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  1. May be Many Taliban Were in afghan army who were just waiting for right time to switch side + most of afghan Population support Taliban Regime so it was Expected Those afghan Muslim who are fleeing are mostly hazaras Or those who want citizenship In USA ( most dont fear taliban They just want to live in west country)
  2. Average Hindi Guy Can Easily Understand Gurbani many Sikhs Consider Sikhs = Punjabi Our leaders can easily do prachaar there is Good number of Sindhi sahejadaris in rajasthan They also read gurbani from Hindi Gutkas I used to follow many diaspora Sikhs on twitter most of these diaspora Follow Punjabiyat Religion not sikhi We should not limit sikhi
  3. Yes he used to speak Hindavi (or Hindustani ) sikhs Used To tease Him saying Humko- Tumko sardaar Etc
  4. Yes they can be Greatest example Is sultane Quam Jassa Singh ahluwalia
  5. 1Jatt Songs should be banned These singer should use "Singh" instead of "Jatt " 2Land Distribution
  6. Most of Sikhs Dont hate hindus..bro u can come to punjab I am.sure most of sikhs Dont even Care avout khalistan now its just Most Indian( liberal right left etc ) admire KPS G operation Blue star Etc they don't care about feeling of Sikhs read about jaswant Singh khalra dhiren bhagat etc
  7. First step we Sikhs Should Stop using Surname instead of caste surname we should use Pind/ cities Name as surname Like ganganagri Jaipuria Amritsari jalandhari etc
  8. Yep Not Know Much about Punjab Here in Rajasthan we are in minority so We are Very United..
  9. How can Someone Be Even Happy About that I mean If They are Becaming khalsa Than Thats Something we can actually be happy Bcoz that Will Be good for our Demography but here they are coverting to that Religion That wants to convert mazhabi Sikhs too
  10. 60/70℅ of them came to rajasthan During 1947 partition Rest 40℅ are Rajasthanis Most Converted In in early 20th centuary ( like my great Grandfather) Here most sikhs work in Private companies or they do business In ganganagar Many are farmers too https://m.timesofindia.com/city/jaipur/sikhs-on-top-when-it-comes-to-employed-workforce-in-rajasthan/articleshow/50447374.cms
  11. I have met many Arora Sikhs their most relatives are Hindus I guess they have some Historical Ritual Making first child as sikh + they don't follow Sikhi properly they mix Hinduism and sikhi ( RSS types) together.. But I have not seen Them marrying thier cousin
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