would count to 10 to 15 million people and this is a big group in social media age and these people can shape narratives .
  2. Do you know that British government even declared nihang as criminals ? They wanted to tame Sikhs do that they won't challenge their rule and by promoting passimism in the panth can be helpful for them. These were the sane guys who changed our musical instruments .
  3. How could a landlocked and small state project it's power ? Sikh leaders never were visionary, in this current age of democracy/ public opinion age , the majority always dominate. Somebody who offended someone's prophet in india become huge outcry worldwide but you won't hear much about how many SGGS was damaged by others . Sikhs have become pawn of liberals, muzzies, and hindus and they play siksh for their own political/ other benefits when they need them. 1984 happened and army did lot's of <banned word filter activated> but you would still see Sikh still going into indian armies. The panth is filled with fuddus who are only interested in their own wellbeing but they might also shout about sikhi this and that in gurdwara . There is a reason why sikhi never spreaded much outside of Punjab and I can say that sikhi even failed in Punjab ( west Punjab, himachal, haryana) because majority of the people didn't adopted sikhi and that's why you never could have a sikh State.
  4. That's why you need your own land and country . because otherwise you would be mercy of dominant group in outside in india it's hindu, muslim and in west it's liberal, conservative far right . Our leaders were <banned word filter activated>, they thought of short term gain then long term vision of creating their own country by any means.
  5. Because of economic reason . All those wealthy western countries population are declining quicker and they lack skilled and non skilled workers so they want more immigrants and in which many muslims also comes through it, because they can hire them for cheapest amount and muslim also get improves their own living standard, as well as they spread their own ideology by building more mosques, demanding Sharia laws. At the end they would win.
  6. Don't worry those same group of Sikhs would one day say to you that Sikhs would have better rights and power on Mars .
  7. Yeah, I also came to this conclusion some times. Sometimes I also think of not donating to gurdwara and most of the sangat only appear during gurparab and I don't think they would come much if there wasn't any langar. Whereas Sikhs who is going to gurdwara are not even paying attention to learning spritual part of sikhi and Gyani ji also seems not interested much while performing paath. Other religions especially abrahmic ones put more effort in distributing and spreading knowledge about spritual side of bible,Quran and they explain in such a way that it convinces huge audience. That's why missionary are getting more follower in Punjab and Sikhs neither understand their own religion and they don't even propagate it to others . Sikhs have become just a bunch of idealistic clown.
  8. Why worry about satkar of photo , when guru ji himself forbidden idol worshipping ? photo is also just an idol ,don't you see that ?
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