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  1. Any idea if there is kirtan by bhai niranjan singh @ park ave/havelock road, for rest of week and if so timings? Thanks!
  2. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh SikhSpeak.com has now been launched as a Sikhi Blog. We hope to have blog articles on various subjects relating to Sikh way of life, Current Issues, events as well as many other things. Sikh Speak is a new Sikh Blog for the soul purpose of bringing Sikhs together. We want your input on events, Gurpurbs, Sikhi related events, articles, news and much more. Sikh Speak blog use a wide range of different media to bring you the latest news on what’s taking place with Sikhs across the globe. Tell us what’s taking place across the community. We would like sangat to contribute to the blog, you can send us your suggestions, articles, via email to sikhspeak[at]gmail.com Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh http://www.sikhspeak.com
  3. SikhSpeak


    Thats quite a nice/interesting analogy - never thought of that before - us without god, fish without water... They are there to eat Parshad (that we give to them, even thought we're not supposed to!) have you seen the fish go for Prashad!
  4. We need some modifications to our SikhSpeak.Com website. Can anyone customise Wordpress themes properly/professionally "We'd like Www.Sikhspeak.Com converted in to a XHTML+CSS compliant wordpress template with dynamic side bar and scope for the intergration of as many plugins as we see fit. an example of the level of work we'd like done would be something akin to http://www.justinshattuck.com/" – PS how much if you can?"
  5. Food for thought... I have heard/read the arguement and counter arguement A million times on this... People say Sikhism isn't a religion it is a way of life.... What is relgion - but a way of life? Therefore Sikhism (like other religions) is a religion with a distinict identity and "way of life" The way I think about this is, if it were not important (and the Guru Sahibs were happy) with the "way of life" why would God want the Khalsa Panth created? :T: My two pennies worth...
  6. Good Look Thanks :devil: we also just blogged it to direct peeps
  7. Dear all, Gurfateh, been a while since we posted... Just dropping by to mention this forum we got through our emails... I don't know what its like etc, but for those of you studying comparitive religions or doing theology or just generally interested, maybe a good learning place (or not)... http://www.interfaithforums.com/
  8. Dear Sikha, I think I can put something your way. Its created by a cyber friend (Sartaj Singh of Restoring The Pride) and its an intro video to Sikhi. VERY GOOD (especially for non-Sikhs). We also have an interview with him for MAY (so sign up ) Anyhow the video link: http://www.restoringthepride.com/gndj.html I recommend you support his work and purchase a DVD copy (a nice collection) but until then you can download a fairly high quality copy - hope this helps!
  9. SikhSpeak launches "April Vaisakhi Special" Magazine FREE! As the worldwide Sangat celebrates Vaisakhi festivities worldwide, SikhSpeak.Com "The FREE Sikhi e-Magazine" presents it's seventh issue. Dubbed the Vaisakhi special, the issue has taken the small team almost two months to create and has culminated in a 40-page special, for the Sangat...FREE. The team aims to distribute it this weekend. To receive the magazine simply go to: www.sikhspeak.com/subscribe.html and follow the instructions. What's in the magazine? News, views, poetry, a kids section (especially for our younger "Cool Khala Kids" readers), in profile interviews, historical articles and MUCH MORE! The magazine comes out every month! Why do we have to subscribe if it's FREE? Simply because only our readers obtain the magazine as soon as its released. Why? We need to monitor our downloads so that our website hosts don't shut us down! Once you have registered and confirmed, you'll receive SikhSpeak on a monthly basis (don't worry we don't share your details with anyone). Who can I tell? ANYONE and EVERYONE! The more people that know the better. There are no age restrictions, the mag is for ALL! Webmasters and bloggers can support us too. (www.sikhspeak.com/support.html) Why is the magazine FREE? We believe you shouldn't have to pay to learn about Sikhi! Hopefully, our magazine is both enjoyable and educational! If you do feel like contributing towards the cause (and hopefully towards our print magazine, in the future) you can do at www.sikhspeak.com/donations.html (rest assured it's secure). So please, register today and spread the word...The mag has something FOR EVERYBODY! You can also download previous issues (if you're new to SikhSpeak) from the website! Gurfateh to all! SikhSpeak.Com "Recognise Mankind as One" - Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji More here: http://sikhspeak.com/blog/?p=325
  10. Dear Gursharan Singh Great stuff! If you email me at sikhspeak@gmail.com I will send you a whole load!
  11. Dear Sewadars, Gurfateh Ji. Firstly, congratulations on all the hardwork you guys have been doing - it's not gone un-noticed! Thank you for providing such a great service, I appreicate it must be difficult... Secondly, I think some of us should discuss things rationally with an intelligent and mature mind! Remember, we are the Khalsa who will make a difference to the world?! Anyhow, thanks! Great job with SikhSangat.Org Gurfateh Ji!
  12. I think a few friends and I will be attending too, I spoke to one of the organisers who assured me that there was no funny business in the play and it focused on sikh ideals and conditions in and around 1984... I think the problem was chinese whispers before it even started. Like someone intelligent here said, see it, and then address any issues (should they need addressing). Expect a full review/report in SikhSpeak March Edition and on the website...with plenty of pics Gurfateh Ji
  13. yeh www.calmnessintherush.com It's a nice album, I have this...
  14. Nice Video (it got blogged hehe!) its a great iniatative though!
  15. I received a VERY VERY informative and detailed essay about RAAG all the types, moods what it means etc...For those that are interested, I will put it up as an e-article next week sometime...but if you want to read it (its 4 A4Pages) go to www.sikhspeak.com/downloads.html PART 1 of the article is in december and PART 2 was in January (which people on the mailing list received, if you're not on the mailing list sign up for free at www.sikhspeak.com). January Issue (with Part 2 will be up soon this week) Regards!
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