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  1. Hi, I was going to work in the car and on raaj radio this shabad came on sometihng like raam rang kide jaye it was sounded really vintage, Ive been trying to find similiar copies to that shabad but cant atm, does anyone know where I can find the copy i heard!?!
  2. am i the only one who thinks it seems like a cool movie:D
  3. Akhoza


    HAHAHAHA the Borat music
  4. Akhoza


    :H: Erm why dont you eat properly ehme have some burgers, cheese and fatty foods(i.e. rotia) with those foods you'd be bootilicous
  5. Akhoza

    Muslim Man

    I quite enjoy this guys lectures lolz if it wasnt for SS i would have been REALLY interested
  6. When i went in 2000 the Amritsar airport was a shabby place and well on the return journey the plane was delayed for 12 hrs and we were given some nasty sandwiches and everything seemed fresh and basic lolz
  7. Approach her and try resolve it *EDITED*
  8. HAHAHA so true i do some of those things now ....but he didnt pay for my tuition fees exactly :sady: Ps: Yh i forgot it becomes sad at the end...sad but its the way things go
  9. ................. theres LOADS of hindus with the surname singh ......however theres probably more sikhs i think im not sure with the surname Singh
  10. i deleted mine after i got a naked indian man visiting it and he sent a dirty message Ps: im a guy
  11. Nice one, have you seen her on the music channels - she is kinda nice. oh yh she is :wubc:
  12. Head and shoulders antidandruff an educated guess i dont get beard dandruff or on me head since i use head and shoulders *flicks his hair*
  13. Are you doing what those annoying Christians do and printing info about your religion then handing it out, if so then beware since people probably use it for toilet paper....
  14. Stop being so horrible i like her :sady: even though she doesnt give Kaur a good name
  15. Gandhi listens to bhangra and gets his groove on : Gandhi taking a leap out of my book
  16. YAHEEEEEEEEEEEE HAPPY BDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :HP: :HP: :HP: :HP: :HP: Letz party...stuff yourself with samosas and pakoras!
  17. GREAAT advice.. hence the sarcasim... yea we cud see the sarcasm which made it funny but when you went and stated it was sarcasm it just well killed the humure to be quite frank i wasnt being sarcastic...or he could marry her and she could remain Muslim but the kids could be raised Sikhs :cool:
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