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  1. On Twitter there was one Post By a french sikh So I Searched it on google ..and Found this article
  2. In Bachitar natak Guru Gobind Singh Mention One udasi Mahant kirpal das...who Fought against Hill rajas
  3. In Baluchistan And Sindh Udasis Still Have ek onkaar symbol and do prakash of Guru Granth sahib Too they call themselves as sikh I found this poster on internet ( I don't know What other Things They follow But one thing is sure They do prakash of Guru Granth sahib And celebrate Gurpurabs )
  4. Why Most Udasi Dont have Ek Onkaar Symbol In thier temple /deras now ? Why They use "OM " now ?
  5. No she said " Seekh men" One UK Sikh On twitter too Tweeted about this I have seen Most of British People Saying "Seekh" instead of "Sikh"
  6. Its part of thier Islamic Al~Taqiya Just see 0:10 in this Video It will Be Dangerous for sikhs in Europe Plz Take care and Raise Ur voice
  7. I dont know Just see Palestine Israel Conflict Post or that 29 men Arrested post. Whenever I talk about Muslims or Pakistani it always get Downvotes
  8. https://zeenews.india.com/india/sikh-diaspora-strongly-condemns-pakistan-for-defaming-sikh-community-2358182.html Where is Sikhs for justice or khalsa aid ??
  9. Salok Mahalla 9 https://youtu.be/2sB-G5LQGII
  10. I know This I already Posted about this https://www.sikhsangat.com/index.php?/topic/87949-israel~palestine-conflict/&do=findComment&comment=762630 But just Bcoz Palestine is Muslim Country That dosent mean We should Support Israel I have seen Many Pro Trump sikhs Supporting Israel. Israel Helped indira in 1984 Both countries are Criminal Countries..
  11. No u can Vote In ur native Village /city even U are Working in Other states My cousin Work in Bengluru But during election come To rajasthan to cast vote.
  12. 90k Sikhs Live in karnataka ,35~40k alone in banglore (capital of Karnataka IT industry Hub ) 40k ~50k live in Tamil nadu There are Historical GurdwaraS in These states Like ~ Guru nanak Jhira sahib (Bidar Karnataka ) Shri Guru Nanak Dham ( rameshwar Tamil Nadu) And There will Be no problem as Most of Citizens are educated and Can Speak English... In capitals ( chennai/ karnataka ) u will have no Difficulty..
  13. But There is Problem In Going To These countries as I have seen Most sikhs settle there And marry a Gori or western sikh girl and Get citizenship And U know India Dont support Dual Citizenship So Sikhs Who Migrate Lose Thier right to Vote in Punjab Election.
  14. Western Culture is Not good i see Most of sikh Girls( western ) on twitter are super Hippy SJF Warrior. thier timeline is Full of Pro Kashmir /pro palestine/ BLM/ LGBT Islamphobia She/her he/ him etc
  15. Bro Israel Helped Indira Gand** in Killing innocent Sikhs (operation bluestar )
  16. Most of punjabis Migrate To Western countries for Jobs / good education etc.. But Instead of Western countries punjabis should Migrate to southern india ( karnataka /Tamil nadu ) In south india States ~ education is Good , Good job Opportunities ,good food It will be Good for our demographics in india Too.. What's Ur views ?
  17. https://youtu.be/rU3vCzVw0pg Three most Favourite Shabad
  18. yes i watched few Videos Where many jews Were Protesting ( it was from UK I Think ) Against Israel ... I hope this israel ~palestine conflict End soon.. 20 children died.
  19. Even On Twitter Some Liberal Bibi With Rainbow Bio was saying its" OK" bcoz world is changing So Dharam Also needs little Changes..
  20. I remember When Article370 was Scrapped in Kashmir( in 2019) Many western ( and very Few sikhs in Punjab ) protested with Kashmiri muslims against Indian Goverment... They don't care About Sikhs Just look this article The previous Pro kashmiriyat goverment don't even Helped Sikhs Ravi Singh of khalsa aid too Tweeted against this Decision. https://www.indiatoday.in/india/story/kashmiri-sikhs-hope-for-minority-rights-job-opportunities-after-abrogation-of-article-370-1612960-2019-10-25
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