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  1. Happy Birthday veeray!! :wub: :HP:
  2. ummmmm forgive me if i'm slow or anything... i dont wish to sidetrack but this got me really curious.....what does owning a handbag have to do with how a girl behaves???? :wub: :wub: 116762[/snapback] Oh soz it ain't aimed at ppl havin handbags but in india havin a hand bag for some is a total different reason to why girls maybe in uk or sumwhere else would have it for. there most girls don't even carry handbag to put their belongings in most time it is either empty or filled with as much make up as poss. I saw this girl on the bus in india an when her friends saw a boy coming the girl got out all her make up an slapped it on. it's a matter of shakini as the call it i guess. 116927[/snapback] :wub: @ having lived in india all my life, i can assure you these cases aren't normal. Yes there are such girls, but it is not a good thing to generalise based upon your bad experiences... i myself never wore any makeup.. and hand bag.... i think it serves the same purpose where ever you live... and bad people are everywhere. not just in punjab.
  3. http://www.lakelandradio.co.uk/cms/content/view/4248/1/ Saturday, 30 July 2005 Minifest At Storytellers Garden The Storytellers Garden in Grasmere is holding it's Summer Minifest this weekend. Today’s events includes ‘Brumjabi’ at 2 o clock, that features two Midlands storytellers Pete Chand and Chris Lowe. Pete is a sikh and will be telling sikh legends. Then tonight at 9.30 Lakeland Storyteller Taffy Thomas will be joined by Pete, to tell Lakeland and Sikh ghost stories by firelight. Today’s first event though, is a riverside walk at 11am, which is pushchair and wheelchair friendly. :doh:
  4. waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguroo ji ki fateh pRB kau ismrih sy praupkwrI ] prubh ko simurehi sae puroupukaaree Those who remember God generously help others. ang 263 waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguroo ji ki fateh
  5. DnwsrI mhlw 1 ] dhunaasuree mehulaa 1 Dhanaasaree, First Mehl: hm AwdmI hW iek dmI muhliq muhqu n jwxw ] hum aadhumee haa eik dhumee muhulath muhuth n jaanaa We are human beings of the briefest moment; we do not know the appointed time of our departure. nwnku ibnvY iqsY sryvhu jw ky jIA prwxw ]1] naanuk binuvai thisai suraevuhu jaa kae jeea puraanaa Prays Nanak, serve the One, to whom our soul and breath of life belong. ||1|| AMDy jIvnw vIcwir dyiK kyqy ky idnw ]1] rhwau ] andhae jeevunaa veechaar dhaekh kaethae kae dhinaa You are blind - see and consider, how many days your life shall last. ||1||Pause|| swsu mwsu sBu jIau qumwrw qU mY Krw ipAwrw ] saas maas subh jeeo thumaaraa thoo mai khuraa piaaraa My breath, my flesh and my soul are all Yours, Lord; You are so very dear to me. nwnku swieru eyv khqu hY scy prvdgwrw ]2] naanuk saaeir eaev kehuth hai suchae puruvudhugaaraa Nanak, the poet, says this, O True Lord Cherisher. ||2|| jy qU iksY n dyhI myry swihbw ikAw ko kFY ghxw ] jae thoo kisai n dhaehee maerae saahibaa kiaa ko kutai gehunaa If you gave nothing, O my Lord and Master, what could anyone pledge to You? nwnku ibnvY so ikCu pweIAY purib ilKy kw lhxw ]3] naanuk binuvai so kish paaeeai purab likhae kaa lehunaa Nanak prays, we receive that which we are pre-destined to receive. ||3|| nwmu Ksm kw iciq n kIAw kptI kptu kmwxw ] naam khusum kaa chith n keeaa kuputtee kuputt kumaanaa The deceitful person does not remember the Lord's Name; he practices only deceit. jm duAwir jw pkiV clwieAw qw cldw pCuqwxw ]4] jum dhuaar jaa pukarr chulaaeiaa thaa chuludhaa pushuthaanaa When he is marched in chains to Death's door, then, he regrets his actions. ||4|| jb lgu dunIAw rhIAY nwnk ikCu suxIAY ikCu khIAY ] jub lug dhuneeaa reheeai naanuk kish suneeai kish keheeai As long as we are in this world, O Nanak, we should listen, and speak of the Lord. Bwil rhy hm rhxu n pwieAw jIviqAw mir rhIAY ]5]2] bhaal rehae hum rehun n paaeiaa jeevathiaa mar reheeai I have searched, but I have found no way to remain here; so, remain dead while yet alive. ||5||2||
  6. errrmmm i dont think that should be much of an issue if you dont run other things alongside. anyways do tell us if u find a better solution.
  7. i dont think there is a way to split a stream like that. But you can run two encoders, in one do the video, and other for the audio, and select same source for the audio in both encoders. Select a different port for each instance of the encoder.
  8. wjkkwjkf i believe there is a video of how to tie a dumala in the media section of www.matabhaagkaur.org and 1 gaj= 1 yard = 0.9144 meter wjkkwjkf
  9. why do u need to split the live stream <_< @ simply use the multi stream... (the multiple bit rate thing)
  10. Jyot


    waheguroojeekaakhalsa waheguroojeekeefateh mmm i thought kirt= ikrq as in kirt karo naam japo vand chhako and keert=kIrq which means to praise sooo keertan sounds ok to me... waheguroojeekaakhalsa waheguroojeekeefateh
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