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  1. https://www.hindustantimes.com/world-news/us-military-predicts-time-place-of-chinese-rocket-debris-crash-report-101620470619139.html Will Hit Turkmenistan.
  2. Yep India is buying Oxygen from Saudi Arabia , UAE but have Problem with Pakistan... Recently PM modi Wrote love Letter to Imran to Improve Relation...but I don't know What happen Now.. Punjab Will Soon Run Out of Oxygen...if covid Cases keep Increasing... https://twitter.com/GauravPandhi/status/1374414412895809545?s=20
  3. https://twitter.com/thewire_in/status/1390169520782946305?s=20
  4. Sikhs Should Support CAB It's Good for Afghani /Pakistani sikhs we should see Our Panth interest First... The Other community Have 52 countries + good political Representation in European Countries.. About NRC I agree it's Wrong it should not be Implemented ... And This Khalsa aid and Other Sikhs Organization Should First help All Poor sikhs Than Help Non Sikhs don't donate to any Organization Who Don't Give First priority to sikh..
  5. https://twitter.com/newscientist/status/1389871844463980546?s=20
  6. + Ambedkar Not followed Sikhi Bcoz Gandhi ji was anti sikh And he Advised Him To not convert to Sikhi Some people Spread False Information That master Tara Denied as He ( Ambedkar Sahib ) was Low caste No That false Rumours Master Tara Singh wanted Whole India To be Sikh how He would Deny That My great Grandfather ( Sundarlal kumar) who was Chamar By caste.. also Converted ( In Ganganagar) During master Tara Singh time....
  7. I partially Agree Yes at that time Only 4-5 Million Converted to Bhuddhism But it Did have A large impact in mind of Dalits... At that time Bhuddhist Population was Very very less in India + Bhuddhist shrines ( scriptures / missionaries )were too Very less in India so Conversion on large scale was Not possible + at that time Internet was Not there.. But in Today time ambedkar sahib Popularity is Increasing So now if any Dalit Feel Oppressed They Convert To Bhuddhism As they follow what ambedkar did https://indianexpress.com/article/india/days-after-dalits-took-up-buddh
  8. At least they are Accepting Oxygen Shortage Unlike UP Bihar Govermemt Who Are letting People Die And Saying Everything is alright don't Worry
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