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  1. That means all muslims worship Guru Nanak. All Jews worship Guru Nanak All Buddhists worship Guru Nanak. You get my drift? If a new religion is formed tomorrow by Mr X. It's followers can say Mr X is God, and Mr X saved Pralaad and other bhagats. Indeed Mr X was Guru Nanak in a previous life. We will not like that would we. We will argue with them. Round and Round it goes.
  2. According to Guru Granth Sahib Jee. Pralaad was saved by God. Pralaad lived hundreds of years prior to Guru Nanak. Pralaad was a Hindu. So folks, Sikhs do not have a monopoly on God.
  3. If Badal is so bad why has the Damdami Taksal joined forces with him? What does thIs say about DT?
  4. Basically, if someone has a different viewpoint to the pro-khalistani, Bhindranwale, DDT view they should not be allowed on Sikh channels? This is precisely the reason why many Sikhs fear a Khalistan state. Anybody who has a different viewpoint will be sanctioned. Sangat TV is for the whole of the Sikh community and not just the Khalistani supporters. If you do not like it pick up the remote and switch off.
  5. So what you are saying is that emancipation from the cycle of birth and death is only possible for those who keep rehit. Could you tell me where in Guru Granth Sahib Jee it states this?
  6. A lot of those celebrating in Wolverhampton, Dudley Road were not freshies but British born. I know because i was there. My friends, who were part of the Soho Rd celebrations, are British born and University educated professionals. Maybe freshie dominated celebrations in Southall but not here in the Midlands.
  7. No to Khalistan as the population of Punjab do not want it. The people of Punjab - half are non-sikh and the other half are mostly like the "freshies" celebrating the Indian victory over Pakistan. Only when the overwhelming majority of the Punjab population demand Khalistan will it become realistic. In my experience the vast majority of people in Punjab just laugh at the notion of Khalistan. Unfortunately cannot see this happening as the majority of Sikhs are leaving Punjab/India for the west or moving to cities outside Punjab for economic reasons, eg Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore. Moreover you have an increasing number of non-sikhs moving into Punjab from Bihar etc. Soon Sikhs will be a minority in Punjab and Khalistan will become even more unrealisic.
  8. Well it seems like contradictory to popular belief - that our Guru's were full of ego. They could not stand differing viewpoints. The Gurus used to get jealous when someone else acted higher than them. Subsequently the Gurus sanctioned the assassination of these culprits. Is this what the Guru's taught us? Is this the message of Guru Granth Sahib Jee?
  9. Akal Takht REHAT MARYADA is the only one authorised by the Akal Takht. But you lot only follow Akal Takht when it suits you. "The Sikh Rehat Maryada a booklet of the Official Sikh Code of Conduct and Conventions sanctioned by Sri Akaal Takht Sahib, the Sikh Supreme Seat of Authority." http://www.sikhism101.com/node/175
  10. According to the Rehat Maryada a Sikh can eat meal (non-halal). But sorry - you lot only follow Rehat Maryada when it suits you.
  11. Very sad news. But what do you lot expect. You go around killing their religous figures - they are bound to react. If someone assassinated one of our religous figures like Ranjit Singh Dhandrianwale or Baba Thakur Singh (if he were still alive) - how would you react?
  12. Extremists on this forum and outside are now saying that non-amritdharis are not sikhs Does that mean that amritdhari Sikh women who are married to Non-Amritdhari men are sleeping with non-sikhs? I know a few Sikh activists who's mothers are amritdhari and their husbands are not.
  13. Jassa Very inspirational post. Too bad this forum is dominated by brainwashed youths. Jassa - your words will go in one ear and out the other.
  14. EDITED - Insulting Panthic jathebandis not allowed.
  15. So what do you call all those amritdhari women who are married to non-amritdhari men. Are these women sleeping with non-sikhs?
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