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    sehajae hee har naam laehu har thath n khoeeai ||
  1. Ermm. Tudai whent to the gurduwara and like chylled for a bit and then i came home and sat on the computer and its now 4:36am and im still on the computer. Yaar, i have no life
  2. Mmmmhm I am me I live in Brampton, Ontario, Canada I play a lotta sports Im a girl I have a head which rests apon my shoulders and from either side of me there are these 2 long things which i think people reffer to as "arms" I love food ..eat it like a pig, dont gain a pound I am kinda tall, 5''7 and a half to be exact :TH: My finger nails hurt cause i just finished prying fake nails off of them, i now know that fake nails are not youre freind. . they look pretty, but they hurt and im shure yu are all tierd of reading about me so ill shut up now :| Toodles
  3. SikhSoul

    Hai Hai

  4. Hmmm, sports... I play rep soccer ( Footie to yu british people =) ) I play tennis and badminton and i run track and i play football.. yee.. anyother psort out there i play it..lol. i like sports =)
  5. So? If they bug you about converting, let then. If you are a true sikh you wont convert.
  6. I personally think that ist a good idea to go.. you might learn something new. Its good to eduacte yourself about other religions and expand your horizons. Lol. alirghty? I hope you go. Fateh
  8. Mmmhm' I guess it really doesnt matter a slong as you think of it as a kirpan and respect it all the same. My little cousin carries a blunt one because ...well, hes a child! I dont think people would go around handing amarthari children sharp objects. . . do you? Fateh
  9. Brazil or England or Portugal All the Waayy
  10. Fateh Well from what I have heard from a very trusted Baba Ji that I go to ( Baba Baldev Singh Ji ), once you commit suicide you do not free yourself from this worold. As a matter of fact, you make it worse. You must still stay on earth until the day you were meant to die. Basicaly, you're soul will wonder around on this world until the day you were supposed to die. Also, lets not forget that suicide is a big sin. I hope you do the right thing. Fateh
  11. Lol. 12 days? wow. im 14 and i havent considerd it. i took chola once, hated it. Felt as if there were too many restrictions and so i broke it. Wow, im pretty darn bad. Mmhm. Dont hate me Fateh
  12. WJKK WJKF I was just wondering, how many people on this site are actualy amathari? I mean, am i like the only one who isnt? Fateh
  13. LMFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFAAAAOOO Hahahhahahahaha, Yes. Sant baba kutha. Hai hai, kirpa karoo kutha ji! KIRPAA KARO!!! Omg, i cant stop laughing, hilarious. FATEH P.S... HAHAHAHHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHAHAHAHAH
  14. SikhSoul

    My Mum

    calling them 'bandarian' is VERY disrespectful and VERY unsikh... u say ur mum is a Khalsa, well u should try to follow her example... ur doing exactly what they're doing at gurdwaraz... so that would make you, what, a bandar?..... no... you are a son of Guru Gobind Singh Jee... start acting like it... some people are jus misguided or naive... yes what they are doing is wrong, but calling them 'bandarian' is just WRONG.. your talking about someones mother, sister, even daughter!.... LOL... well i find bhandarian a HILARIOUS word and i use it very often in my vocabulary. Lighten up.... Fat
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