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  1. N30, funny how you ignored the first three paragraphs of my post where I gave a concrete example of a Gursikh who removed his title 'sant'. I see such a person, as a person with a lot of nimarta. An ideal Gursikh who will not accept people treating them as if they're all of it. Very true, this is my conception of what a sant would be like, but I get this example from Sikhs from history who i KNOW have "got it all" who ARE pooran jot vich jot. One excellent example that comes to mind if Bhai Sahib Bhai Gurdas Ji (who I never see you guys calling "Sant Gurdas Ji" - was he any less than reru vale
  2. As Singhstah earlier on said; I really don't understand why a real sant would even accept a such title. A real sant wouldn't just from otuside say"apa koch nahi hege" but really make sure that no-one "overrespects" them. The example that comes to mind is Nawab Kapur Singh who despite being elected as the jathedar of the Panth, despite doign loads of "leadership-seva" still carried on picking up horsedung. That is humility an nimarta, where you personally do NOT see yourself and let other people treat you as a sant. When you realize that before parmatma you are nothing, though you are part of
  3. Ok, so bring them to Punjab in mass scale and take away the jobs the bhaiyas have taken. These bhaiyas although in the pace (and uncontrolled) pace they are comign in, in a way is "invading" Punjab, and in SOME way needs to be regulated - are a very very hard working people. They do drugs, only to being to do that extra ride for the next Punjabis to get to the cinema. So that they can get that extra ten rupies. Firstly; do these Sikhs tribes WANT to move to Punjab? If they do, you might want to start makign an effort in getting them to Punjab instead of critisizing those who are coming to Pun
  4. 1- Could you please give us the specific Gurbani tuk so that we can look into the context. 2- I find ir rather ironic that you are comparing Bhagat Prahlaad Ji and Bhagat Kabeer Ji, who have officially been accepted by Guru Arjan Dev Ji, with people who are being called sants today. I'm not saying there aren't good people in sant samaj, or those with an uchi avastha; but my question is: Who gave them this title? Who gave the person this title? If Sangat did - how does the sangat know that this person is indeed a brahmgyani, Gurbani tells us only a brahmgyani can know who another brahmgyani is
  5. Singh_bling although most people acknowledge that sants do exist and they are given much respect in Gurbani we also need to appreciate that Gurbani gives us a description of what a Sant is like. Rather detailed one, and I must tell you most sants of the sant samaj do not fall into this catagory. I'm not saying all of them are bad. Butjust like the SGPC basket, sant samaj includes many bad aplpes that although do organize morchas, a lot of them are to get increased support I'll give you the most obvious example, which I've repeated on the forum again and again. Baba Dhumma got his kursi (jath
  6. N30 if you had bothered reading my post carefully you would have noticed that the point being made was about the usage of the word sant being so loose. I've carried on speaking on the topic SunSingh Veer ji brought up. According to him, anyone not believing "in sants, do not believe in Gurbani." my point was: it's not that people don't believe in the existance of saints, because they exist. Gurbani clearly tells us that these do exist; however Gurbani also tells us that saints are "virley ke-y ke." That's why I find it so amusing to find an entire "samaj" of sant, when our Guru sahib tells us
  7. SunSingh Veer ji, you keep throwing these Gurbani quotes about saints being part of parmatma (infact BEING parmatma), yet you do not realize what most people have issues with. Not whether Sants exist or not. Ranjit Singh of Dhardhria has been called "sant" since the day he started to do parchar (which is fine if he truelly is the sant that Gurbani described; the sant that is one with akal purakh). I have no intention of saying Ranjit Singh isn't doing Panthic seva, or isn't "joRH-ing" people to Maharaj. He is does a lot of parchar and seva. However earlier on in his life (there are videos on y
  8. Many Many Happy Returns of the Day :D May Maharaj keep blessing you with more pyaar, sharda, and gyan of Gurmat and Gurbani. Once again, Congrats :D
  9. Inder Singh, none of there sources you have mentioned, about amritsanchar are contemporary. I believe Gur Kia Sakhia are from 18th centuary, and The Bhai Gurdas, is from 1760 something. None of them even lived during the time of Guru Gobind Singh. The Granth mentioned by Bijla Singh is new to me.
  10. Totally irrelevant. Nothing to do whether its parkash or not. My question remains: Why wasn't parkash of Dasm Granth done during 1699 Vaisakhi if he held it in the same light as Guru Granth Sahib Maharaj How do you know that Bhai Gurdas Ji's vaars wasn't parkash. Your question is absurd. Our ithhas tells us Guru Arjan Dev Ji did Parkash of Aad Granth. Is there ANYTHING AT ALL that tells us that he did parkash of Dasam Granth. None that you have been able to provide, so as far as I'm aware, we know he did parkash of Guru Granth Sahib Ji, but nothing tells us he did it with Dasam Granth. I
  11. Inder Singh, I'm still waiting for your reference that Dasam Granth was parkash at Akal Takhat up till 1940's. Fact that Akal Takhat banned parkash and Akhand Paath of Dasam Granth 1934, doesn't help your case either Fact remains: Maharaj decided not to Parkash it - who are you to change it? Maharaj decided not to treat the Banis the same way - who are you to change Maharaj Ji's way of doing things. Kaun ho tusi badlan valey? Also stop using Sikh Rehit Maryada as a reference. You don't adhere to it anyway
  12. Khalsaland Veeray, have I ever said anyone is disrespecting Guru Granth Sahib Ji? stop throwing things into my mouth. Things I haven't even implied. Khalsaland, I question anything going against the kasvati of Guru Granth Sahib Ji, so yes I question when Bhai Desa Singh says the Khalsa was founded to protect Brahminds and the cow. I question it. I don't question Bhai Desa Singh when he says that "pritham rehit" is Khandey ki Pahul. I question a lot of Bhai Chaupa Singhs rehitnamas because its been vigorously edited, and contains very little truth (which might explain why websites such as <
  13. Khalsaland, you have again diverted the topic. By writings half of your post on Rehitnamas. I agree that rehitnamas were the basis of the Sikh Rehit Maryada. I fully support this maryada (which ironically rejects many of the statements in the rehitnamas you have mentioned.) Do you fully accept the Sikh Rehit Maryada as it as? Why the hypocrasy. Since you are bent on accepting all Rehitnamas, I assume you accept everything Chaupa Singh has written. I suggest you start reading the rehitnamas before commenting on them. Do you accept that bibis cannot have Khandey da Amrit, but should have Kirpa
  14. The compositions have been written at different times over a span of a long time.Guru ji has given the date of their completion.If you take composition of Charitropakhayan and compare it with writing of Rehatnama of Bhai Chaupa singh ji the dates of compleiton exactly match. Veer, Sorry I'm not sure how comparing rehitnama Chaupa Singh (out of All rehitnamas! The one who says there is not Khandey Batte di Pahul for women! They can "only" have Kirpan da Amrit, and includes many other obscure practises.) to prove it's reliability. I suggest you read Bhai Chaupa Singh's writings before "using i
  15. V

    Applying The Word "sh"

    How does taksal pronounce sahib and rang in - ਰੰਙਣ ਵਾਲਾ ਜੇ ਰੰਙੈ ਸਾਹਿਬੁ ਐਸਾ ਰੰਗੁ ਨ ਡੀਠ ॥੨॥ Since they pronounce everything as written - do they pronounce sahib as "sahibo" and rang as "rango"? Notice the "ignored unkaRs" Also Singh132 asked a very valid question yet not answered; if Gurbani is pronounced exactly like it's written, why take santhiya at all? Jao Punjabi parNi Sikho. Boht eh.
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