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  1. These classes have been amazing and so inspiring. Definetly not worth missing. I've had quite alot of people come up to me to say how the classes are changing their lives for good! which is exactly what is needed. I remmember when Bibi Harvinder Kaur Khalsa came and done her first ever talk at sri guru singh sabha gurdwara in coventry (Cross Road). There must have been easy 550+ sangat. Can not wait for tomorrows class with Bhai Joginder Singh, with so much knowledge in gurbani and history... its a no brainer, everyone should attend! See you all there!
  2. Gurpreet Singh Shimla wale will be coming to sri guru singh sabha gurdwara coventry this saturday 19th june for keertan. 7-8.30pm
  3. oh yeah nice one... were going to stop the kirtan half way have a huge debate!! some people need to use there brain a little, i know it can be hard for you trouble makers... but you can try! Please attend the kirtan and get laha from guru ji's amazing bani!
  4. http://akj.org/multimedia/Toronto/1993/199312toro014kee.mp3
  5. ^^^^^ http://www.flickr.co...ter/4187983984/ There the ones getting sold at 2500 rupees each - 30 odd pounds, by sahiib singh/ baldev singh in amritsar
  6. 15th Annual Sikhi Camp!! its back and going to be a good one!! (like always) 25th= is a fun day with activities, competitions, bouncy castles, bungee runs, gladiators,THE BITTU SHOW, tug of war, ps3, xbox the lot! 26 to 29th = sikhi lectures , zones , activities, bouncy castles, special guests : Bhai surjit singh, bhai joginder singh, keertan, dastaar tying and laods more! THE BITTU SHOW! 30th - MYSTERY TRIP! AND THEN..... a Re-union trip for 14+ in january. (exciting fun trip) OH and dont forget the new years eve keertan 7pm-1
  7. if you want to upload something to sikh roots, open fileziilla , at the top enter address user name and password that they have gave you. then ask them where they want it uploaded, they will tell you the path
  8. Press Release: 24th Sep 2009, 10th Asu (Samvat 541 Nanakshahi ) Press Release Sikhs Secure Right To Wear The Kirpan In 61 Schools In Six States "We appreciate National Heritage Academies level-headed approach in addressing this important issue pertaining to fundamental religious freedoms. While UNITED SIKHS and the Sikh community do not want any restrictions to be placed on the wearing of the Kirpan, we believe this is an educational issue about the Kirpan and it will take time for people in the USA to realize that the Kirpan is not a weapon of offense, as they have in Canada and t
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