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  1. Hi, I was going to work in the car and on raaj radio this shabad came on sometihng like raam rang kide jaye it was sounded really vintage, Ive been trying to find similiar copies to that shabad but cant atm, does anyone know where I can find the copy i heard!?!
  2. Santa ke karaj aap khloya, Har kam kravan aaya ram

    wjkk wjkf

    Appeal from all sikhsangat

    Plz visit the panjpyare.com & read all info & also forward to all ur friends

    can u take a print out of this site?if u do plz take& put on the notice board at Gurdwara Sahib i am waiting ur response. (bharbanssingh.kars ewa@gm ail.com)

    Thanks &Regards

    Kar Sewa Delhi

  3. am i the only one who thinks it seems like a cool movie:D
  4. Akhoza


    HAHAHAHA the Borat music
  5. Akhoza


    :H: Erm why dont you eat properly ehme have some burgers, cheese and fatty foods(i.e. rotia) with those foods you'd be bootilicous
  6. Akhoza

    Muslim Man

    I quite enjoy this guys lectures lolz if it wasnt for SS i would have been REALLY interested
  7. When i went in 2000 the Amritsar airport was a shabby place and well on the return journey the plane was delayed for 12 hrs and we were given some nasty sandwiches and everything seemed fresh and basic lolz
  8. Akhoza

    Marriage Issues

    Approach her and try resolve it *EDITED*
  9. HAHAHA so true i do some of those things now ....but he didnt pay for my tuition fees exactly :sady: Ps: Yh i forgot it becomes sad at the end...sad but its the way things go
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