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  1. Thanks guys got told I was anti Sikh Tv and so on even though i knew Gagan came on checked the topics and found a clone Sarpanch with an extra 'H' in their name and the same avatar someones trying to cause trouble with me i guess.Thanks for taking note S1ngh really appreciate it at this hard time with whats happened
  2. Just came on to say that I am the real Sarpanch on Sikhsangat, I distance myself from the other 'Sarpanchh'and his comments as I believe the opposite on Gagandip's topic.This clone 'Sarpanchh' has even used the same avatar as in my account can something be done about this?
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AbyZMeCUBkM da full video
  4. So what now are the UK Dhadria followers going to come with their hokcey sticks again lol!
  5. Give it a break is that all people can say 'Puratan this Puratan that' purataan chaki firdeyah - in the end no one can touch Babbu Maan weird how only the dera lot here - Sant/Baba lot are offended where as the rest of the Qoum isn't and whole heartldy agree with it the Sant/Baba/Nihang this that are a minority compared to the common Sikh who agrees and openly supports Babbu
  6. http://www.chakdey.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=1555&Itemid=2 http://www.facebook.com/#/group.php?gid=179700576500&ref=ts
  7. A Friend of mine did not know who Todar Mal was after listening to 'Soorveer' he asked people and found out -
  8. Ignorance ... Patiala de samagamch oh 3 choon 2 din 1984 barre bolda reha ... but jai babbu mann di cd cd playerchoon nikle te kiss sadhu di cd cd playerch jaye patta taan lagge ... Ehs Sadhu di CD's tay ohdo chukk ke sutt dittiya si jad patandar aap Guru banke baitha si....bhul gaye ohs video nu? If you listen to some of Babbu Mann's shahyri from live shows, prior to this album being released, you will realise that he does indeed have SOME sikhi jazbaat in him, at one show he even says in answer to the sardar sms joke goin around in punjab and india, that theres only ever been one kaum w
  9. Brilliant programme - shows the typical Panjabi family - along with the caste system issue which affects the Sikh Qoum throughout the generations - with the girl being a 'Tharkhan' and guy a 'Jatt' the girls mother does not want her to marry the boy - and this in 2009!
  10. There was a debate on Akash Radio last night regarding the song, Sukhwinder Singh - Akash Radio was of course pro Sant/Baba gave reasons like oh why do Police cars and Ambulances need lights - so they can move traffic he goes - he compared it to Baba's needing emergency parchaar - lol. A great call from Italy shut him and the anti Babbu Mann lot up he said these Baba's and Moranwalis call Babbu Mann' roda/mona/kona' those who burned alive DUSHT PAPPI Ajit Nang Phoola were also Moneh,while Phoola was dressed as a Sikh - why did they burn him alive - due to the fact they had pyar for Sikhi and
  11. The album getting banned shows how the '2' Govt & Sant /Babas - fakes (not the real 1's) work together against anyone speaking out against them - as this album speaks out agaisnt Fake Sants the list is endless - from Pakhandis to Ram Ramhim ,Radhaswami to Namdhri Jagjit - it speaks out against the Govt - injustices false promises and genocide - it talks about nationalism Panthic Dardh - when any govt or Dera guys see anyone speaking out against them they work to shut them down - this will only increase the demand for it!
  12. BREAKING NEWS: JUST GOT NEWS THAT BABBU MAANS ALBUM HAS BEEN BANNED IN INDIA,THANKS TO ALL YOU SANT BABA FOLLOWERS + INDIAN GOVT. BOTH WHO THINK THEY CAN WEILD POWER - On the bright side by complaining and getting it banned you (the haters)lot have just given free publicity which will craete more interest in the album and will hopefully wake up more people
  13. Sikh student federation launches Bhindranwale sticker drive in Ludhiana Ludhiana, Nov. 9 (ANI): Activists of Sikh student federation here on Monday released posters and stickers of Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale, the main architect of militancy in Punjab, calling him a “saint.” Protestors took to roads on Monday to paste his 100,000 stickers at various places including vehicles and walls. “Earlier, the stickers of Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale pasted on vehicles and walls were objected by some political parties, especially Congress and Shiv Sena. They claimed that he was a militant. So, releasing
  14. Chamakde Taare - Shaheedi 400 Immortal Productions
  15. Emailed Sharma - lets see what he says - thats if he replies
  16. Manmohan Congressi'a is not a Sikh,he went to the UN in or around 1992 when Sikhs took the genocide issue to the UN and India sent this spinless git - he claimed Sikhs rights' were not being abused - recently he told Sikhs to forget 1984.The news report is jokes - like it says above nice animated story - lol at the laskahreh tobah lot in the background with guns
  17. Nice to see Shahi Imam and the Muslims of Panjab supporting the cause as always
  18. Exactly what I have been saying all along - the grasroots Youth/People can relate to Babbu Mann - just because they are non Gursikh does not mean they do not have Panthic Dardh,Babbu Manns new album is the talk of the town in every Sikh Community across the World.Check on Youtube the videos users have made to his songs all are related to the Sikh Freedom Movememnt.Where Sants/Baba's play a part in our community so do other parts such as people like Babbu Mann - non Gursikh but storngly patriotic with Panthic Dardh - and Anti Govt.Even our Shaheeds like Jinda Sukha were moneh at one time - that
  19. http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/p004t44h/Outlook_Outlook/
  20. Babbu Mann has done a great job in making this album he has spoken the words our leadership has failed to in order to have a successful movement we have to include everyone - who is in the Sikh Community ranging from Amritdharis to Moneh to those who hardly go to the Gurdwara or do Bani - we have to understand this is not just a religious struggle but also a struggle for existence for all Sikhs the common factor in all this is the Sikh Nation is being attacked and being finished,instead of critising him we should applaud him - where is our Akal Thakt Jathedar,or Makkar or Badal when it comes t
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