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  1. I was born with the external genitalia of a male, my gonads did not properly sexualize which is responsible for telling the rest of the body to become male instead of female so the rest of my (natural)Biology was female, You said the sexualization done by doctor's doesn't matter only what you were born with. Here's the words of an actual biologist that who's speciality is how cells decide what they are going to be.
  2. I remember once reading that Gobind was asked why he gave Sikh woman the name 'Kaur' and it quoted him as replying because a princess is equal to any male. My GoogleFu has failed me in finding that story of any other that report Guru Gobind own explanation of 'Kaur'. Does anyone know od any?
  3. Strangers have always called me female. When I was a child that would get to mad to tell them "I'm a boy" Before I heard of Sikh I grow a full Sikh beard(after taking testosterone shots) trying to get people to recognizing me as a male. I was diagnosed with low testosterone and in the examination it was discovered my testes were underdeveloped. Some say that your gender is determined by your biology, well if your ask biologist if you can't impregnate others then your gender is females. Which is why organisms that reproduce asexualy are called "Mothers" and their offspring "Daughters". I don't really give a damn what people call me. I know I'm as WaheGuru intended me to be and fully accept his hukam and only question it, not to second judge him but because I need more clarification to follow it. If I ever become ready to take Amrit(and meet khalsa which feels like it's never going to happen). If I had my way I would be a male amur tiger but if I had to still human I would be a tomboy Futanari(a Japanese word that refers to person that has a <banned word filter activated> but is otherwise female).
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